Tony Almeida

Tony Almeida
Tony Almeida on Day 7
Portrayed byCarlos Bernard
Seasons1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Tony Almeida was a federal agent who worked for the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles. He met his future wife, Michelle Dessler on Day 2. They married sometime in between Day 2 and Day 3. He was arrested for treason at the end of Day 3 for putting Michelle's life ahead of the country's and was later released by President David Palmer. Soon after he was released from jail, Michelle left him. He returned later on Day 4 to aid Jack and CTU.

On Day 5, it was believed he was killed by Christopher Henderson. But on Day 7, he has returned and is believed to behind an attack on the United States.


[edit] Background

Tony Almeida went to college for Computer Science. Before joining CTU, he was in the marines.

[edit] Day 1

We first meet him at the beginning of Day 1. As the third-in command behind Nina Myers and Jack Bauer, Tony often felt out of the loop. Since Tony believed the right procedures were being followed, he called in George Mason who would initiate a lock down. It is quickly learned that he is involved with Nina Myers, despite him knowing that she was involved with Jack while he was separated from his wife. His behavior throughout the beginning of Day 1 led many fans to believe that was the mole within CTU. Later in the day, we begin to realize that Tony is working for the right side. This is especially apparent when he travels to the Bauer house and saves Teri Bauer from an attempt on her life. At the end of Day 1, Nina Myers is revealed as a mole within CTU. A betrayed Tony watches Nina being taken away. This betrayal will eventually bring the characters of Jack and Tony together as friends.

[edit] Day 2

At the beginning of Day 2, Tony assumed Nina's former position. Mason would eventually die from radiation poisoning and poised Tony to be his successor. The pressure of Day 2 helps to bring Tony and his new co-worker, Michelle Dessler together. Tony helps CTU locate a nuclear bomb. After the bomb is neutralized, the United States chooses to go to war with three unnamed countries believed responsible for the nuclear bomb, as a result of the Cyprus recording evidence. At first, Tony believes the evidence but Jack and Michelle are able to convince him it may have been fabricated. Tony helps Michelle subdue Ryan Chappelle. Eventually, Michelle and Tony are arrested for this. Jack is able to garner their release so they can help him in the field.

[edit] Day 3

Tony is the Director of CTU at the beginning of Day 3 while Jack is now Director of Field Operations. He is also recently married to Michelle Dessler. Unbeknown to her and other CTU personnel, he is involved with Jack Bauer and Gael Ortega in a plot to recover a deadly biological agent. The plan goes haywire early in Day 3 when Tony is shot in the field and unable to communicate for quite some time. While Tony is inactive, Michelle assumes command of CTU despite her obvious distress and constant worrying for Tony. Michelle arrests Gael when he is believed to be a mole. After visiting Tony in the hospital, Michelle learns of the true plan. Tony comes back to CTU although he is very weak. Michelle gives him the cold shoulder for not trusting her. Kim Bauer questions Tony's ability and expresses her concern to Michelle and Ryan Chappelle. Eventually, Tony proves that he is effective.

When Michelle goes to a hotel where the Cordilla virus is going to be released, Tony is very worried. He is scared for Michelle's life when he learns the virus has been released and many are dying within the hotel. Tony is relieved when Michelle informs him that she is immune to the virus. Almost immediately after learning this good news, however, Stephen Saunders calls Tony and tells him that he has kidnapped Michelle. He threatens to kill her unless he does what he asks. Tony helps Saunders escape a close capture from CTU. He also breaks Saunders daughter out of CTU custody in order to exchange her for Michelle. Jack finds out about what is happening to Tony. When Jack tells him it is not the right thing to do, Tony exclaims that he did the same thing when his family was kidnapped. Jack argues that hundreds of lives were not at stake. When Jack and Tony learned Michelle escaped by herself, Jack concocts a plan for Michelle to be recaptured and exchanged for Jane. Michelle is exchanged back safely, but Tony is then arrested for treason. He is allowed out of custody to help Jack locate virus canisters, but then is immediately taken away.

[edit] Day 4

In between Days 3 and 4, Tony was given a pardon thanks to influence from Jack and David Palmer. However, he was unable to get a steady job. He became jealous of Michelle whose career was soaring. He started drinking. Michelle left Tony and he started dating another woman.

