Season 2

Season 2
Season 2 Main Cast
Original runOctober 28, 2002 – May 20, 2003
No. of episodes24
DVD release dateSeptember 9, 2003
Previous seasonSeason 1
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Season 2 (also known as Day 2) premiered on October 28, 2002 on the FOX network. Day 2 takes place 18 months after the events of Day 1, and begins at 8:00 AM.

Jack is no longer working at CTU and is dealing with the death of his wife, Teri, and the broken relationship with his daughter, Kim. She believes it was Jack's dangerous job at CTU that caused Teri's death. President Palmer learns about a ploy about a nuclear device being detonated in L.A., he calls upon the man he can trust: Jack Bauer.

Also, the Warner family is celebrating a big day: Marie Warner is getting married. But, there are beliefs that the man she's marrying, Reza Naiyeer, is involved with the terrorists.

The Season 2 DVD was released on September 9, 2003.


[edit] Episode Guide

[edit] 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Jack visits Kim
Jack shoots a witness
  • Air Date: October 29, 2002
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Day 2 begins 18 months after the events of Day 1, with a man being interrogated in Seoul, Korea. He gives up information that is immediately relayed back to Eric Rayburn at the National Security Agency. Minutes later, back in the USA in Oregon, President Palmer is alerted of a situation that needs his attention as he and his son Keith are hurried away from their fishing escapade. Once arriving at the Operations Complex (OC) he is alerted along with Lynne, Palmer's Chief aid, that a nuclear device is being held in Los Angeles and could go off today.

Jack has left CTU since his wife's murder and has grown distant from his daughter. He goes to visit Kim at her new job as a house sitter but is told that she cannot handle seeing him since it is very painful on her emotionally. He leaves and heads home where he receives a phone call from the President. Palmer tells Jack that there is an urgent crisis impending upon the country and that he should head back to CTU to get more information. Once arriving, Jack is informed by George Mason, head of CTU, and Tony Almeda that there is a nuclear device set to go off in Los Angeles. Jack tells Mason to bring in Marshall Goren, who is a witness in a trial case against a man possibly involved with the terrorist cell, Joseph Wald.

During this time, Reza Naiyeer is planning his wedding with his fiancee Marie Warner at her father's estate. Kate, Marie's sister, is suspicious of Reza and has an investigator do a background check on him. She receives a phone call later and is told that Reza has had financial dealings with a known terrorist.

The episode draws to a close as Marshall Goren arrives and Jack interrogates him hoping to find out some info. Goren is cocky and won't give anything up, so Jack pulls out his gun and blows him away, leaving his body dead in Mason's office.

[edit] 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Kim comforts Megan Matheson as they run from Gary
  • Air Date: November 5, 2002
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Kim helps Megan escape from her house via car after she was knocked to the floor by her father. After hiding her away in all alley as she goes to call the cops, Kim returns to find that Megan is missing. Meanwhile, Kate Warner steals Reza's passport in an attempt to gather evidence in relation to possible terrorist activity.

CTU finds out that Joseph Wald, an old partner of Jack's, might be involved with the terrorist. Jack goes to meet him and gives Goren's head to Eddie Grant, Joseph's friend, as proof of his allegiance. After running security checks on Jack, Eddie invites him on a mission before he is able to speak to Joe. They are going to set off explosives in the CTU headquarters.

[edit] 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

President Palmer learns of the threat against CTU
  • Air Date: November 12, 2002
  • Written By: Howard Gordon
  • Directed By: James Whitmore Jr.

Jack and Eddie's crew stop at a power station and corrupt CTU's phone line. They then threaten one of the workers into calling their boss so they can get permission to go into CTU HQ. Jack tells Lynne over the phone of this attack, but she doesn't have the chance to tell Palmer because Eric Reyburn stops her.

Mason and a group of police officers follow up on a lead and stumble upon and abandoned factory which contained equipment used for building a nuclear device. Some armed men are gunned down in a shootout, but not before a "poisonous" container is shot up, engulfing Mason in the fumes.

After talking with Tony over the phone, Kim and Megan head over to CTU. During this time, Eddie and his crew head into CTU posing as repair men and post explosives all over the building. Jack lets the employee captive go and gives him a message for Tony. Once alerted from this, Tony orders the evacuation just as the bombs go off.

[edit] 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Jack tries to get info from Joseph Wald
  • Air Date: November 19, 2002
  • Written By: Remi Aubuchon
  • Directed By: James Whitmore Jr.

