Victor Drazen

Victor Drazen
Victor Drazen on Day 1
Portrayed byDennis Hopper
First appearanceDay 1: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 1: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Victor Drazen, as well as his two brothers, led a personal vendetta against Jack Bauer and David Palmer during Day 1. Since David Palmer authorized the mission and Jack was apart of Operation: Nightfall, in which Victor's wife and daughter were killed.

[edit] Background

Victor Drazen received a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Belgrade before his training as a KGB agent in the Cold War. His part in the Serbian Army led to Senator Palmer recruiting a group of men, led by Jack Bauer, to kill Victor and put an end to his evil ways. The troops destroyed a house that they believed Victor was in, but it is later revealed that it was instead his wife and child within the complex.

[edit] Day 1

Victor is interrogated by Jack

Victor is taken prisoner by the Department of Defense, with his death being hidden from the public. Jack finds out about his survival, and confronts him in an underground holding facility, before being captured himself when Victor's son Andre comes to his rescue. The Drazen's contact George Mason of CTU telling him that they have Jack hostage.

As the Drazen's leave the prison facility, Victor prepares to shoot Jack, but he offers Victor an ultimatum. He tells Victor that his other son Alexis is still alive, Victor thought he was dead. They decide to go through with the exchange, Alexis for Jack. Andre brings Jack to an oil rig and handcuffs Jack to a post and tells him he'll be released once they get Alexis.

Andre gives instructions to Jack to meet with Senator David Palmer. They want $200 million of their assets to be freed as they were frozen when Victor was captured. Victor and Andre are now at the Port of Los Angeles with Alexis, soon afterward Alexis dies from his injuries. Since the Drazen's have recaptured Kim Bauer earlier, he threatens to kill her to get revenge on Jack, but Andre reminds him they need Jack's daughter alive to make sure Jack meets with Palmer.

Jack meets with Palmer and the scrambled phone Andre gave Jack rings, he hands the phone over to Palmer and he answers it. When Palmer picks up, Victor detonates a bomb. Jack hears the ticking and realizes the phone is a bomb and grabs it and throws it out the window. Kim overhears the explosion and believes her father has been killed. Victor and Andre find out from a report on television that Senator Palmer has been killed, they celebrate. Andre decides to kill Kim, but Victor insists they still might need her if Jack wasn't killed.

Victor before he realizes he's out of ammunition

Andre calls Jack and finds out he is still alive. Jack offers himself for the release of his daughter. He agrees and gives Jack their location. Kim is able to escape when she assaults a guard with a pot filled with hot coffee. She runs off. Andre and Victor search for her. As Kim is spotted, she jumps in the water even though her hands are tied together. They are convinced that she'll eventually drown. Andre gets a call from a woman named Yelena, a mole inside CTU. It's revealed that the mole is Nina Myers. She tells Andre that Palmer is actually still alive.

Kim eventually gets away safely and contacts CTU. As Nina learns this information, she tells Andre that Kim is safe. Andre and Victor realize Jack won't come if he knows his daughter is safe. Victor tells Nina to call Jack and reveal that his daughter has been killed, he believes that Jack would try and get revenge on them for the death of Kim.

As they wait for Jack inside a warehouse at the Port, a van comes crashes through and Jack takes out all the hostiles. Victor and Andre run for the docks as Jack chases them. They engage in a firefight, Jack gets hit, but he still continues firing shots. When in close range, he shoots and kills Andre but Victor is able to get a shot on Jack wounding him. Victor walks up to Jack and is ready to finish him off, but he is out of ammunition. Victor decides to surrender himself. Jack gets up, but doesn't fire at Victor. Victor starts to put his hands down, Jack then fires at Victor sending him into the water and killing him. Jack stills unloads on Victor after he is dead.

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