Teri Bauer

Teri Bauer
Teri Bauer on Day 1
Portrayed byLeslie Hope
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 1: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Teri Bauer was the wife of Jack Bauer and mother of Kim Bauer. She was killed by Nina Myers at the end of Day 1.

[edit] Day 1

Teri Bauer separated from her husband Jack Bauer prior to Day 1, but Jack had moved back in hoping to resolve their problems. While Jack had to return to CTU, Kim was kidnapped along with her friend, Janet York by two men, Dan and Rick. Teri, along with Alan York, father of Kim's friend, went out searching for them. It is later revealed that Alan York is working undercover with Ira Gaines, as he kills Janet in the hospital.

Teri is later kidnapped herself and held in a holding area with her daughter. Teri ends up shooting and killing two people while Jack rescues her. Back at a CTU safe house, Teri finds out she is pregnant with Jack's child, but does not tell him until the end of the day. When the safe house is ambushed, they escape via car, but when they think they have lost the person who is chasing them, Teri parks the car on the side of the road to check it out. The car then starts to slip off the edge with Kim inside, the car tumbles down the slide and explodes in flames, Teri rushes back and sees the car in flames, thinking her daughter is dead, this causes her to her to faint and soon experience post traumatic amnesia, forgetting everything. Her memory eventually comes back to her though.

After the terrorist threat has been defeated, Teri accidentally runs in on Nina Myers at CTU while placing a call to one of her terrorist colleagues. For this, Nina ties up Teri and ends up shooting her before Jack can do anything to stop it. Teri is dead almost immediately after being shot. When Jack comes back to CTU, he looks for Teri, and finds her dead, he holds her crying and says "I'm sorry."

[edit] Appearances

Leslie Hope was a series regular for Season 1 only, and appeared in all 24 episodes of that season.

[edit] Trivia

  • Teri was the first main character to be killed in the series.
  • Her death marked the first time that the silent clock was used in the series.
  • Her death has been referenced in every season to date.
  • In a alternate ending to the first season finale, it shows Jack finding Teri alive instead of being killed by Nina Myers. It was shot because they didn't want the ending to be leaked. The scene can be viewed on the Season 1 DVD.
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