Season 6

Season 6
Season 6 Main Cast
Original runJanuary 14, 2007 – May 21, 2007
No. of episodes24
DVD release dateDecember 4, 2007
Previous seasonSeason 5
Next seasonSeason 7

Season 6 (also known as Day 6) premiered on January 14, 2007 on the FOX network. Day 6 takes place 20 months after the events of Day 5, and begins at 6:00 AM.

After being held prisoner for 20 months in China, Jack Bauer is returned to the U.S. as part of a secret deal by the President to stop the terrorists attacks that have been happening all over the country for many weeks. In return, a man named Abu Fayed will give up the location of Hamri Al-Assad, the supposed man behind the attacks.

The Season 6 DVD was released on December 4, 2007.


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[edit] Day 6 Prequel

It has been six months since Jack Bauer was kidnapped by the Chinese, and sent away to China via boat. In this time, Jack has been continuously tortured, with the Chinese demanding to know which of two men, "Hong" and "Lee", played an active role for the American government. Jack doesn't give up any information.

One night, Jack is broken out by two American men. They stow Jack away in a vehicle and escape away to safety, evading Chinese pursuit. They stop and help Jack out, as Hong approaches them from the shadows. Jack is surprised, and suddenly, Chinese forces appear. It was all a ploy to figure out Hong was the answer, so they shoot him. Jack is distraught as he is brought back to the prison, and the American men are congratulated for their effort.

[edit] 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Jack after being release by the Chinese
President Palmer consults with Tom Lennox
Jack is handed over to Abu Fayed
  • Air Date: January 14, 2007
  • Written By: Howard Gordon
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

It has been 18 months since Jack was captured by the Chinese, and the United States is in turmoil. The news reports of terrorist attacks in 10 cities, with Islamic groups as suspects. The most recent one a suicide bomber exploding a bus in Los Angeles. Karen Hayes, National Security Advisor, tells President Palmer that Hamri Al-Assad is the main suspect. Special Advisor to the President, Tom Lennox, suggest setting up concentration camps to house Muslims, but Wayne Palmer is against this.

At CTU, Chloe's superior, Nadia Yassir, lets her know that Jack Bauer is being used to find Assad. Bill Buchanan and Curtis Manning greet Jack as he gets off an aircraft. President Palmer was able to cut a deal to get Jack's freedom. Jack has scars all over his body from the torture. Bill Buchanan calls Karen Hayes, who are now married, to confirm Jack's arrival.

Abu Fayed, an old compatriot of Assad, has agreed to give up his location in exchange for money and Jack Bauer. Bill and Curtis take Jack to a designated location and lock him to a grate, under orders from Fayed, who was also granted access to CTU's surveillance. Chloe and Morris attempt to spy on the location but are soon had and forced to stop action. Fayed tells Jack that he wants revenge on him for killing his brother back in 1999 during a raid on a US Embassy in Beirut. Jack is taken to a holding room by Fayed and a worker of his named Sabir where he is tortured.

Meanwhile, the Wallace family, consisting of Ray, Jillian, and son Scott watch as their neighbor Yusuf Amar is taken into custody by FBI Agents. Ray Wallace tells Yusuf's son, Ahmed, that he can stay with them. Once inside, Ahmed calls Fayed, who he is working for, and is told that he must deliver the "package."

At this point, Jack rips off the blood pressure cuff on his arm to signal he has no pulse. When the guard comes to check on him, Jack bites into his neck, spitting the piece out. The man is dead and before Fayed has time to return, Jack has escaped.

[edit] 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Jack speaks with Hamri Al-Assad
  • Air Date: January 14, 2007
  • Written By: Manny Coto
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Jack escapes the complex and breaks into a car, using the phone within it. He calls CTU and the President, telling them that Fayed is behind the attacks and not Assad. Palmer does not believe this, and wants to follow through on the attack upon Assad's hideout, which was disclosed to them by Fayed after Jack's capture. Jack takes off to find Assad before the strike. Jack arrives and convinces Assad that one of his men has a transponder on them. This man is found to be helping Fayed, so Jack takes the two and gets them outside before the planes fire missiles into the complex, destroying it. Assad declares he has given up his terrorist ways, and wants to use politics to further his beliefs.

Sandra Palmer, Wayne's sister, is an attorney for Walid Al-Rezani at the Islamic-American Alliance center. FBI Agents showed up with a warrant, wanting all the files in their database. Before they can retrieve them, Sandra destroys the files before being arrested, along with Walid. Meanwhile, Ahmed leaves the Wallace's home and back to his where he picks up the package. He is attacked by a neighbor who believes him to be a terrorist, but Ahmed shoots him.