Jack and Eddie's crew drive off to a remote location as Eddie writes down where he will meet up with Joe on a piece of paper. Jack then kills off all of the members before hoping in the car and driving off. He calls CTU so they can send in backup. During this time, Mason finds out that he only has one day to live after his exposure.

President Palmer is upset over the deaths at CTU and fires Eric Rayburn for withholding Jack's call from him. Meanwhile, Megan is sent to the hospital after being injured in the blast. Jack encounters Joe who has locked himself in a shed. Once persuading Joe to let him, Joe shoots himself, but not before he hands Jack photos of the woman who ordered the hit on CTU. It is none other than Nina Myers.

[edit] 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Nina is brought back to CTU for interrogation
  • Air Date: November 26, 2002
  • Written By: Gil Grant
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Paula is woken up from her injuries at CTU per Mason's request and they are able to get important data from her regarding the days events. Not long afterwards, she passes away. Getting new Intel, Tony heads off to the Warner estate where he questions Reza about his involvement with a known terrorist, Syed Ali. At the hospital, Kim takes off when Megan's father arrives and she calls her boyfriend for help.

At the OC, Palmer has a meeting with the Ambassador, and after swapping Intel with each other, his helicopter is shot down after departure. Jack returns to CTU as Nina Myers is brought in for questioning. She requests a pardon from the President, who reluctantly agrees. Jack blackmails Mason using his health problems so he can interrogate Nina himself.

[edit] 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Jack fires right above Nina's head
  • Air Date: December 3, 2002
  • Written By: Elizabeth M. Cosin
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Once in the interrogation room with Nina, Jack threatens her and chokes Nina up against the wall. She tells him that she must speak to her contact in Visalia to find out the location of the bomb. Mason agrees to this and sends Jack off with another agent and Nina to their plane.

At the Warner house, Reza confesses that he was only covering up Bob Warner's transactions with Syed Ali. Meanwhile, Kim and Miguel, her boyfriend, rush back to the hospital and manage to sneak Megan out. Her father Gary stops them but Miguel knocks him out as they steal his car. During this time, Sherry Palmer asks to speak to David Palmer because she wants to help him through this crisis.

[edit] 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Kate finds out someone in her family is connected to the terrorists
  • Air Date: December 10, 2002
  • Written By: Virgil Williams
  • Directed By: James Whitmore Jr.

Reza Naiyeer and Bob Warner are placed under arrest by Tony Almeda and taken back to CTU for interrogation. Meanwhile, Kim and Miguel are pulled over for speeding and are taken into custody when police find the body of Carla, Megan's mom, in the trunk of the car.

Once landing, Jack sends Nina into the store where her contact, Faheen, is currently staying. Once inside, Nina knocks him to the floor after speaking and tries to escape, but Jack catches her and places her in handcuffs again. Back at CTU, Mason meets up with his estranged son and tells him of his impending death.

[edit] 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Palmer lets Sherry help him
  • Air Date: December 17, 2002
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: James Whitmore Jr.

Basheer, Omar, and Marko, three of the terrorists involved in the threat, are transporting the nuclear device when Basheer and Marko have words, resulting in a shootout that kills them both. Back at CTU, Bob Warner admits to being a consultant for the CIA, and has dealings with many unknown clients. At the Warner estate, Kate and her private investigator rummage through her father's computer before two men jump them and knock them out cold. The men toss the two in the car trunk and take off.

At the retreat, Ron Wieland, the reporter, has somehow freed himself and broke the news publicly about terrorist activity in Los Angeles and the President knowing about it. Meanwhile, on the plane back from Visalia, Nina quietly stabs Faheen with a piece of metal and kills him. She tells Jack that he told her where the nuke is, but won't say anything until the plane lands and she is able to escape. Just then, the plane is jolted and the alarms sound throughout the cabin.

[edit] 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Nina holds Jack hostage
  • Air Date: January 7, 2003
  • Written By: Howard Gordon
  • Directed By: Rodney Charters

Syed Ali reawakens Kate Warner at an undisclosed location and demands to know what they found on her father's computer. After denying knowing anything, Syed orders Kate's PI to be tortured and then killed. Back at CTU, Reza rats Bob Warner out and tells Tony he can prove that he approved the shipment of nuclear weapons material.

After their plane crashes, Jack and Nina escape before armed men start firing at them from a distance. After CTU support arrives, Nina steals a gun and holds Jack at gunpoint, demanding a pardon for the future murder of Jack in exchange for Syed Ali' s location, which she discloses once getting her wish.

