Syed Ali

Syed Ali
Syed Ali on Day 2
Portrayed byFrancesco Quinn
First appearanceDay 2: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 2: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Syed Ali was the leader of the terrorist group, Second Wave. He planned to detonate a nuclear bomb over Los Angeles by loading it into a plane. Ali planned to act like a suicide bomber and carry the bomb himself. Syed, who was motivated purely for religious reasons, did not know he was being used by Peter Kingsley. However, Peter Kingsley and fellow conspirator Roger Stanton were able to help Ali evade capture for quite some time.

[edit] Day 2

Ali had Kate Warner and Paul Koplin captured and taken to him. He wanted to confirm what they knew, as Kate found out his name in the financial records of Warner Enterprises. Ali had one of his men torture both of them. Before Ali left to go the mosque to pray, he ordered the death of both Koplin and Kate. Koplin is killed, but Jack Bauer and other CTU agents were able to sneak in the house and take down Ali's man while rescuing Kate. Kate told Jack she heard Ali use the word "mosque".

Ali interrogated by Jack

Eventually, Jack captured Ali at the mosque. Jack began to interrogate Ali, but he would not crack and was very committed to his cause. However, Jack was able to pretend as if he was holding his family hostage. Ali, who could not stand to see more of his family killed, gave up the bomb location. A recording was found in Ali's apartment that implicated three different countries. Ali insisted that he acted alone and had no reason to lie. Jack believed him, but many others did not. The recordings were still believed to be false by others even after Ali was sniped by Jonathan Wallace, an associate of Peter Kingsley in an obvious attempt to silence him. Before his death, Jack apprised Ali of the fact that none of his family members were killed or harmed.

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