Jack and Assad track two men sent by Fayed to a train station, with one of them wearing a bomb. He boards the train followed by Jack, while Assad tracks the other man hoping to find Fayed. On the train, Jack attacks the bomber and kicks him out of the train just as the bomb goes off. Outside, Assad hops in a car and tails the other terrorist as he drives away.

[edit] 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

  • Air Date: January 15, 2007
  • Written By: Evan Katz and David Fury
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

Curtis questions Jack about Assad's involvement

Jack and Assad follow the handler from the train station. Curtis is with them, but is weary of working with Assad. They track the man to a storage unit, but he blows himself up when noticing units following him. Jack finds a computer with schematics for a Nuclear trigger on it.

Meanwhile, Fayed calls the President, demanding the release of the "Enemy Combatants" held at the Palmdale Military Prison. President Palmer agrees as it might buy them more time. They get Intel that one of the prisoners is being recruited by Fayed, but they cant locate him as a security officer has assisted in helping the man, named Hasan Numair, escape.

At this time, Ahmed goes back to the Wallace household, holding the family at gunpoint. He orders Jillian to treat his wounds from his confrontation and for Ray to deliver his package. Ray takes it to a man in exchange for a device, but he had to kill the man after he demanded more money.

[edit] 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Curtis threatens to kill Assad
  • Air Date: January 15, 2007
  • Written By: Robert Cochran
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

Jack breaks down after having to kill Curtis

Hasan Numair, the escaped convict, arrives at Fayed's safe house to program the nuclear device. They await the programming chip which Ray Wallace is set to deliver. He waits until Ahmed releases his wife and then takes it to Fayed.

CTU receives a call from Jillian Wallace and patch it through to Jack. She tells him about her son being held hostage, and mentions the name Fayed which Ahmed had said. Jack, Curtis, and Assad head to the house where Ahmed is shot and killed when trying to escape. Afterwards, President Palmer issues a Pardon to Assad for his cooperation in the terrorist chase.

Jack finds out from Chloe that Curtis, after Desert Storm, had his men tortured and killed by Assad and his group. Curtis heads out and holds Assad at gunpoint before Jack Bauer shoots Curtis in the neck after several plea's to let him go. He falls to the group dead. After killing Curtis, Jack is distraught by the fact that he killed Curtis and slowly walks away and eventually falls to ground and vomits. He later tells Bill Buchanan that he can't do it anymore and that he's done. Meanwhile, CTU Agents close in on the bombs location, and as they raid the building, Numair sets off the device inside the complex, causing a giant explosion and a mushroom cloud of smoke to arise.

While in the holding facility, Walid overhears a conversation from an Islamic man, declaring four more nuclear devices are in terrorist hands.

[edit] 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Jack meets with his brother, Gream
  • Air Date: January 22, 2007
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Milan Cheylov

President Palmer and his staff have just been informed on the news that a nuclear device has been detonated in California, and that the blast has killed more than 12,000 people. His security detail escort himself and his staff to the bunker below the White House. Meanwhile, Fayed calls a man named Darren McCarthy. After the conversation, it is revealed that McCarthy was the one who sold Fayed the suitcase nuclear device. McCarthy is then offered twice the original amount of money to find a nuclear engineer who will be able to arm Fayed's remaining nuclear devices, which are in the van with Fayed.

Meanwhile, Jack is witnessing the reaction of the civilians to the nuclear explosion. He finds a man trapped in a chopper that has crash landed on the roof of a house. He helps the man escape, but tells him not to try to rescue his family, as he would be killed by the radiation. Jack then calls Buchanan to tell him that he wants back in.

President Palmer meets with the Joint Chiefs, and is informed that so far no financial backing for Fayed has been found. An Admiral brings up the idea to launch a military strike against the suspect countries, but President Palmer disagrees.

Assad arrives at CTU to be interrogated. Assad tells them that he sent Fayed to a Russian General regarding tactical nuclear weapons, but no transaction took place.

Walid has tried to join a group at the detention center to find out if they know about the terrorists' activities. The FBI arrive and give Walid a beating in the restrooms, but also give him a two-way radio and tell him to find out if the other men know about Fayed.

Morris compiles a list of people who are known to have had contact with the Russian General. He then points out one particular company: BJX Technologies, a company that is run by Philip Bauer, Jack's father. Jack calls his father, but cannot get a hold of him. He then calls his brother, Graem, who appears to be shocked that Jack is not in China anymore.

McCarthy has now called Fayed again and has told him that all the nuclear devices will be detonated as scheduled. He also picks up his girlfriend, Rita, who is constantly complaining.

CTU come to the conclusion that Assad does want peace. Milo then informs Buchanan that the FBI have placed a radio on Walid, and that they can here a live feed. One of the men come over to Walid and ask what the Feds found in his wallet. Walid replies that it was a phone number of someone that he was introduced to through the IAA. Walid then brings up Fayed's name. The man says that he doesn't know who Fayed is, but invites him over to the group.

