Sarah on Day 7
Portrayed byMary Page Keller
First appearanceDay 7: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Sarah was an operative working for Cara Bowden during the events of Day 7. She worked undercover, along with Bob, as a couple waiting for a flight to arrive.

[edit] Day 7

Tasked with keeping tabs on Kim Bauer, Sarah was sent to the airport, along with Bob. The two were to make sure Kim did not board her flight back home to Los Angeles.

While Kim waited for her flight, she noticed a man (FBI Agent Franks) from across the room glancing over in her direction. Bothered by this, Kim went over and sat next to Bob and Sarah, believing their company would put her more at ease. Kim asked Sarah if the man was still staring at her, but Sarah assured her that he had left the area. When Kim needed to use the restroom, she asked Sarah if she could watch her luggage for her, which she had no problem doing.

After Kim found out from Renee Walker that Bob and Sarah were not who they appeared to be, Kim took out photos of her daughter, Teri, and showed them to Sarah in an effort to stall for time as police and airport security made their way to the area. Once Bob noticed they were being surrounded, he pulled out a gun and opened fire. Sarah grabbed a knife from her belongings and held it up to Kim’s throat, using her as a hostage. However, Kim was able to use a pen she had to stab Sarah in the leg, causing her to stumble backwards. As soon as Kim was safe from danger, police shot and killed Sarah

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