Renee Walker

Renee Walker
Renee Walker on Day 8
Portrayed byAnnie Wersching
Seasons7, 8
First appearanceDay 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Renee Walker is an FBI agent active in Washington, DC during Day 7.

[edit] Day 7

With a subpoena in hand, Renee Walker interrupted a Senate hearing held by Senator Blaine Mayer. She had orders to transport Jack Bauer back to FBI Headquarters. Once outside the building, Jack asked what was going on, but Renee wouldn’t answer until they were back at the office. Upon arriving, Renee briefed Jack on the terrorist threat involving the CIP Firewall, and how Tony Almeida was involved. Jack refused to believe the news, but Renee informed him that the body at Tony’s gravesite was that of another man. She then showed Jack security footage showing Tony only a few hours earlier. After their discussion, Renee advised Jack to work with FBI analyst Sean Hillinger in an effort to track Tony down. This led to Gabriel Schector, a man Jack and Tony had worked with back in their CTU days. Finding out his address, Renee and Jack took off to question him.

Renee reaches the location of Tony Almeida

Once there, Schector refused having any contact with Tony in quite a while. Renee and Jack then held him at gunpoint, demanding information. Just when he was about to speak, Schector got shot and killed by a sniper from across the street. Renee had the adjacent building sealed off and FBI Agents surrounded the area. Jack recognized the sniper, Alan Tanner, as he snuck out of the building dressed in FBI attire. Renee and Jack got into their car and followed Tanner to the docks. While in route, Renee received a call from Larry Moss, the FBI Director. He wanted to know why she left the area, and Renee lied about following a lead. At the docks, Jack was able to subdue Tanner and knock him unconscious. Taking out the security cameras in the area, Jack used Tanner as a human shield to take out the remaining armed men on a nearby ship where Tony was situated. Inside the boat, Renee found a computer with information on it, but the device was auto-deleting everything. Outside, Jack engaged Tony in a hand to hand fight before finally getting the upper hand on the defeated Tony. Renee arrived to offer backup, and shortly afterwards, Moss appeared on the scene in a helicopter after tracking Renee’s location using her phone.

Back at the FBI, Moss had Tony placed in an interrogation room. He would proceed to question him, but got no answers as to what Tony’s plans were. Renee then watched on as Jack interrogated Tony, choking him up against the wall. Renee told Moss that she didn’t think Tony would speak unless they interrogated him more forcefully, but Moss didn’t believe in such methods and had Jack escorted out of the building. Heading out to find Jack, Renee was informed by Janis Gold that she had uncovered a mole within the FBI. Renee asked Janis to keep her updated on anything further she found out on the matter. Renee found Jack in a waiting room, preparing for his discharge out of the building. Renee thanked Jack for his help, but told him that they were not going to need him for her on out. As Jack signed some papers for Renee, he suddenly sprung up and got her in a choke hold, leaving her unconscious. When she awoke, Renee discovered that Jack had freed Tony from custody and led him out of the building.

Renee apologized to Moss for putting too must trust in Jack. She promised to find them, but Larry insisted the CIP Device was a top priority as well. At this time, Janis found out the name of the sniper (Alan Tanner) and discovered he was recovering at a nearby hospital. Renee took Janis with her and headed there immediately. Instructing Janis to hold off Tanner’s lawyers, Renee entered his room and demanded to know where Tony was. Tanner refused to give up any information, so Renee began torturing him by cutting off his breathing tubes. Tanner eventually told Renee about a plan to capture Sangala Prime Minister Ule Matobo. Renee informed Moss on the situation, who sent a team to his residence. Renee then headed there on her own to stop the kidnapping.

Jack whisperers to Renee asking if she trusts him

After reaching the residence, Renee looked on as Matobo and his wife, Alama, were placed in the back of a van. Litvak, one of David Emerson’s men, found Renee and took her captive. Emerson wanted to kill Renee, but Jack convinced him to keep her alive since they needed to find out how much the FBI knew of their plan. While in transport with the Matobos, Renee revealed her disgust towards Jack for his betrayal. Emerson called Nichols, an associate of his, to find out how much the FBI knew through his contact within the group. When it was revealed that Tanner revealed nothing except for the Matobo kidnaping, Emerson ordered Jack to kill Renee. Litvak pulled the van off the road near a construction site. Tony and Jack exited the vehicle, escorting Renee towards a ditch. Renee wanted Jack to look him in the eyes as he shot her, but Jack forced Renee around and whispered in her ear that she needed to trust him in order to live. Jack then shot a bullet that glanced Renee’s neck, causing her to fall into the ditch. He and Tony then covered her body in a plastic sheet. Afterwards, Emerson ordered Jack to bury her body, so they began shoveling dirt onto a frightened Renee.