Jack arrives at Graem's house. Jack is introduced to Graem's son, Josh, and Jack exchanges looks with Marilyn, Graem's wife. Graem leads Jack to his office, where Jack knocks Graem down and then ties him to his chair for interrogation. Graem swears in his family's life that he doesn't know where his father is, but Jack replies, "Not good enough." He then covers Graem's face with a plastic bag.

[edit] 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Air Date: January 29, 2007
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Milan Cheylov

Jack tortures his brother for information

Wayne Palmer completes his speech regarding the nuclear explosion. After this, Karen Hayes discovers that Tom Lennox is preparing unauthorized detention centers for suspected terrorists. She confronts Tom who says that he's preparing them in case the President authorizes them. Tom then speaks to his Deputy Chief of Staff, Reed Pollock, and tells him that he wants Hayes out of his way. Meanwhile, Nadia Yassir confronts Bill about her access in CTU because of her ethnic background.

Graem is still being tortured by Jack. Graem eventually gives Jack some information about how their father Phillip was involved in the recent nuclear attack and is visiting McCarthy's office.

Milo becomes concerned when he sees that Nadia isn't working at her usual pace. He talks to Bill, who eventually explains to him her situation.

In the detention camp, Walid finds out that one of the men has smuggled in a cell phone, and the FBI want him to steal it to place a trace on it. Meanwhile, Reed has discovered a list of names that will implicate Karen, which he gives to Tom. Tom then approaches Karen and asks her to resign because she covered for Bill's incompetence.

Jack arrives at McCarthy's office with Graem. It appears to be empty, but Jack cuffs Graem to a bookshelf and has a look around. He is then confronted by two men in a storage room, who then are told to lower their weapons by Phillip. Jack tells his father off for letting the nuclear attack happen and tries to call CTU. At first Phillip says that he can handle the situation, but then lets Jack call. The two guards then hold Jack and Phillip at gunpoint, while taking orders from Graem.

The men at the detention facility discover that the phone is missing, and suspect Walid. They search him and find it, and then begin to beat Walid. The FBI and Sandra Palmer then rush in to break up the fight. Meanwhile, Karen tenders her resignation with the President. At first he declines, but after she insists, he accepts.

McCarthy phones Fayed and informs him that he has found a programmer for the nuke.

[edit] 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Phillip Bauer kills his own son by injecting hyoscine-pentothal into his IV
  • Air Date: February 5, 2007
  • Written By: Howard Gordon and Manny Coto
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

The van holding Jack and Phillip stops at a construction site, where they are told to kneel over a pit with cement at the bottom. Phillip distracts one of the guards, and Jack takes him out. Phillip then disarms the other, but before Jack could stop him, Phillip shoots and kills this guard.

CTU then intercepts a file that was sent from McCarthy to Fayed, which contains information on the programmer that will re-program the triggers for the suitcase nukes. The file is corrupted however and Morris is asked to attempt to find out the exact information.

Jack arrives at Graem's house to question him. Graem refuses so Jack orders Agent Burke to administer two CC's of hyoscine-pentothal into an IV attached to his arm. Graem denies everything, but after Jack has the dose increased to 4 CC's, Graem talks. He says that he was involved in the assassination of David Palmer, and the deaths of Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler. Graem also says that he set up Jack so he would be the prime suspect. Jack lunges at Graem, knocking him to the floor, while pulling out his gun and pointing it at Graem's face. Jack stops though, as his father walks into the room.

The President finds out that no useful information was found after Walid went undercover for the FBI. He sets up a meeting and tells everyone that the Muslims represent the countries best defense against terrorism. He also says that he will not accept Tom Lennox's plan.

Morris is given time off to see his injured brother in hospital, after making sure that the re-pixelation program is operational. After he leaves, the program has revealed most of the image, and it's Morris himself. The story of Morris' brother being injured was made up to get Morris out. Morris is ambushed by McCarthy and Rita and is taken hostage.

Phillip Bauer then walks up to his son in the empty room and tells him that he may reveal too much information about how he was actually in charge. Phillip then injects the rest of the hyoscine-pentothal into Graem's IV, killing him. He then calls out, saying that his son is having a seizure.

[edit] 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

  • Air Date: February 12, 2007
  • Written By: Evan Katz and David Fury
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Morris arms the nuclear bomb for Fayed

Since Morris has been kidnapped, Chloe is distraught, therefore she is unable to perform her usual duties within CTU. Buchanan asks Milo to take over her duties, which are to help Jack track down McCarthy, Rita and Morris.

McCarthy stops his vehicle under a highway interchange where the satellites cannot see him, and they switch to another car. While McCarthy is getting another vehicle, Morris tells Rita about the $7 million payoff from Fayed. Rita thinks about this and becomes greedy and kills McCarthy after he inputs Fayed's address into the GPS system.

