Tom Lennox

Tom Lennox
Tom Lennox on Day 6
Portrayed byPeter MacNicol
First appearanceDay 6: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM
Last appearanceRedemption

Tom Lennox was President Wayne Palmer's Chief of Staff on Day 6.

[edit] Day 6

We first meet Tom Lennox at the beginning of Day 6. He is Chief of Staff to President Wayne Palmer. Tom wants to take a very aggressive approach to counter a series of terrorists attacks that have befallen the country. His measures include taking away many constitutional rights from Muslim Americans and putting them in detention centers. Tom immediately is at odds with Karen Hayes, who adamantly disagrees with Tom's plan. The president ultimately agrees with Karen and does not sanction most of Tom's measures. However, Tom is able to set up some detention centers through back channels.

Tom, wanting to remove any opposition to his aggressive plan, blackmails Karen into resigning. The President calls an Emergency Cabinet Meeting and Tom presumes all his measures will be passed. He contacts Vice President Noah Daniels, who agrees with his plan. In the meeting, however, Wayne Palmer remains opposed to all the measures.

The President's decision causes Tom to fall into a rage. He tells his assistant, Reed Pollock, to draft his letter of resignation. It is revealed that Pollock is involved in a plot to assassinate Wayne Palmer in order to let Noah Daniels pass Tom's measures. However, the plan's success is dependent on Pollock's access to the president through Tom. Pollock's superior in the conspiracy tells him to warm Tom up to the idea.

Pollock confronts Tom and lays hints about a plan to kill the president. Despite his disagreement with the president over policy, Tom is horrified that anyone would think of assassinating him. Tom condemns Pollock and tells him to continue working on his letter of resignation. Later, Tom receives a flash alert that Abu Fayed has received the capabilities to detonate more nuclear bombs. Tom, stating that situation is now "immeasurably worse" agrees that the President must be removed. He tells Pollock to tear up his letter of resignation.

However, this ends up being a ploy by Tom to discover who is behind the assassination attempt. He meets with Pollock in an unmonitored room and gives him the president's itinerary. He also agrees to give someone security clearance. Tom learns that the plan is to frame Hamri Al-Assad for the murder of Wayne Palmer during Assad's televised address. Pollock, skeptical of Tom, pretends to leave the room. Tom attempts to call a secret service agent to warn him about the attack. When he tries to leave the room, Pollock knocks him out and ties him up.

The bomb Pollock places kills Assad but only places Wayne Palmer in a coma. Pollock releases Tom under the condition that he remain quiet. Tom quickly reports Pollock and his co-conspirator and they are taken into custody. However, Tom is unable to convince Acting President Noah Daniels that Assad was not behind the attempt on Wayne Palmer's life. Daniels will only clear Tom of any charges in the conspiracy as long as he confirms that Assad was behind the attack.

Karen Hayes returns to the White House after she learns of the assassination attempt. Karen, along with Tom, both try to discourage Acting President Noah Daniels from dropping a nuclear bomb on Fayed's country in the event of another nuclear detonation. They both agree that such a measure could start World War III. Jack Bauer is able to stop another nuclear bomb from detonating, but radioactive material is released. This is enough for Daniels to order the strike much to the dismay of Karen and Tom.

Luckily, Wayne Palmer comes out of his coma, cancels the strike, and resumes his role as President. Vice President Daniels attempts to invoke the 25th amendment, but stops his attempt once Tom blackmails him with a recording of Daniels encouraging his secretary to lie under oath. Karen and Tom shake hands and agree that they both just want what is best for the country. Soon after, Wayne Palmer baffles Tom by resuming Daniel's efforts to drop a nuclear bomb on Fayed's country. Wayne says he is concerned about being seen as a weak president. Tom tries to talk Palmer out of his decision until he learns the plan was all a bluff to capture General Mohmar Habib.

[edit] Redemption

Tom Lennox continued as White House Chief of Staff, now under President Noah Daniels. He meets with President-elect Allison Taylor and warns her of an imminent coup in Sangala led by Benjamin Juma.

[edit] Appearances

Peter MacNicol was a main cast member for Season 6 only, and appeared in every episode of that season. He also appeared in 24: Redemption as a guest star.

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