Yusuf Auda

Yusuf Auda
Yusuf Auda on Day 2
Portrayed byDonnie Keshawarz
First appearanceDay 2: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 2: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM

Yusuf Auda was an intelligence agent from the Middle East during Day 2.

[edit] Day 2

Yusuf was brought to CTU to assist with the investigation of terrorist group Second Wave. Because Yusuf's country was suspected to have supporters of Second Wave, Tony Almeida did not want to trust him or give him any information he didn't need.

Yusuf helped Jack Bauer and Kate Warner on the lead that the Cyprus recording was false. They all meet with Jonathan Wallace, a conspirator who defected from the Coral Snake unit. Yusuf helped Jack and Wallace when they were under attack. During the firefight, Wallace got shot. At the hospital, Wallace would die from his his wounds, but Jack found the evidence that was inside Wallace's body.

As Yusuf and Kate were heading to CTU with the evidence that the recording was falsified, they're attacked by three men, racists who hate Yusuf for his appearance. The three men began to beat Yusuf brutally and then took Kate to her in house for money in exchange for the evidence they took. Jack eventually found Yusuf, mortally wounded from the attacks. He was able to tell Jack to go to Kate's house to find the evidence before he died.

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