Morris is delivered to Fayed, where he is asked to assist them in activating the nuclear devices. Morris declines, which then leads to him being tortured until he helps them. Jack and a tactical team get to the apartment building, and save Morris before he is shot. Jack then finds out that Morris helped them activate the nuclear devices, one of which is in the apartment, activated. With the help of Chloe, Jack is able to deactivate the nuclear device before it detonates.

[edit] 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

President Palmer meets with Assad
  • Air Date: February 12, 2007
  • Written By: Adam E. Fierro
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

Fayed's helicopter lands to pick up his three remaining nuclear devices. He also contacts Dmitri Gredenko, a former Russian General who has defected to the US. Gredenko wants revenge against the US for the result of the Cold War. Gredenko was also the one who supplied the nuclear suitcases to BXJ Technologies, the company that Phillip and Graem Bauer worked for.

Meanwhile, at CTU, Phillip learns that Gredenko is in Los Angeles. He calls the head of his security at BXJ Technologies, and tells him to have Gredenko killed before CTU are able to apprehend him.

Tom Lennox and Reed Pollock meet in a boiler room to discuss President Palmer. They agree that the President must be removed from office. Pollock also reveals that he is working for others, though he doesn't say who.

Marilyn tells Jack that she followed her husband Graem once to a safe house that purportedly was Gredenko's hideout. On route however, Phillip calls Marilyn and says that he's taking her son, Josh, "home". He also tells her not to mention this to Jack, otherwise he will be forced to hurt Josh. Marilyn is told to lead Jack to a specifically different house that is wired with explosives.

Jack and a CTU tactical team enter the house. Jack spots the explosives, and narrowly escapes. While this is happening, a few of Phillip's men pursue Marilyn and Milo. They escape Phillip's men by blowing up the van that they were in.

The episode ends with Jack spotting the destroyed van and wondering whether Marilyn and Milo had escaped or not.

[edit] 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

  • Air Date: February 19, 2007
  • Written By: Howard Gordon and Evan Katz
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

Charles Logan asks Jack to meet with him

Milo and Marilyn are running away from the hostiles. Jack arrives in time to save them, and then confronts Marilyn about who called her. Jack thinks that it was Gredenko, but she tells him that it was Jack's father. She also explains to him that Josh has been taken hostage by his grandfather.

Morris takes a walk to get some fresh air, but ends up going to a bottle shop and buying a bottle of whiskey and some mints. He walks into an alley and tries to drink some of the whiskey, but spits it out and puts a few mints into his mouth to cover the smell.

After Morris gets back, Chloe comes over to talk to him, and notices that his breath smells like alcohol. We discover that Morris is a recovering alcoholic, and that he has been sober for 3 years. Morris pleads with Chloe not to tell Buchanan, and she eventually agrees to keep quiet. She also convinces Milo to do the same, since he could also smell the alcohol on his breath.

Meanwhile, at the White House Tom Lennox agrees with Reed Pollock that someone should be brought in to kill the President, but after Tom finds out that the President still values his advice, changes his mind. He goes to call the Secret Service to inform them of what is going to happen, but Pollock comes in and knocks him out after eavesdropping.

Back at CTU, Jack asks Marilyn to call Phillip and demand to see her son. Phillip agrees, and tells her she must tell him the location of Gredenko. She also agrees. Once Jack and Marilyn get to the hotel room, it is empty. The phone then rings and it's Phillip, looking on from the building opposite. Jack makes a deal with his father to trade himself for Josh. Josh joins his mother, and Jack goes looking for his father. Phillip finds Jack and holds him at gunpoint, telling him to kneel. Phillip explains that Gredenko blackmailed him into giving him the suitcase nukes, using the murder of David Palmer. Jack says he's sorry for leaving his family, and after a moment of silence, turns around and finds that his father is gone.

Jack runs out onto the roof and finds a PDA with a phone number on the screen. He calls the number and demands to know who it is. The voice on the other end says that it's Charles Logan, who wants Jack to visit him alone, to give him some useful information.

[edit] 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

President Palmer is critically injured from the blast
  • Air Date: February 26, 2007
  • Written By: Manny Coto
  • Directed By: Tim Iacofano

President Palmer forces the Middle Eastern diplomat to co-operate with them by telling him that an American carrier group is just offshore of the Middle Eastern countries.

Reed Pollock brings in Carson, the man who is going to kill the President. He starts putting together a bomb with particular pieces in his briefcase. They plan to blow up the President, and blame it on Assad.

Meanwhile in CTU, Buchanan and Nadia are becoming concerned with Morris, as he hasn't been working as he was before his abduction. Chloe, finding him absent from his desk, bursts into the men's room wanting to know whether he was drinking. He assures her that he isn't, and, after she leaves the room, Morris pulls out his bottle of whiskey and pours it down the sink.