Minutes later, Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian arrived on the scene and pulled Renee out from the ground. Using an epinephrine injection, they were able to bring Renee back to life. Once she was stable, Bill updated Renee on how Tony and Jack were working with them. The three of them would soon meet up with Jack and Tony, who had just killed Litvak and Emerson. Renee was hesitant to work with Jack again following his recent actions. Later on, they were able to track the location of Ike Dubaku, the right hand man of Benjamin Juma, to a corporate building. Renee gained access inside using her FBI identification and was present during the shootout with Dubaku and his men. After finding the Matobos in a holding room, Renee shot and killed Nichols when he tried to take them as hostages.

Renee reveals her gun to Carol Vossler

Upon returning to Bill’s hideout, the group agreed that they needed help from outside agencies if they hoped to make progress in stopping Dubaku. Ule Matobo suggested they tell President Taylor about the situation, as she was someone they could trust. Renee, Jack, and Bill then headed to the White House with the Matobos as Tony and Chloe stayed behind. During the meeting, they updated the President and Ethan Kanin on all that had happened involving Tony and Dubaku. Afterwards, Renee advised Jack that it might be best to look for help from Larry Moss, as she believed could be an ally. Using his FBI access, Moss was able to discover that Edward Vossler, a Secret Service bodyguard, had made phone calls to men involved with Dubaku. Renee headed over to Vossler’s house and held his wife, Carol, hostage. Jack believed they could use her and their child as leverage to get Edward to talk. Renee faked a threat to Vossler’s child, which caused him to reveal the most recent location of Dubaku. Renee and Jack went to the address and engaged a number of Dubaku’s men in a shootout. They were successful in taking down the men, but not before Henry Taylor got shot in the chest. Jack ordered Renee to call for an ambulance.

Renee deals with the guilt of Marika's death

As paramedics attended to Taylor, Renee received a call from Larry Moss. He was angered over her holding Vossler’s wife and child hostage. Renee was already beating herself up over doing it, but she told Larry that it was necessary in them trying to find Dubaku. Larry believes that Renee is becoming more and more like Jack. After some investigating into a computer found at the hideout, an address linked to Dubaku is found. Jack and Renee head to the address, only to find Rosa and Marika Donoso. Marika was in a relationship with Dubaku, but she didn’t know his true identify or what he was involved in. Jack told her the truth, which brought Marika to tears. He then convinced her to meet with Dubaku so they could capture him. Renee was hesitant to put Marika in danger, but she promised the two girls that she wouldn’t let anything bad happen. While following Marika, Jack and Renee were stopped by policemen who had a warrant for their vehicle. It was issued by Chris Hillinger, the mole within the FBI. After Larry Moss got their arrest overturned, Jack and Renee continued on until they found Dubaku’s car and began chasing it through the streets. Eventually, Marika fought with the driver and caused the vehicle to flip over. Marika was killed in the accident, while Dubaku was seriously injured. Renee became deeply saddened over her death and confronted Jack about getting Marika involved.

While Dubaku recovered at the hospital, he was killed with an injection of an unknown substance by Udo, a man working for Benjamin Juma. Renee identified Udo using the hospital security cameras and tracked him to the marina. Once there, Renee observed General Juma and a number of other soldiers preparing for an attack. Renee called Larry and informed him of the developments, but their target was unknown. When Juma and the others boarded a boat, Renee jumped on the back in an attempt to gather more information. As the men onboard put on scuba gear and dove into the water, Renee snuck inside and found schematics of the White House. Laurent, Dubaku’s son, stayed on the ship and found Renee. Swimming to shore and attempting to run away, Renee was eventually tracked down by Laurent. She told him the truth about how his father was killed by Juma, but Laurent didn’t believe her. Just as he was about to kill Renee, Larry Moss appeared and shot Laurent dead.

Renee expresses her sympathy for Jack over Bill's death

Once Juma initiated his attack on the White House, Renee and Larry were present on the perimeter coordinating a rescue plan. They asked Vice President Mitchell Hayworth for permission to enter the premises to save the President, but he denied their request, believing it was to risky. Once Bill Buchanan sacrificed himself by setting off an explosion, Larry ordered everyone inside. Renee went in and helped kill the remaining terrorists left inside, including General Juma. After everyone was safe, Renee approached Jack and showed sympathy for Bill’s death. Jack then told her about information Bill had received concerning a future threat. They approached Larry about told him that interrogating Ryan Burnett would be the next best move. However, Larry shot down the request and had Jack arrested. Renee pleaded with Larry to believe in Jack, but Larry refused to listen.

