Ted Cofell

Ted Cofell
Ted Cofell on Day 1
Portrayed byCurrie Graham
First appearanceDay 1: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 1: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Ted Cofell was the CEO of Cofell Enterprises, an investment firm.

[edit] Day 1

Ted Cofell became a suspect after CTU discovered Cofell had ties to a bank account in Belgrade that had transferred money to Jamey Farrell. Jack Bauer reached Cofell Enterprises, but found out Cofell was leaving. Jack raced down to the parking garage and identified himself as a federal agent to Cofell's limo driver and took over. Cofell soon found out it wasn't his regular limo driver and started to worry. Jack pulled over and started to interrogate him. When Cofell wouldn't give anything up, Jack threatened him with a vicious torture technique. When Jack asked who he was meeting, Cofell gave up the name Kevin Carroll.

Ted Cofell is interrogated by Jack

When Jack got into the back seat, Cofell pulled out a hidden knife he had in the seat and tried to stab Jack. Jack was able to avoid the stabbing. Cofell then started to curse in Serbian. This made Jack believe he knew something, so he grabbed Cofell by the throat, screaming questions at him. Jack then went on to punch Cofell in the heart. Since Cofell had a heart condition, he started to choke. Jack tried to force down his heart medicine, but Cofell fought back by not swallowing it and he soon died.

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