Fayed calls Gredenko, who says that he has three American made drone aircraft. Gredenko explains to Fayed that the drones will take about 3 hours to program, and that's if there are no disruptions. Gredenko also makes clear that he doesn't like Fayed or his men.

Marilyn thanks Jack for saving her son, but Jack doesn't like how she didn't even try to help him. Jack then visits Charles Logan, who is currently under house arrest. Logan explains to Jack that he has changed since David Palmer's assassination, but Jack still doesn't trust him. Logan says that the Russian Consulate General has information on the whereabouts of Gredenko, but tells Jack he himself needs to speak to him face to face. The President eventually agrees to let Logan out to speak with the Russian.

Meanwhile, in the bunker of the White House, Carson has completed the explosive that will be used to kill the President. He gives it and the detonator to Reed. Reed successfully places the bomb in the podium, walks into the empty room next door, and detonates the bomb. However, while Assad is standing at the podium, he notices a familiar substance dripping from inside the podium. He realizes what it is, and shouts out "BOMB!" and dives for cover, while one of the President's Secret Service Detail try to shield the President from the blast.

The episode ends with both the President and Assad lying unconscious on the ground.

[edit] 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

  • Air Date: March 5, 2007
  • Teleplay By: Evan Katz and David Fury
  • Story By: Howard Gordon
  • Directed By: Tim Iacofano

Charles Logan and Jack leave the retreat

President Palmer is rushed away on a stretcher, after being seriously injured by the bomb. The Secretary of Defense contacts Vice President Noah Daniels to inform him that the "presidential responsibilities" are now his. Daniels wants to speak to Lennox when he arrives, but Reed says that he hasn't seen him, so the Secretary of Defense orders the Secret Service to locate him. Reed rushes back to the boiler room and convinces Lennox not to expose the plot. When Lennox is released, he immediately tells the Secret Service that it was Reed and Carson who planted the bomb, and they are taken away.

Jack and Logan are on their way to the Russian Consulate. When they reach their destination, Logan asks Jack to wait outside, because he thinks that Markov, the Russian Consulate General, will reveal important information if he is there by himself. Logan asks Markov about Gredenko, but he still refuses to talk. As Jack and Logan leave, Markov calls Gredenko, telling him that the Americans know about the plot. Meanwhile, Jack calls Chloe and asks her to create a power surge to allow him to break into the consulate.

As Vice President Daniels exits Air Force Two, he is informed that Logan has been temporarily released, and he calls CTU for an explanation. Buchanan tells Daniels that Logan is the only lead on Gredenko.

As Jack begins climbing the walls of the Russian Consulate, a power surge occurs, allowing him to enter the consulate undetected. He gets to Markov's office, and begins to interrogate him. After cutting off the tip of Markov's finger, Markov reveals that Gredenko is in the Mojave Desert, preparing to launch aerial drones to deliver the three remaining nuclear warheads. As Jack walks close to the door of the office, FSB Agent Vasili blasts open the door, and takes Jack hostage.

While Jack is being held in one of the rooms, he asks one of the Russian guards to call CTU, and also tells him that Markov does have links with Gredenko. Jack wants the guard to call CTU to tell them the location of Gredenko. The guard begins to call, but is shot dead by Vasili before the guard says anything.

[edit] 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Charles Logan meets with his ex-wife, Martha
  • Air Date: March 12, 2007
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Vasili forces Jack down some stairs. He contacts Markov to tell him that he is going to kill Jack, but during the phone call, Jack kills Vasili. Markov sees this happen on the surveillance camera, and orders his guards to pursue Jack. He also orders the shutdown of all communication equipment so that Jack doesn't contact CTU.

Logan is brought back to CTU for debriefing, who also asks to speak with Bill. At that moment, Bill is in a conference room introducing everyone to Mike Doyle, the new Head of Field Ops. Doyle demands that everyone shall report to him from now on, as he is preparing an assault on the Russian Consulate. Milo expresses his disdain to this order, and Doyle tells him to get back to work. After this, we learn that Milo and Doyle did not get along together in Denver.

Vice President Daniels has a meeting with the Middle Eastern diplomat, and tells him that if he does not disclose the whereabouts of the nuclear bombs, his country will face the full power of the US military.

Back at CTU, Bill meets with Logan and eventually tells him about the plan to assault the Russian Consulate. Logan tells Bill that he may be able to have his ex-wife, Martha, call the Suvarov's, as she was good friends with Mrs. Suvarov. Logan is flown to Martha's house, where he also finds Aaron Pierce living there. Logan tells her the situation, but she becomes impatient, because of her mental health. Suddenly she pulls out a kitchen knife and stabs Logan in the chest, cutting an artery. Eventually though, she makes the call to Mrs. Suvarov.

