Rosa Donoso

Rosa Donoso
Rosa Donoso on Day 7
Portrayed byAndi Chapman
First appearanceDay 7: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 7: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Rosa Donoso is the wheelchair-bound sister of Marika.

[edit] Day 7

Marika arrived back home at the apartment she shared with her sister. Rosa confronted Marika once again about her relationship with Samuel (Dubaku), insisting that he had done so much for her, especially financially, even though the two had only been going out for a handful of months. Rosa believed that he was not being totally honest with her. After Marika left to go back to work, Rosa called Samuel on his phone. She told him that he needed to end the relationship with her sister. Rosa had spoken with a friend at Immigration Services, and he could not find anyone with the name Samuel Aboa in their database. She threatened to make the information public unless he stopped seeing Marika.

Later, Rosa awoke to find Marika packing some bags with clothes and other items. Asking her sister what was going on, Marika said that Samuel asked her to leave with him out of the country, and she had agreed. Insisting that he was lying to her, Rosa pleaded with Marika to stay. Marika assured Rosa that she would join them shortly, but while trying to leave, Marika was stopped by Jack Bauer and Renee Walker. They asked the two sisters if they knew where Dubaku was, but they did not know anyone with that name. Jack then showed them a picture, and Rosa pointed out that he was the one claiming to be Samuel. Jack was able to convince Marika to keep going through with her plan to meet up with Dubaku, and they would track her to his location. Worried over her sister's safety, Rosa was assured by Renee that Marika would be okay.

After hearing of the car accident Marika was involved in, Rosa arrived at the hospital looking for her. Encountering Renee, Rosa asked about her sister's whereabouts. Renee sadly told her that Marika had been killed risking her life to stop Dubaku. Very upset over this news, Rosa blamed Renee for letting Marika die.

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