Renee is escorted to FBI holding

Renee approached Ethan Kanin and told him about a possible attack in the future. He then called Larry and ordered him to accompany Jack to the hospital so he could question Burnett. Upset over Renee going behind his back, Larry suspended Renee and sent her back to the FBI office. Later in the evening, Jack called Renee and asked if she could help him with something. Jack sent Renee an image of Quinn and wanted her to ID the man. She did, finding out he was an employee for Starkwood, a private military group. Renee told Jack that Senator Mayer had investigated the group, so he gave him Mayer’s address. When Larry found out about Renee’s actions, he had her arrested.

As Renee remained in holding at FBI HQ, Larry began to uncover the truth regarding Jack’s innocence in the murders of Ryan Burnett and Senator Mayer. When asked by Larry about information she divulged to Jack, Renee told him that it concerned a man named Quinn and his link to Starkwood. Following the capture of the bio-weapon by Jonas Hodges, Larry released Renee from holding and apologized for not trusting her earlier. She was then informed about Jack’s exposure to the weapon. Renee would speak to Jack about it, apologizing for his misfortune. She also noticed the scars on Jack’s body from torture he had been put through, the sight of which bothered her.

Renee worked with Janis from the office as Larry and a team of FBI agents headed towards the Starkwood compound in an effort to locate the bio-weapon. However, they would be deceived by Greg Seaton, who gave them an incorrect location. While trying to find the weapons elsewhere in the compound, Jack collapsed and had a seizure as a result of his exposure. Renee took him to see Dr. Macer, who gave him an injection to ease the symptoms. Dr. Macer suggested an experimental treatment that could possibly save Jack. However, it would have to be done using the blood of a family member; In this case, his daughter, Kim. Jack rejected the offer, as he didn’t want Kim to know about his condition. Renee attempted to change his mind, but he would not budge.

Renee tells Jack that Kim has arrived at the FBI

Shortly after 1:00 AM, Renee and Jack informed President Taylor about a possible missile silo underneath Starkwood. Afterwards, Renee called Larry and told him of the development. He said that he would assemble a team and storm the Starkwood compound following successful destruction of the missiles by Tony. Renee would provide communications support throughout the mission as the missiles were destroyed. During these events, it was revealed that Renee made contact with Kim and had brought her into the office. Jack was upset over it, but eventually calmed down after finding out that Kim had been wanting to speak with him all day. Renee initially looked on from outside as Jack spoke to his daughter.

Renee is in shock as she is informed of Larry's death

After successfully taking control of the Starkwood compound, Larry found out that one of their operatives (Galvez) had escaped the premises with a canister of the bio-weapon. He called Renee and had her send backup to his location as he tracked the suspect. Later on, Agent Park informed Renee over the phone that Larry had been killed by Galvez while trying to capture him. Visually distraught over the news, Renee was forced into a new role as she was now the ranking agent at the branch. She ordered Park and his men to remain on the scene, and she would be there shortly. Renee then asked Janis to call Larry’s ex-wife to inform her of his death. Accompanied by Jack, Renee arrived at the location and asked to see Larry’s body. The sight caused Renee to step away has she fought to hold back tears.

Jack tells Renee that Tony was responsible for Larry's death

Galvez, impersonating himself as an agent, told the FBI that the suspect had gone into a nearby apartment building. Renee gathered a team and headed inside. Shortly afterwards, Jack realized that it was all a trap and warned Renee to get her people out. Renee and a few others were able to escape just as the building exploded into flames. After Jack found Renee, she told him that Galvez must have known their sweep patterns since he had set up the C4 inside the complex so quickly. While speaking to her agents, Renee notices Jack being attended to by paramedics following a seizure. Going to check up on him, Renee is told about Tony being the one leaking information to Galvez, and how he was responsible for Larry’s death. The news upsets Renee, who puts out an APB on Tony to the FBI units. Renee and Jack are soon alerted to the deaths of two agents as Tony has escaped in one of their vehicles.

Back at FBI HQ, Janis tells Renee and Jack about Jonas Hodges being kept in one of their medical rooms, and that his death certificate was successfully falsified. Renee quickly pulls Jack aside and makes sure that he is capable of going after Tony, his former best friend. Afterwards, she would look on as Jack questioned Hodges about the men he worked for. Hodges reveals that a group of different companies were in charge, and they plan to unleash simultaneous attacks on the country next year. Jack tells Renee to get the CTU servers out of storage as they are their best resource for monitoring any terrorist activity. Jack and Renee then brief the agents in the office about the possible threat, and how Tony Almeida is a suspect.