The Russian President Yuri Suvarov then orders Markov to surrender, but when he ignores this order, Suvarov authorizes the American government to use force against the Russian Consulate. Doyle and his team then storm the place, killing all the Russians, including Markov. But before Markov was killed, he called Gredenko and ordered him to launch the drones. Jack then tells Doyle the location of the nuclear bombs, and Bill demands the satellite images of that area.

Logan is then seen being taken to a hospital in an ambulance. Logan utters the word "Martha" before going into cardiac arrest.

[edit] 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

  • Air Date: March 19, 2007
  • Teleplay By: Howard Gordon and Evan Katz
  • Story By: Manny Coto and David Fury
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Jack tracks down the drone pilot

Jack is ordered to stay at CTU medical, after he is injured in the blast in the Russian embassy. Jack speaks to Marilyn, who eventually says that Audrey Raines was killed in China while trying to save Jack. He then confronts Chloe and Buchanan about it separately, and demands why he wasn't told about it. Buchanan gives Jack a file on Audrey's death, and after reading it, Jack tells Buchanan that he wants to be reinstated to active duty. He then says that he'll get revenge after the current crisis has been avoided.

Fayed and Gredenko are able to launch a drone that is carrying one of the three remaining nuclear devices. Once it is launched, CTU try to track it via satellite, but the feed is overridden by an unknown source. Chloe believes that it was a workstation in CTU that was the source, and this eventually leads to Nadia's computer. Nadia is detained and interrogated by Mike Doyle. Nadia repeatedly says that she's innocent, but Doyle doesn't believe her. Chloe later reveals that the target is San Francisco, and it is being controlled by someone within 3 blocks of CTU.

Vice President Daniels meets with the Joint Chiefs to discuss the possibility of a nuclear attack on Assad's country. Karen Hayes objects to this however, but the Vice President ignores her. She then goes to see President Palmer's doctor, and asks him to wake him up out of his coma, presumably to override the Vice President's decision. The doctor says that he doesn't recommend it though, as it could kill the President.

Meanwhile, Jack and Doyle ambush the safe house, killing two guards and injuring the pilot of the drone. With CTU's assistance, Jack crash lands the drone in an industrial area. Upon landing, the drone is split into two, exposing the first team to arrive there to the nuclear radiation.

Buchanan informs the Vice President of the result, including the leak of nuclear radiation. The Vice President then orders a nuclear submarine to reposition for an attack on Fayed's country.

[edit] 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Gredenko and Fayed discuss their operation
  • Air Date: March 26, 2007
  • Written By: Howard Gordon and Manny Coto
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

The drone's pilot has been shot. By the time he is taken to a hospital, he dies. Jack orders Doyle to search the site for any information regarding Gredenko, as he and Fayed are still in possession of nuclear devices. It is discovered that Nadia wasn't aiding the terrorists; remote modules were found that had infiltrated CTU's network. The agent who finds them however, gives them to Doyle, who holds onto them.

Meanwhile, Fayed and Gredenko are wondering why the nuclear attack hasn't been on the news. Gredenko is also wondering why the pilot hasn't phoned in yet. Gredenko assures Fayed that their location is safe, and says that they still have two bombs left. Fayed pulls out his gun and points it at Gredenko saying "I have the bombs". Gredenko then reminds Fayed that he still has other ways to deliver the remaining nukes, and Fayed lowers his gun. Gredenko then calls Mark Hauser and asks him for his information. Hauser then tells him that he'll get it before Gredenko arrives. He hen turns to his autistic brother and asks him to get it on his laptop.

In the White House bunker, Karen Hayes asks Sandra Palmer to give permission to wake President Palmer from his coma. At first she says no, but eventually gives in when she finds out what is at stake.

Milo finds out that Doyle is withholding the evidence that proves Nadia's innocence, and starts arguing with him, and tells Buchanan. Doyle then reveals that he gave it to Morris to check.

After CTU intercepts the call between Hauser and Gredenko, they track Hauser's location and restrain him in his home, after shooting him in front of his brother. Jack makes sure that Brady, the autistic brother, goes out and meets Gredenko and gives him the information, which are the specs of the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant. Gredenko is then captured by Jack and CTU.

The Vice President is then just about to order the nuclear strike, but President Palmer is awoken just in time to stop it.

[edit] 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

  • Air Date: April 2, 2007
  • Written By: Robert Cochran and Evan Katz
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

President Palmer back in power

Vice President Daniels holds a meeting to decide whether President Palmer is able to resume his duties. Before the meeting, President Palmer asks Dr. Welton to inject adrenaline in him, so that he would look stronger. After the vote, the results are even, therefore President Palmer resumes his duties. Daniels then objects saying that Karen Hayes' vote is invalid, as she resigned and had not been officially re-instated. It is then decided that the decision will go through the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Jack calls Buchanan and tells him about Gredenko's demands. Buchanan tells Jack that immunity will not be issued because of the power struggle in the White House. Jack then says that he didn't plan on letting Gredenko go anyway. Gredenko is told to call Fayed, and once Fayed knows that Gredenko received the information, he tells him to meet him at the Santa Monica Pier. Jack and his team escort Gredenko to the location. Before meeting Gredenko however, Fayed drops the remaining bombs off somewhere.

