Ule Matobo

Ule Matobo
Ule Matobo on Day 7
Portrayed byIsaach De Bankole
First appearanceRedemption
Last appearanceDay 7: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Ule Matobo is the former Prime Minister of Sangala. He was forced out of the position by General Juma shortly after the events of Redemption.

[edit] Redemption

Prime Minister Matobo speaks with US President Noah Daniels through a live video feed. He asks Daniels for assistance from the United States because Benjamin Juma is gathering troops in an attempt to bring down his government in an effort to take over Sangala. Tom Lennox informs President Daniels that Allison Taylor, the President-elect, wishes to meet with him. After ending the call with Matobo, Daniels meets with Taylor. She tells him that helping out Matobo is best, but Daniels does not feel the same way. After their conversation, he orders the embassy in Sangala to be evacuated.

[edit] Day 7

After entering the United States, Ule Matobo meets with President Taylor in the White House. He thanks her for her assistance in attempting to stop General Juma and his forces in Sangala. Matobo promises Taylor that Juma will face justice for what he has done. Afterwards, Matobo and his wife head to their stateside residence. However, their home is soon broken into by David Emerson, Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida, and Litvak. The group kills a handful of Matobo's bodyguards, but Ule and Alama are able to escape to safety in their panic room.

In an effort to force them out of there before the FBI arrives, Jack uses household chemicals to create a dangerous gas that he releases into the room. Even though Ule was willing to die for their cause, Alama opens the door so they can live. Emerson and crew throw the Matobo's into the back of a van. Agent Walker, who arrived on the scene not long before this, is spotted by Litvak and is thrown into the back of the van as well. Emerson intends to exchange Matobo and his wife with Nichols and Ike Dubaku for diamonds.

Ule speaks with his wife, Alama

Once at the empty airport hanger, Tony kills Emerson and Litvak. He and Jack decide to continue on with the trade, and they tell the Matobo's that it is the best way of finding Dubaku and the CIP device. Chloe O'Brian inserts a tracking device into Ule Matobo's mouth so they can track him by radar.

Nichols soon arrives and the exchange is made. The Matobo's are taken to an unknown location where they are kept in a holding room. They are not there for long as Jack, Bill Buchanan, Tony, and Renee Walker break into the building to rescue them. However, Nichols enters the room and demands that Matobo and his wife come with him as hostages. Agent Walker then shoots Nichols in the back, killing him. The Matobo's are then led out the back of the building and are taken back to the safehouse set up by Bill and Chloe. Ule then calls President Taylor and tells her that he has been rescued and is safe, but wishes to meet with her privately at the White House.

After meeting with Taylor and thanking her for all her efforts, Matobo leaves to meet with his men on planning their next move.

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