While monitoring terrorist activity, Renee reveals to Chloe that Jack is sick following exposure to the bio weapon. A little later, Chloe finds information on a man named Jibraan Al-Zarian receiving a large sum of money from a Muslim Relief Organization a few days ago. They do not have an address for him, but there is a contact on file named Muhtadi Gohar. Jack and Renee head to his location to find out more on Jibraan. Once there, Jack begins questioning Gohar on Jibraan possibly being a terrorist, but he denies it. Renee then gets a call from Janis, who tells her that they have Jibraan’s address from a police check from earlier in the evening. Jack and Renee load Gohar into their vehicle as they head to Jibraan’s residence.

Jack and Renee rescue Hamid from Tony's men

While monitoring the apartment, Gohar comments to Renee that he doesn’t believe Jack is fit to aid in their mission. Renee reveals to him about Jack’s infection, but that he is the best man for the job. Using a camera, agents spot one of Tony’s men holding Jibraan’s brother, Hamid Al-Zarian, hostage. Renee, Jack, and a number of other agents break into the apartment and rescue Hamid. After questioning the younger brother, it is revealed that he does not know where Tony is. After forcing Harbinson into a conversation with Tony, Chloe is able to track his location through his phone. Jack and Renee get into their vehicle and spot Tony’s car, ramming it off the road. After capturing Tony, Jack has Renee call Chloe so she can work on searching through a device destroyed by Tony.

After Jack guided Jibraan into finding the weapon canister and successfully set it off inside a hazmat vehicle, Renee hugged Jack and told him that it was finally over. Soon afterwards, Renee would inform Jack about the death of Jonas Hodges. Renee and Jack then get into a transport vehicle as they head towards FBI HQ with Tony in custody. During transport, Jack asks Renee for her communications device since his isn’t working. After taking it, Jack holds her at gunpoint, demanding her weapon. Having the driver stop inside a tunnel, Jack tells Renee that Kim has been captured, and that he cannot risk her life. He pleads with Renee to save Kim before getting out of the vehicle with Tony.

Renee calls Janis and Chloe, telling them about Jack helping Tony escape since they have his daughter. After Chloe gets Kim on the phone through her gate at the airport, Renee tells her that she is in danger, and that Tony has betrayed them and now has taken Jack hostage. Later on, the FBI would be alerted to a shootout at the airport. Renee would head then with a group of agents, arriving to find dead bodies littering the floor and Kim missing. Receiving a call from Kim, Renee is informed about Bob, the man after her, being located in the parking garage. Once there, Renee finds Kim with a Bob’s computer in hand as his vehicle lays turned over in flames. Renee has one of her analysts look at the computer in hopes of finding information on Tony.

Jack gives Renee advice

Locating Tony’s location after back tracing data on the computer, Renee heads to the area in a helicopter while other agents proceed by vehicle. A shootout breaks out between the FBI and Alan Wilson’s men. Renee eventually gets out of the helicopter and makes her way over to Jack, who has C4 strapped to his chest. Renee removes his handcuffs and disarms the explosives. Following Jack into the nearby building, she catches up to find Cara Bowden dead on the floor and Tony injured from two gunshots. After Tony is taken away, Renee puts Wilson into handcuffs and escorts him out of the building.

Renee prepares to interrogate Alan Wilson

As Wilson is being stitched up by a paramedic, Renee approaches him and says he will be tried for treason following the death of many American lives. Renee then asks Wilson who else is involved in the conspiracy. Wilson tells her that he innocent and doesn’t know what she is talking about. Afterwards, Renee goes to see Jack as they prepare to load him from transport to the hospital. She informs Jack of Wilson’s denial, and Jack mentions how they might not have any evidence to put him behind bars. Renee knows that she must get him to talk, so Jack advises her to do whatever it takes, but to make the choices she is capable of living with. Jack tells Renee that he believed by saving other people, he could save himself. Renee begins to cry as Jack holds her hand briefly before being wheeled off to the ambulance.

Alan Wilson sits in the interrogation room at FBI HQ as Janis and Renee look on. Suddenly, Renee orders Janis out of the room. A startled Janis refuses, so Renee breaks the keypad to the room and holds Janis at gunpoint. Renee has her handcuff herself to the railing as Janis pleads with her to stop. Renee pulls out her FBI badge and sets it down on the counter before entering the room with Wilson.

[edit] Appearances

Annie Wersching was a series regular for Season 7, appearing in all 24 episodes of that season.

[edit] Background Information and Notes

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