A tracking device is placed in Gredenko's arm before he goes in search of Fayed. Once he finds him, Gredenko immediately tells Fayed of the tracker and tells him to follow his direction to escape.

Jack and CTU burst into the building, which is deserted. They follow the tracking device and find it, still in Gredenko's arm, which is laying on the floor, hacked off!

Gredenko and Fayed are then seen rushing through a bar, Gredenko holding the end of his arm in a bloody rag. They see that the people there are watching the bombing on television. Gredenko then betrays Fayed, by saying that Fayed was the one who detonated the bomb. The people then rush over and start beating Fayed to the ground, while Gredenko escapes out the back. Jack then rushes in, gets everyone off Fayed, and arrests him. Gredenko is then seen struggling under the pier. He then falls over from losing too much blood, and dies by the water.

Meanwhile, Daniels tells his aide, Lisa Miller, that he probably wouldn't get the support of the Supreme Court. He then asks her to lie for him. She agrees, and, after a while, Lennox walks in and asks to speak to Daniels alone. He then tells him that he had recorded the conversation, and uses it as blackmail. Lennox tells Daniels to withdraw his argument, and let President Palmer resume his duty. He agrees. President Palmer hears of this, and asks the doctor to give him more adrenaline, even though the doctor disapproves.

Karen asks Lennox why Daniels withdrew his argument, but Lennox says he knows nothing about it. Lennox then receives a call saying that the President is about to resume with the nuclear strike.

[edit] 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Jack interrogates Abu Fayed
  • Air Date: April 9, 2007
  • Written By: David Fury
  • Directed By: Bryan Spicer

Audrey Raines being held by Cheng Zhi

After President Palmer receives word from the Middle Eastern ambassador that a top general has been taken into custody for working with Fayed, the President calls off the attack. He later tells Lennox that the attack was fake; that way they got the results that they wanted.

Meanwhile, Jack is torturing Fayed for the location of the remaining nuclear devices. After finding out that he won't receive the information this way, he wants him returned to CTU to be tortured with proper equipment. However, on the way to CTU, the van is ambushed, and Fayed escapes.

However, the ambush was set up by CTU to try and trick Fayed into giving the location of the nuclear devices. He demands to speak to the now apprehended General Habib before cooperating with his liberators. The General is forced into speaking, but tips off Fayed via a duress code that nobody notices.

Fayed kills them and escapes, jumping into a garbage truck and driving away. However, Jack catches up to him and stows away underneath the truck. They arrive at Fayed's safe house, where Jack single-handling takes out all of Fayed's men. Jack and Fayed then do battle hand-to-hand, and Jack eventually gets the upper hand, wrapping a chain around Fayed's neck and hanging him. Before Fayed dies, Jack says to him "say hello to your brother". Jack then recovers the two remaining nuclear weapons.

After this, Jack receives a phone call. Audrey Raines is on the line, alive. Cheng Zhi then tells Jack that if he wants to see Audrey again he must follow his demands.

[edit] 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

CTU celebrates the end of the bomb crisis
  • Air Date: April 16, 2007
  • Written By: Matt Michnovetz and Nicole Ranadive
  • Directed By: Bryan Spicer

After the remaining bombs have been found, Jack is debriefed by CTU. It is concluded that the US military will take the bombs under presidential orders. Jack then contacts Cheng Zhi, and is told to give him a circuit board from one of the bombs. Jack gets Chloe to hack into Morris' computer to retrieve the specs of the bombs.

Karen Hayes informs President Palmer that the bomb crisis has ended. The President then says that he wants to hold a press conference.

Meanwhile at CTU, Morris has noticed that someone has hacked into his computer. Chloe then says that she did it, and Morris wants her to tell Bill. She tells Bill, who refuses to let Jack go through with it. Meanwhile, Jack walks towards the bombs, but is stopped by two guards, who refuse to let him through. He tells them that he has a presidential order to access the bombs. The guards eventually let him through. Doyle and a tactical team order Jack to stand down, who is eventually disarmed. When Jack wakes up, he demands to speak to the President. The President gives him the go ahead, after Jack says that he would protect the circuit board at all costs, even if it kills him.

President Palmer asks Daniels to resign, but when he refuses, the President brings up the tape recording, which changes Daniels' mind. The press conference then begins, and after repeating himself a few times, President Palmer collapses, before receiving Daniels' letter of resignation. After finding out about Jack's mission, Daniels orders him to stop.

