Walid Al-Rezani

Walid Al-Rezani
Walid Al-Rezani on Day 6
Portrayed byHarry Lennix
First appearanceDay 6: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 6: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Walid Al-Rezani was the regional director of the Islamic-American Alliance. He also worked with a group of Muslims living in the United States during Day 6.

[edit] Day 6

Tom Lennox and a group of FBI agents approach Walid asking for records of a member currently in the alliance group. He is willing to give them the information they seek, but his legal counsel, Sandra Palmer, denies the request. The agents later return with a warrant, and in a desperate move, Palmer deleted the files from record. She was then arrested, along with Al-Rezani.

While being held at a detention facility, Walid stepped in when a soldier was being abusive towards an Arabic man named Salim. He was grateful towards Walid, and after the two were sent to a holding cell, Salim hinted that he was part of the terrorist activities going on. While sitting with his group, Walid recognized an Arabic word that he had Sandra Palmer relay to CTU. Nadia Yassir translated it, with the word meaning "Five Visitors". This led them to believe that Abu Fayed had secured five nuclear weapons in his possession.

Following an explosion later in the day, FBI agents arrived at the detention facility to question any men they assumed were working with Fayed. Walid was taken into a bathroom and threatened with interrogation. This was just a ploy to throw off the other inmates as the agents then asked him to wear a microphone and ask Salim and his friends about their connection to Fayed. While speaking to this group, Walid discovered that one of them had smuggled a cell phone into the facility. Walid was able to get this phone from the man and it eventually found its way to CTU.

After searching through the phone, it was found that the information from earlier (about the "Five Visitors") was not information that the man had discovered himself from contact with Fayed. In fact, he had gotten it from a terrorist website. Back in the detention facility, the man who Walid took the cell phone from discovered it was gone. The group became suspicious of Walid, and once finding out he had a wire, they beat him severely for his betrayal.

Walid is eventually pulled from the facility by the FBI and is taken to a hospital so he can receive treatment for his injuries.

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