Ryan Chappelle

Ryan Chappelle
Ryan Chappelle on Day 3
Portrayed byPaul Schulze
Seasons1, 2, 3
First appearanceDay 1: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 3: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM (as dead body)

Ryan Chappelle was the Regional Division Director of CTU: Los Angeles. He was shot and killed by Jack Bauer, under request of terrorist Stephen Saunders during Day 3.


[edit] Background

He was a constant bureaucratic anti-force at CTU, but in his better moments would usually make the right choices.

[edit] Day 1

Ryan Chappelle arrives at CTU after Jack Bauer is brought in after he rescues his family. He questions Jack in a holding cell regarding his decisions and actions during the day. After the debrief, Chappelle is still not sympathetic toward Jack even after he explains his situation. He says he could be reinstated if Alberta Green needs his help.

When Senator Palmer comes to CTU to visit Jack, Chappelle refuses to give him access. When Palmer calls in a favor from Washington, Chappelle is given orders to give whatever Palmer needs. When Palmer leaves CTU, he insists that Jack to be reinstated to assist in the threat. Chappelle reluctantly agrees. He leaves CTU soon after and goes back to the Division headquarters.

Later, when Andre Drazen is willing to exchange a captured Jack for Alexis Drazen, George Mason phones Chappelle to get permission. But, Chappelle doesn't authorize the exchange. The exchange happens anyway when Palmer convinces Mason to do so.

[edit] Day 2

Chappelle during Day 2

In Day 2, Chappelle comes to CTU after the death of George Mason. He names Tony Almeida the Acting Director of CTU: Los Angeles. Chappelle's orders is to start planning attacks on three countries that are believed to have financed the nuclear bomb that was in the United States. The Intel is received from the Cyprus recording.

Michelle Dessler, having reason to believe the recording was faked, convinces Jack into helping her prove it before the United States goes to war. Jack believes Michelle and starts working against Chappelle's orders. Michelle and Jack bring Tony into the plan to aid Jack in the field since he's needs a helicopter to be transported to his location. To do this, Tony drugs Chappelle in a holding room. When Deputy Director, Brad Hammond is not able to get in contact with Chappelle, he comes to CTU. He eventually finds him in a holding room knocked out. Tony and Michelle are then arrested, and the helicopter Jack needed is called back to CTU from orders by Chappelle.

Chappelle then begins to question Tony and Michelle. But, when Jack's lead turns out to be real, Chappelle is forced to trust Tony and Michelle and release them for Jack's location.

At the end of Day 2, Chappelle names Tony Almeida the permanent Director of CTU.

[edit] Day 3

After Tony Almeida is shot in the neck during the beginning of Day 3, Chappelle comes into CTU to take over command. When Jack Bauer breaks Ramon Salazar out of prison to deliver him to Ramon's brother. Chappelle insists on shooting down the chopper with Jack and Ramon in it, but Chase Edmunds tells him he better get permission from President David Palmer. Before he can get permission, Jack is flying over downtown LA and could not be shot down due to collateral damage.

Jack and Chappelle arrive at the train yard

Later in the day when Chloe O'Brian breaks procedure by bringing a baby into the building, he relieves her of her duty. But, when Nina Myers unleashes an attack on CTU's computers, Chappelle is forced to reinstate Chloe temporarily to stop the attack. Chloe eventually reveals the identity of the baby, that it's Chase Edmunds', he allows her to stay on.

When Michelle Dessler phones Tony to request suicide capsules for people suffering at the Chandler Plaza Hotel due to the virus attack, Chappelle catches Tony getting the capsules and says it's against every rule in the book, but agrees for him to do it.

Chappelle follows a lead regarding a bank transaction in hopes in locating Stephen Saunders, the man behind the terrorist attack. When Saunders learns of Chappelle's investigation, he makes President Palmer's next assignment to have Chappelle executed by 7:00 AM. Palmer phones Jack to tell him what Saunders' next demand is and puts Jack in charge if they're unable to catch Saunders in time. When CTU agents Chase Edmunds and Tom Baker believe they have located Saunders, it's revealed that Saunders has a switching node placed in the building to conceal his location. It's now too late to catch Saunders. Before Jack is forced to execute Chappelle, he asks Ryan if he has any more requests or wants to talk to his family. Chappelle says that he doesn't really have a close family. Chappelle gets on his knees. Jack apologizes and shoots Chappelle point blank.

[edit] Trivia

  • Even though Chappelle doesn't appear until the middle of Season 1, he is referenced to many times including in the pilot episode.
  • Although Chappelle's voice is heard in Day 2: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, it is not Paul Schulze's voice.
  • Ryan Chappelle is honored with the silent clock after he is killed in Day 3: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM. He's also the only non-main character to be given the silent clock.
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