Bill then orders Doyle to disarm Jack and bring him back to CTU. Jack eventually finds out what Doyle is doing, and tells him to pull over and get out of the car. Jack then drives off, leaving him there.

[edit] 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

  • Air Date: April 23, 2007
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

Jack reunites with Audrey

Doyle immediately "commandeers" another motorist's car and contacts CTU to inform them that he's lost Jack. Morris gives him the direction that Jack is traveling, using the tracker in Jack's vehicle.

Acting President Daniels is being accused of corrupt political maneuvering by Tom Lennox. Daniels then says that the country needs stability. They come to an agreement that the country doesn't need a scandal, as they have some common goals.

Jack speaks with Cheng Zhi over the phone and tells him to meet him at a motel on Highway 305. Audrey is then shown being moved by Zhi's men.

CTU are still trying to track Jack's whereabouts, but are having trouble. Chloe and Morris start arguing about the encryption on some files, and Chloe then lets slip that it was Morris who actually armed the nukes in the first place. Morris then walks out, obviously upset by her comment.

At the White House, Karen Hayes finds out that Peter Hawk of the Department of Justice is in her office. Tom warns her that he is dangerous, as he has strong connections.

Hawk tells her that Reed Pollock is facing the death sentence for the involvement in the assassination attempt on President Palmer's life. He also tells her that Pollock is trying to make a deal to reduce his sentence, by giving them information about Fayed. Hawk then says that Pollock told him that Bill had Fayed in custody two years previously, but let him go because there wasn't any evidence against him. Karen is also implicated, for protecting her husband. Karen tries to deny this, but Hawk says that someone has to be blamed for the deaths of 13,000 Americans. He then says that she has to make a choice: either fire Bill or lose her own job.

Jack reaches the motel, and puts a C-4 explosive behind a wall. He then leaves a message for Bill saying that he will never let the circuit board leave the room in Zhi's hands. It is also implied that Jack is prepared to die to save Audrey, and not let the circuit board get in the wrong hands.

After Bill approves Morris' transfer out of Comm, he receives a call from Karen. She tells him that she has to distance herself from the Fayed release, which means that she has to fire him. They have an argument about it, which ends with Bill hanging up on her. Bill then tells Nadia that he's been fired, but doesn't tell her why. He also tells her that she is temporarily in charge until Division sends someone.

Nadia announces this to CTU, and tells them that their main objective is still to locate Jack. Doyle then calls in, saying that he's found Jack, and is told to wait for backup.

Cheng Zhi soon arrives on the scene, and is seen entering the motel. Jack demands to see Audrey. She is brought to him, and he tells her to walk over to the nearby gas station. Doyle sees this, and thinks that the exchange has happened, and orders the CTU teams to attack. Cheng escapes in one of three Humvees, with the circuit board. A chopper chases them, but is blown out of the sky by a MANPAD launcher. CTU lose visual on the Humvees. Jack is then arrested by CTU, and he tells Doyle that he wasn't going to let the circuit board leave the room.

Jack then gets to see Audrey, but it seems that she has some sort of mental damage, as she cannot remember who Jack is.

[edit] 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

  • Air Date: April 30, 2007
  • Written By: Howard Gordon and Evan Katz
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

[edit] 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

  • Air Date: May 7, 2007
  • Written By: Manny Coto
  • Directed By: Bryan Spicer

[edit] 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM

  • Air Date: May 14, 2007
  • Written By: Howard Gordon and Evan Katz
  • Directed By: Bryan Spicer

[edit] 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

  • Air Date: May 21, 2007
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

[edit] 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

  • Air Date: May 21, 2007
  • Written By: Robert Cochran, Manny Coto and David Fury
  • Directed By: Brad Turner

[edit] Cast

[edit] Main Cast

[edit] Special Guest Stars

[edit] Guest Stars

[edit] Background Notes and Trivia

  • D.B. Woodside, Jayne Atkinson, Carlo Rota and Eric Balfour are promoted to main cast members after previously having recurring roles. Peter MacNicol, Marisol Nichols and Regina King also join the main cast.
  • This season had a special four-hour two-day premiere that started Sunday night and finished on Monday night. It also had two-hour episodes in the middle of the season and for the season finale.
  • Eric Balfour holds the record of the longest absence of a character, with 104 episodes. He was last seen in "Day 1: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM".
  • This is the first season in which the Oval Office is shown.
  • The season finale features the silent clock. Instead of the usual ticking clock sound, we hear ocean waves crashing into the shore.
  • The season finale fades to black before the final clock. The only other episode to do this is the Season 1 finale.
  • A slightly different ending to the finale can be seen on the Season 6 DVD. It has Jack throwing his gun into the sea. The writers were also debating whether to bring back Tony Almeida in the final scene, but they decided not to.

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