[edit] 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Jack talks with Kate
  • Air Date: January 14, 2003
  • Written By: David Ehrman
  • Directed By: Rodney Charters

With Nina in custody, Jack and CTU agents surround the house Syed Ali is supposed to be in. Once in, Jack rescues Kate Warner, but once recovered, Kate says that Ali is gone. At the OC, Roger Stanton is placed under arrest for his possible involvement with a rogue NSA Ops unit, whose brand a tattoo Jack saw when he and Nina were attacked earlier.

While being transported back to LA, Kim and Miguel cause the police car to crash. With Miguel's urging, Kim flees the scene, not wanting to be caught when an ambulance arrives. At the Warner Corporation building, Reza leads a CTU agent through the many files on Bob's computer before the two men are shot down by Reza's future wife, Marie Warner, who also then shots and kills Reza.

[edit] 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Jack watches as Kate enters the mosque
  • Air Date: February 4, 2003
  • Written By: Gil Grant
  • Directed By: Fredrick K. Keller

At the retreat (OC), Roger Stanton is tortured in an attempt to find out anything he knows regarding the terrorist threat. Over in Los Angeles National Park, Kim gets her foot caught in a bear trap as she tries to escape out of the city. After receiving orders from Syed Ali, Marie Warner disguises herself and heads to one of the terrorists job site, where she picks up the bombs triggering device.

Meanwhile, Kate is sent into the mosque to identify Syed Ali, whom she spots amongst the men. Once the ceremony ends, Ali is not spotted leaving as CTU agents rush into to capture him. Once in, they find a man burned to death on the ground. Jack realizes it is not Syed Ali and that he is still on the loose.

[edit] 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Kate talks with her sister, learning she's helping with the bomb threat
  • Air Date: February 11, 2003
  • Written By: Evan Katz
  • Directed By: Fredrick K. Keller

Jack and crew find a trap door hidden inside the mosque and are able to capture Ali as he attempts to escape. They threaten to kill his family via satellite in front of him unless he cooperates. After threatening to kill his family, Ali eventually gives up the bombs location after a fake killing of his son was shown. At the OC, Sherry warns Lynne to watch her back after finding out Sherry had been contacting Roger Stanton. In the forest, Kim is found by a wandering man as he helps her out of the trap and back to his place to stay. Soon afterwards, Marie is shown arriving at Norton Airfield as she attaches the triggering device to the bomb stored there.

[edit] 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Palmer believes Stanton knows about the bomb
  • Air Date: February 18, 2003
  • Written By: Maurice Hurley
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Coral Snake, a rogue military unit, is found dead at the airport. Jack is able to stop a plane attempting to take off by injuring the pilot, but only finds a decoy bomb inside. Marie Warner is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Kim is led into a bomb shelter by the stranger back at his place in fear of an impending strike.

Roger Stanton tells Palmer that Coral Snake was operating on their own accord and that he was part of a group attempting to improve the US' defense. When Palmer further pushes Stanton for the bombs location, Roger tells Palmer to ask Sherry, who knows much more than him. Meanwhile Kim is told that the bomb has been detonated by the man and she follows him into a bomb shelter.

[edit] 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Jack interrogates Marie Warner
  • Air Date: February 25, 2003
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

President Palmer realizes that he cannot trust Sherry anymore and dismisses her from the building. Back at CTU, Mason notifies Division that he cannot continue as head of operations and has Tony replace him. In the Angeles forest, Kim is able to escape from the house after realizing she was being held against her will and flees into the woods. At the airport, Jack is able to find and capture Marie Warner. She won't divulge any information but other agents soon find the bomb elsewhere in the airport. It is armed and ready to detonate at any second.

[edit] 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Mason pilots the plane with the nuclear bomb
  • Air Date: March 4, 2003
  • Written By: Robert Cochran
  • Directed By: Ian Toynton

At CTU, Tony uncovers a tape from Ali's belongings that prove he was supplied the bomb from three Middle Eastern countries. At the airport, Jack loads the bomb into the plane and is told by the President that he must detonate it over the desert because that is the safest place, but that the pilot must go down with the plane. After sharing a sentimental moment with Kim over the phone, Mason appears in the plane after he snuck on. Once Jack evacuates and lands safely, a giant explosion occurs as Mason successfully detonates the bomb.

