Robert Galvez

Robert Galvez
Robert Galvez on Day 7
Portrayed byGabriel Casseus
First appearanceDay 7: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM

Robert Galvez was a soldier working for Starkwood and an associate of Tony Almeida during Day 7.

[edit] Day 7

Robert Galvez was present during the beating of Tony Almeida by Starkwood operatives.

Later on, when he was with Stokes as they were overseeing the preparation of the missiles, he told Stokes he was going to check the perimeter again as they can't be too safe right now. While he was away, Tony Almedia was able to sneak into the compound and destroy the missiles. Galvez then evaded the compound as FBI agents were raiding the compound. He killed an FBI agent to steal his vehicle, but a second agent appeared and held him at gunpoint. The agent checked the bag he had and revealed he had one of the bio-weapon canisters. The agent then called for back-up, while the agent was distracted Galvez was able to grab his gun and kill him. He then jumped in the vehicle and drove off.

Galvez shoots Agent Moss with a shotgun

Galvez was spotted by a helicopter with Larry Moss abroad, as Janis Gold was able to trace the vehicle's GPS transponder. Galvez then got out of the vehicle to take cover as the chopper landed. With Larry Moss and Tony Almedia in pursuit, he killed the pilot and took cover. Galvez then was able to shoot Moss point black with a shotgun which knocked him to the ground. Tony checked on Moss, but then started to suffocate him to death as Galvez looked on. After Tony inspected the canister, he gave it back along with a satchel with C4. Galvez then fled the scene.

Galvez kept in contact with Almeida, so he could him evade FBI agents. Tony instructed Galvez to find a building to rig it up with the C4 he was given, and then lure as many agents as he could to that location.

Galvez found an abandoned apartment building, which he then used to set up the explosives in. He also killed an FBI agent, and took his radio. He impersonated the agent and talked with FBI agent Renee Walker, he then told her the suspect with inside the building. As he watched the agents enter the building, he set off the explosives, killing many of the agents. During the distraction of the explosion, Galvez met up with Tony to give him the canister Tony then assisted with helping Galvez to an ambulance. After away from the scene, Galvez killed the paramedic and held the driver at gunpoint.

Galvez is suffocated by Tony

Galvez met up with Tony again at a motel room. He demanded the money from Tony before he'd give up the canister. Tony showed him the money that had been transferred into his account. Galvez handed him a bag which was suppose to have the canister inside, but Tony opened it up finding a phone book. Galvez then pulled a gun on Tony and asked him who the buyers of the canister were. Tony didn't reveal the name and then was able to disarm Galvez. They began to fight and ended up in the bathroom, where Tony was able to trip Galvez to the floor and kick him in the face. Tony began to suffocate him with the shower curtain and demanding to know where the canister is. Later, when Cara Bowden joined Tony, he was in possession of the canister, and Galvez lay dead by the bathtub.

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