Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor
Olivia Taylor on Day 7
Portrayed bySprague Grayden
First appearanceDay 7: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 7: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Olivia Taylor is the daughter of President Allison Taylor and Henry Taylor. Prior to Day 7, she was estranged from her family. After Ethan Kanin resigned, President Taylor made Olivia acting Chief of Staff.

[edit] Day 7

Working at a consult firm, Olivia was meeting with a potential client in a hotel lobby when she was interrupted by Aaron Pierce. She was angered by his appearance and claimed that she had no ties to her family anymore. Pierce would eventually get through to Olivia after telling her that her father, Henry, was currently in the hospital recovering from a serious injury. Aaron would lead Olivia to the hospital, but Bill Buchanan told them to head to the White House instead since her mother was back there already.

Following her arrival at the White House, Olivia insisted upon seeing her father. Olivia’s mother, President Taylor, said that it was not possible, and that she needed to stay inside the White House to be safe. After the attack by Benjamin Juma on the building, Olivia would stay in the company of Agent Pierce, who served as her bodyguard. Failing to make it to the lockdown room in time, Pierce would keep Olivia in hiding. Juma soon found out about Olivia’s presence in the White House with the help of Jonas Hodges. With Juma’s men now looking for them, Pierce thought it was best that they try and get a signal outside to the forces present. He then got shot in the shoulder by one of Juma’s men, who was gunned down in the altercation. Olivia would be instructed on what to do, heading into a nearby office where she grabbed a flashlight. While in the midst of getting a Morse code signal out to the authorities, Olivia was captured and brought back to Juma.

Juma threatens Olivia to get the President

Juma placed Olivia in a chair outside of the lockdown so the President could see her daughter on the video feed. Juma threatened to use the knife he was holding to cut up Olivia unless the President came out of the room. Fearing for her daughter’s safety, Taylor would release the lock, allowing her to get out of the room. While sitting with the rest of the hostages, Olivia apologized to her mother for the strained relationship between the two for the past handful of years.

Ethan questions Olivia about the leak of information

After Bill Buchanan’s sacrifice and the FBI assault on the premises, Olivia was led away to safety, along with the President, by Agent Pierce. Once Juma and his men were killed, Olivia was attended to by a doctor. She would then visit Pierce, who was also receiving medical attention. She thanked him for all he had done for her and her mother.

Later on in the day, Olivia would be offered the position of Special Advisor to the President within the White House by Ethan Kanin. It was her mother’s idea, but she insisted on Ethan being the one to give the proposal because of Ethan and Olivia not seeing eye to eye in the past, and Allison Taylor wished for them to get along. Accepting the position, Olivia chastised Ethan for allowing her mother’s cabinet to become infected with such betrayal and lies.

Prior to a speech she was going to give to the country, the President was advised by Olivia to mention how they had successfully thwarted the terrorist threat, and that their actions in Sangala were justified. During the speech, Olivia was approached by Kanin, who accused her of leaking his involvement with the Jack Bauer interrogation of Ryan Burnett to the press. Olivia denied it, telling Ethan that it’s his own fault that his troubles have come back to hurt him.

Ethan would soon bring the matter to the President, who asked Olivia to join them in the Oval Office to discuss it. When asked about the information leak, Olivia told them that she recently spoke to someone at the news station, who informed her that the story was given to them by someone at the Federal Marshall’s Office. Following Ethan’s resignation from his position, Olivia apologized to him for how things had ended. Ethan then gave Olivia some advice, telling her that ambition can be a dangerous thing, and she needed to focus on the safety of the American people.

Following Ethan’s departure, Olivia would call reporter Ken Dellao, telling him about Ethan’s resignation. She then gave him the go-ahead to broadcast to broadcast the story about the Burnett murder, and how Ethan was behind it. Revealing herself as the leak, Olivia also tells Ken about the death of Senator Blaine Mayer at the hands of Jack Bauer.

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