[edit] 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Tony catches Jack taking Kate from CTU
  • Air Date: March 25, 2003
  • Written By: Howard Gordon and Evan Katz
  • Directed By: Ian Toynton

Syed Ali claims the tape incriminating him is fake and as he is being transferred from CTU, an unknown shooter kills him. While Palmer prepares for war, Jack gets a call on his cell from a man claiming to have planted the tape and killing Ali, who now demands Kate Warner. Jack attempts to sneak Kate out as Tony stops Jack at gunpoint, but Tony is soon knocked unconscious. Meanwhile, Kim is held hostage at a convenience store by a man attempting to salvage goods after the blast.

[edit] 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

President Palmer talks with Mike Novick about going to war
  • Air Date: April 1, 2003
  • Written By: Evan Katz and Gil Grant
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Jack takes Kate to the designated location as he meets Jonathon Wallace, a Coral Snake member, and the man responsible for letting the bomb go off. He says he works for a group who seek war to raise their oil profit in the Middle East. He demands Kate Warner because her father's company is capable of assisting him in getting out of the country, since Wallace is now being targeting for his failure. Jack agrees because this man is his only lead but as Kate is loaded into Wallace's car, a gun shoots out the windshield.

In Los Angeles, President Palmer stalls as Vice President Prescott urges on for war. Meanwhile, taps are put on Michelle's work at CTU because Tony thinks she may be assisting Jack, and Kim Bauer escapes from her captive at the convenience store.

[edit] 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Jack tries to get Wallace to give up the information
  • Air Date: April 8, 2003
  • Written By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

As they make their escape, Wallace is shot in the neck. Jack drives them to the nearest hospital as Kate gets clearance at the airport for Wallace's potential takeoff. During this time, fighter jets are headed towards the Middle East and will arrive in roughly five hours. Palmer says he will wait until he gets confirmation from Jack on whether the Ali tape is true or not. Meanwhile, Kim is let go by the cops and calls Miguel, but he tells her that they can no longer date. Back at the hospital, Wallace dies as Jack notices a shadowy mark on his X-ray results. Jack cuts open his stomach to find the microchip holding the original recordings, proving the Ali one false.

[edit] 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Stark tries to revive Jack
  • Air Date: April 15, 2003
  • Written By: Howard Gordon
  • Directed By: James Whitmore Jr.

Jack hands off the microchip to Kate and orders her to escape. She gets outside and into a car awaiting Jack to arrive, but suddenly, she is knocked unconscious by a rioting individual outside. Jack is taken prisoner by a man named Jason Stark, who receives calls from his boss, Peter Kingsley. Jack refuses to tell them where the chip is, and after continued torture, he becomes unwakeable. Stark begins to administer CPR. Meanwhile, Vice President Prescott calls a meeting of the Cabinet in an attempt to remove Palmer from the White House after he called off the attack once hearing that Jack had recovered the data.

[edit] 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM

Jack is tortured for information
  • Air Date: April 22, 2003
  • Written By: Nick Cohen
  • Directed By: James Whitmore Jr.

Kate Warner's captors demand money so she leads them to her house and unlocks their safe, handing over the cash. Meanwhile, Jack is able to loosen the knots he was tied down with and kill the men torturing him. He steals a car and heads off to find Kate. Once arriving at her house, he shoots one of the hostels while the other two barricade themselves in a room, threatening to smash the chip.

At the retreat, Lynne is imprisoned in a storage room by Mike Novick because she found out that he sided with Prescott in his attempt to oust Palmer from the Presidency. After she breaks out, she falls from a stairwell and is severely injured. Meanwhile, Ryan Chappelle arrives at CTU to assist them.

[edit] 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

Sherry Palmer returns
  • Air Date: April 29, 2003
  • Written By: Robert Cochran and Howard Gordon
  • Directed By: Ian Toynton

After Roger Stanton and reporter Ron Wieland testify for Prescott that Palmer is unsuited for President, a vote is held that finds Palmer needs to be removed from the Presidency. He is led to a holding room as Prescott is sworn in as President. Meanwhile, the chip is found to be badly damaged but CTU is able to find out that a man named Alex Hewitt programmed it. He might have a connection to Peter Kingsley, the man behind today's events. Jack heads to Hewitt's house, only to find Sherry Palmer there.

