Youssou Dubaku

Youssou Dubaku
Youssou Dubaku during Redemption
Portrayed byZolile Nokwe
Appeared inRedemption

Youssou Dubaku is the brother of Colonel Ike Dubaku. They served together under the command of General Juma as part of the rebel forces in Sangala.

[edit] Redemption

Youssou is sent out by his brother Ike to find children so they can use them as soldiers for the upcoming battles that await them. Along with rounding up some kids on a football field, Youssou and some of his men also raid the school run by Carl Benton. Jack Bauer knew of their arrival and was able to hide the children before they came. Youssou is then able to capture Jack, tying him up against a wall. He tortures him using a knife, demanding to know where the children are. While Benton distracts the other rebels, Jack is able to fight free and snap Youssou's neck with his legs, killing him.

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