Udo on Day 7
Portrayed byLovensky Jean-Baptist
First appearanceDay 7: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 7: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Udo was a rebel soldier serving under the command of General Benjamin Juma.

[edit] Redemption

Following the death of his brother, Youssou, Ike Dubaku leads a group of soldiers to track down the men responsible. it is suggested that Udo and his men be the ones to cut off and kill Jack Bauer and the others inside the capital city of Sangala, but Dubaku wants revenge personally.

[edit] Day 7

Under orders from General Juma, Udo snuck into Ike Dubaku's hospital room disguised as an orderly. Hiding a syringe under a cart of dirty laundry, Udo injected a substance into Dubaku's IV while the nurse was distracted in an effort to kill him following Dubaku's failures in the United States. After completing his objective, Udo heads back to the warehouse where Juma and his men were making preparations for invading the White House. Udo would then join them as they successfully captured President Taylor.

After the explosion was set off by Bill Buchanan inside the White House to kill some of Juma's men, a firefight ensued. Udo was killed during the fight by Aaron Pierce.

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