Vladimir Bierko

Vladimir Bierko
Vladimir Bierko in Season 5
Portrayed byJulian Sands
First appearanceDay 5: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 5: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

[edit] Background

Vladimir Bierko became one of Russia's richest men through oil holdings and weapons sales. He fought alongside many groups who sought to free themselves from Russian rule, and went underground a few days before Day 5 began.

[edit] Day 5

He arose and contacted James Nathanson, who acquired Sentox nerve gas which Bierko planned to unleash upon Moscow.

Bierko soon killed Nathanson for his betrayal against his cause and after being foiled by CTU and the President in his attempt to kill the Russian President, Bierko then turned his attention towards attacking the US. He killed 40% of CTU staff by setting off a canister of nerve gas in the building, but Jack was able to stop and capture Bierko as he attempted to let gas off at a Gas Distribution Center.

Bierko later escapes CTU custody and takes control of a Naval Submarine using a canister of the gas. He had plans to use the missiles aboard the submarine to attack US targets. Jack, with the help of Christopher Henderson, was able to take out Bierko's men before Jack caught up to Bierko, and after a grueling fight, snapped his neck, killing the Russian.

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