Samantha Roth

Samantha Roth
Samantha Roth on Day 7
Portrayed byCarly Pope
First appearanceRedemption
Last appearanceDay 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (as corpse)

Samantha Roth is the girlfriend of Roger Taylor. She made her first appearance in Redemption.

[edit] Redemption

Samantha Roth and Roger Taylor prepare to head out for the Presidential inauguration ceremony for Allison Taylor. Roger then receives a call from a longtime friend of his, Chris Whitley. Samantha is upset by this as she knows Chris has a history of drug abuse and believes he is only using Roger for money or other means of personal gain. Roger allows Chris to come over to their house. After the friends meet, Roth insists on Roger telling her what is going on but he refuses.

The two are then taken to the White House by their driver, Edward Vossler. Once there, they both greet Allison and Henry Taylor as the ceremony gets underway.

[edit] Day 7

Samantha Roth is working in her office when she is summoned by a member of the White House Secret Service to speak with Henry Taylor outside the building. He tells her that he found out about a sum of $400,000 that appeared in an offshore account for her only days after Roger Taylor's death. After initially denying it, Samantha claims that the money is for her aunt who was in need of funds. Henry Taylor believes that she is lying and storms off very upset.

Samantha enters her apartment and finds Henry Taylor

Later on in the day, Samantha calls Henry Taylor back and says that Roger Taylor was indeed murdered, and that she'd like to meet him in person. They get together at a park, and she tells him that Roger had uncovered some files on a high-ranking individual within the White House having ties to Benjamin Juma and the situation in Sangala. This is what led to him being murdered. Roth then gives Taylor a flash drive with information on it but wishes to be left out of any future investigation due to fear of her own safety.

Roth is later approached by an Agent working with Brian Gedge. He tells Samantha that her life is in danger and that Henry Taylor wishes to put her in hiding for the time being, when in fact, Gedge plans to kill her and frame Taylor for the murder. After arriving at her apartment to collect some things, Roth finds Henry Taylor on her couch before being stabbed in the back by Gedge, killing her.

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