When Jack gets into a tough spot in the middle of Day 4, Tony comes to his rescue. Although he is hesitant at first, he agrees to let Jack get him reinstated on a temporary basis after Jack lets him know he is the only one he can trust. Through this temporary reinstatement, the true Tony begins to come back to life. Tensions arise when Michelle is brought in to replace Erin Driscoll and Bill Buchanan, who had a relationship with Michelle, is also brought in to help with the threat.

Tony and Michelle did not get along with each other at first, but working together caused them to be pushed together again. They eventually rekindled their relationship and agreed that after this was all over they would leave CTU and go away together. Their hopes are almost shattered when Tony is kidnapped by Mandy while in the field. Mandy calls Michelle and she is faced with the same dilemma as Tony was in Day 3. Mandy threatens to kill Tony unless she moves security units to pave the way for her escape. Unlike Tony, Michelle does not give into her demands. Michelle watches as Mandy and Tony get into a car to escape and police starts shooting them. Michelle almost collapses in horror as Mandy exclaims that Michelle deceived her and the car blows up killing them both. Michelle is very distraught before she learns that the people killed in the car were Mandy's neighbors and that Tony was in fact alright. Jack was able to capture Mandy and save Tony. Michelle and Tony promise to never lose each other again.

At the end of Day 4, Tony and Michelle help Jack to fake his death after getting in trouble with the Chinese government. Tony says farewell to his friend and as he walks off into the sunset.

[edit] Day 5

At the beginning of Day 5, Tony and Michelle now have their own security business. While at their house, they see a news report that David Palmer has been assassinated. Michelle insists that they go to CTU to help with the threat, saying that no one has the experience they do. Tony pleads that she must stay because they have a presentation to go to. Michelle says he can do it himself, gives him a passionate kiss goodbye and walks out the door. Tony calls his client and tells him that Michelle can't make it. He then corrects himself, saying he won't be able to make it either. At this moment, the window behind Tony shatters as an explosion rings out. Tony goes outside to see that Michelle's car has blown up. He scrapes through the wreckage to find Michelle's body. He starts crying when he realizes she has no pulse. A second explosion rings out engulfing both Tony and Michelle.

Tony survives the explosion and is put in CTU custody for security reasons. When he wakes up, the doctor tells Bill Buchanan that he is too fragile to be put under any stress. As a result, Buchanan tells Tony that Michelle was taken to another hospital when she is in fact dead. Tony doesn't trust Buchanan and finds a CTU computer. He stares at the screen in horror as he realizes Michelle is dead and sees horrific pictures of the explosion. Later, a nerve gas attack threatens CTU. He is locked into a room with Michelle's indirect killer, Christopher Henderson. Henderson is knocked out after suffering from torture. Believing that he has nothing let to live for, Tony knocks out the torture technician and prepares a deadly syringe. He stands over Henderson but begins to have second thoughts. Henderson awakes from his comatose state, takes the syringe and stabs Tony in his heart. Henderson escapes and Jack rushes in to see Tony lying on the ground in pain. Jack holds him in his arms and tells him to hang on. Tony simply says, "She's gone Jack," as he falls to his death.

[edit] Appearances

Carlos Bernard was a recurring Special Guest Star in Season 1, appearing in all but one episode of that season. He was promoted to a main cast member in Season 2 and stayed apart of the main cast until the end of Season 3. In Season 4, he was no longer apart of the main cast, but appeared in the majority of that season as a recurring Special Guest Star. He later rejoined the main cast in Season 5, even though he only appeared in 6 episodes of that season. He again rejoined the main cast in Season 7, despite the belief his character was killed in Season 5.

[edit] Trivia

  • Tony has a Chicago Cubs mug that first appeared in Season 1. It since then appeared in the first five seasons of the series. Both the character and Carlos Bernard are from Chicago.
  • It was originally planned for Tony to get killed alongside Michelle in the Season 5 premiere. But the writer felt it would have been too much to kill them at the same time.
  • His character was originally going to return in the final scene with Jack in the Season 6 finale.
  • He has made the smallest number of appearances in a season with being a main cast member. He only appears in 6 episodes of Season 5.
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