Rick Allen

Rick Allen
Rick Allen on Day 1
Portrayed byDaniel Bess
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 1: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Rick Allen was one of Kim Bauer's kidnappers hired by Ira Gaines on Day 1.

[edit] Day 1

Rick and his friend Dan Mounts meet up with Kim Bauer and Janet York at a furniture store where Dan works to party. While Rick is with Kim on the roof, she says that her father died six months ago. After awhile they decide to go to a house party. When Kim notices several messages on her phone from her mother, she asks to be driven home. When Dan passes Kim's street, she starts to get angry and worried, but they just tell her to relax.

Dan stops the van in an empty lot and tells Kim to phone her mom and tell her she's okay. When she refuses, he hits Janet's arm with a crow bar, breaking it. She then calls her mom telling her she's at a party and is okay. Rick gives Janet a dose of drugs to ease the pain. Kim starts to realize what's going on and that they're in trouble, so while Rick and Dan are busy, she and Janet are able to escape. Eventually, Rick and Dan are able to recapture them, and in the process, Janet is hit by a car. They leave Janet, and take Kim. When Kim starts to yell at Dan to go back to check on Janet because she still might be alive. He goes back, but to make sure she's dead. Rick begins to argue with Dan about killing her. Before Dan can check on her, an ambulance approaches.

Rick and Kim try to escape from the compound

Rick and Dan then meet up with Ira Gaines to hand over Kim. When Gaines finds out Dan is lying about Janet being dead, he shoots Dan and tells Rick he is promoted. Gaines then instructs Rick to bury Dan.

When both Rick and Kim are at Gaines' compound, he begins to assist Kim after she makes him realize he'll probably just be killed. They begin to talk about how they could escape. At the right moment, they're able to make it to bushes on almost out of the compound, but Kim notices her mother has been captured to. She decides to stay, along with Rick. Rick continues to help Kim and Teri, including getting them a gun. Rick also assists Jack Bauer to help rescue his family. Because he knows he'll probably be imprisoned for his involvement in the kidnapping of Kim and Janet, he runs off and gets on a bus.

When Kim is separated from her mother after the safe house is ambushed, she calls Rick to seek information on where her mother could be. He agrees, and Kim comes to his house. While Kim is at the house, she's involved in a botched drug deal by Dan's brother Frank. Kim is eventually let go, after Rick's girlfriend Melanie confesses what happened. Rick last sees Kim at the police station. It's unknown what happens to Rick after this.

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