Peter Kingsley

Peter Kingsley
Peter Kingsley on Day 2
Portrayed byTobin Bell
First appearanceDay 2: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 2: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Peter Kingsley was a powerful American businessman. He aided terrorist group Second Wave in detonating a nuclear bomb over Los Angeles.

[edit] Day 2

At some point before Day 2, Kingsley learned that a terrorist group was planning to hit the United States with a nuclear bomb. Kingsley used this information to his knowledge. He knew that if the United States went to war with the terrorist countries, his oil holdings would case him to become even richer.

Kingsley enlist the help of Roger Stanton and Sherry Palmer. He manipulates them into thinking they are just bringing down David Palmer and that the nuclear bomb won't go off and no one will get hurt.

Kingsley paid off Jonathan Wallace, captain of Stanton's NSA black-ops team. Wallace kills his team mates and allows the nuclear bomb to be prepared. Although the nuclear bomb is safely detonated in a remote area, the government is still angered. Kingsley, who is paranoid about his security, kills his secretary Eve as a precaution. Then, he has Wallace killed because he is a security risk. However, Wallace alerts Jack Bauer off the conspiracy.

Kingsley prepares to shoot Jack

Now that phase one is complete, Kingsley begins phase two. He previously hired a computer hacker, Alex Hewitt to forge a tape that incriminated three Middle Eastern countries in the nuclear bombing. His plan works for a while. David Palmer is removed from power and the nation prepares to go for war.

Sherry Palmer, now realizing she has been used, is caught by Jack Bauer. She is attempting to retrieve the original voice recording from Hewitt. She is forced to help Jack after Hewitt dies. Jack places a wire on Sherry. Kingsley, who is still trying to destroy any evidence that implicates him, wants Hewitt eliminated. Sherry meets Kingsley pretending she has Hewitt and is going to hand him over. She gets him to incriminate himself before he realizes she doesn't have Hewitt. Jack and Sherry are almost killed. Kingsley almost shoots a devastating shot at Jack but is struck down by a CTU sniper.

It is revealed that Kingsley was working for the mysterious Max.

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