Phil Parslow

Phil Parslow
Phil Parslow on Day 1
Portrayed byVincent Angell
First appearanceDay 1: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 1: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Dr. Phil Parslow was a surgeon and friend of Teri Bauer.

[edit] Day 1

When Teri Bauer suffered from dissociative amnesia later on in Day 1, Dr. Parslow tried to help her regain her memory. When Teri wandered into a restaurant she remembered, the maitre d' called Phil from the hospital to meet with Teri. He examined her at the restaurant and believed she had dissociative amnesia which was brought on by extreme stress. Teri believed her daughter Kim was killed in the explosion when their car rolled down a cliff. Phil insisted on going to a hospital to examine her more thoroughly, but she strongly objected. They instead decided to go to Teri's house to try and help regain her memory. Since Phil thought her husband Jack might have attacked her to cause the memory loss, he called one of his friends to guard the house. When Teri started to overcome her amnesia, Jovan Myovic, one of Drazens' assassins raided the house. The assassin killed Phil's friend, and shot Phil in the shoulder. Just as he was about to execute Teri, Tony Almeida arrived and shot the assassin. Tony then rushed Teri and Phil out of the house. Teri was brought into CTU while Phil was checked into the hospital for his gunshot wound.

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