[edit] 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Sherry Palmer talks with Alex Hewitt
  • Air Date: May 6, 2003
  • Written By: Virgil WIlliams and Duppy Demetrius
  • Directed By: Ian Toynton

Kim goes back to the Matheson house to pick up her belongings, only to find Gary there. He tries to stop Kim but she finds a gun and after talking with Jack, fires two rounds into Gary, killing him. Meanwhile, at CTU, Tony is able to knock Chappelle unconscious after Tony was removed from his position because Chappelle was stopping them from helping Jack.

At Hewitt's house, Jack finds him hidden in a back room as Sherry pleads with him for immunity after she admits to trying to bring down Palmer. Hewitt says he can prove using his audio equipment that the Ali audio conversation was false if also granted immunity. Sherry and Hewitt then argue about this as Alex stabs her with a screwdriver and takes off. Jack is quick to follow.

[edit] 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Sherry talks to Kingsley to set up a meeting
  • Air Date: May 13, 2003
  • Written By: Evan Katz and Gil Grant
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Jack catches up to Hewitt but as he pulls a gun out, Jack is forced to fire as he shoots Hewitt in the leg. He falls over a small ledge as Jack calls Michelle for a helicopter. He goes mobile to evade detection but as she calls the chopper, Hewitt dies. Meanwhile, Chappelle wakes up and has Tony placed under arrest. At this time, Kate Warner arrives at the Matheson house to pick up Kim upon Jack's request. After this, Jack uses the audio equipment with Michelle's help to feign Hewitt's voice just as she is taken into custody. Jack has Sherry set up a meeting with Kingsley, offering up Hewitt in exchange for the evidence implicating her with their group. Jack crashes the car on the way to the meeting.

[edit] 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Jack takes out Kingsley's men
President Palmer collapses after being infected by Mandy
  • Air Date: May 20, 2003
  • Story By: Robert Cochran and Howard Gordon
  • Teleplay By: Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
  • Directed By: Jon Cassar

Jack is unharmed and heads to the Coliseum is another car they hijacked with Sherry. She is wired so the White House and Federal Building, along with CTU can listen in. Kingsley is linked with Second Wave, the terrorist group responsible for bringing the bomb to the country. If Kingsley is found to be guilty of participating, the countries implicated on the "false" tape will be proven innocent. At this time, Kingsley tells a man named Max over the phone that everything will be fine. At the Los Angeles Coliseum, Sherry gets Kingsley to confess his participation and hand over the audio tapes. After that Jack is able to shoot and kill Kingsley's men but is still weak from being tortured. Just then a CTU chopper arrives and guns down Kingsley as he readies himself to kill Jack. Kim and Kate arrive to greet him as Tony once again becomes head of CTU.

The Cabinet revokes their previous notion to remove Palmer as he is President once again. Meanwhile, Max speaks with a man named Trepkos about the situation who says they must go another way. After a public announcement confirming their safety, a woman in the crowd calls out and shakes Palmer's hand. It is Mandy in disguise from Day 1, who worked under Ira Gaines. After leaving, she removes a substance from her hand as Palmer struggles to catch his breath and collapses.

[edit] Cast

[edit] Main Cast

[edit] Guest Stars

[edit] Background Notes and Trivia

  • Carlos Bernard, Xander Berkeley and Penny Johnson Jerald are promoted to main cast members after having recurring roles in Season 1. Sarah Wynter also joins the main cast.
  • The season premiere is an extended episode, running about 51 minutes in length.
  • The season premiere is the only episode of the season to feature the "Events occur in real time" line during the opening narration.
  • Day 2 takes place on a Saturday. Gary Matheson can be heard saying "Yeah, I know it's a Saturday" during the end of the season premiere. It also explains why Megan Matheson is not in school that day.
  • Harris Yulin, who plays Roger Stanton, is uncredited in all of his appearances this season. Reasons for this are to believed because guest stars must share their name with another actor, but he wanted his name to appear alone. But, since it wasn't possible, he decided to not be credited at all.
  • Ironically, Marie Warner kills her fiancee Reza just before 6:00 PM, this was when they were suppose to get married.
  • The second instance of the silent clock appears during "9:00 PM – 10:00 PM" when George Mason leaves CTU. It's the only time the silent clock has been used during an act break, instead of the end of the episode.
  • While shooting the season finale, they shot a "fake ending" which has President David Palmer eventually getting back up after getting infected by Mandy. They did this because the scene involved many extras and they didn't want the real ending to be leaked.
  • The season finale features the silent clock, the second of the season. Instead of the usual ticking clock sound, we hear David Palmer gasping for breath.
  • This season's finale is the only one in which Jack Bauer does not appear in very last scene.

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