Nina Myers

Nina Myers
Nina Myers on Day 3
Portrayed bySarah Clarke
Seasons1, 2, 3
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 3: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM (as corpse)

Nina Myers was a double agent who worked for the Los Angeles branch of the Counter Terrorist Unit during Day 1. She was found out as a mole near the end of Day 1 by Jack Bauer and was arrested. She was responsible for the death of Jack's wife Teri.

She reappeared during both Day 2 and Day 3 as being involved with the major terrorists attacks. She was eventually killed by Jack in Day 3 after he knew she had no more useful information.


[edit] Background

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard and a Master's degree in Criminal Investigative Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Nina worked as a political analyst for the UN Security Council. After that, she started working under CTU. After there officials resigned because of bribery accusations raised by Jack Bauer, Nina became Jack's second in command and Jack became Special Agent in Charge at CTU. Sometime before Day 1, Jack was romantically involved with Nina while he was separated from his wife. After Jack gets back together with his wife, Nina started to date Tony Almeida.

[edit] Day 1

When Day 1 begins, Nina calls Jack into CTU because of a developing terrorist threat. Senator David Palmer, the first African American to ever have a shot at the White House, is at risk of being assassinated. Jack trusted Nina as she helped him recover his wife and daughter who were kidnapped by Ira Gaines. After Jack found a key card that revealed Nina to be the mole working in CTU, Nina convinced Jack that it couldn't be true because they were on a romantic outing the day the key card was used. The suspicion is completely off of Nina when Jamey Farrell admits to being a mole and kills herself. She was also able to make Jack feel bad for accusing her. Jack's love for Nina was shown when Ira Gaines forced Jack to kill Nina. Jack shot Nina but had taken the precaution putting a flat jacket on her.

Throughout the rest of the day, Nina helps Jack and shows deep concern for his family. After his wife and daughter are recovered, he visits them at the hospital and later accompanies them to the safe house. After an argument comes up about Nina's affair with Jack, Nina leaves the safe house right before it is ambushed. Jack's daughter is eventually kidnapped again and Teri develops temporary amnesia. She continues helping Jack to find his daughter and wife until there are no other options for her employer.

It is revealed that Nina is really Yelena and is aiding the Drazen's. After Ira Gaines is fired and Kim escapes they can no longer control Jack to kill David Palmer. They have Nina call Jack and tell her that Kim was found dead. The Drazen's plan to catch Jack when he attempts to avenge his daughters death. Their plan fails, however, as Jack successfully murders the Drazen's.

When Jack learns from the coast guard that no girl was found dead in the water, he starts to become suspicious of Nina. His suspicions are confirmed when he uncovers video footage of Nina killing Jamie and making it look like a suicide. Nina, knowing what is coming, begins to execute her escape plan. She goes to a control room where she has things hidden to aid her in a escape. While doing so, her merciless side is shown when she shoots a janitor getting in the way. She calls her employers in Germany who tell her what to do. Unfortunately, Jack's wife Teri overhears Nina speaking German. Nina ties Teri up and gags her. As Jack is coming to CTU, Nina shoots many guards in an attempt to escape. She makes it to her car but Jack corners her. George Mason is able to convince Jack not to kill her. As Nina is taken away and Jack looks for his wife in CTU, he finds her shot in the stomach in the control room. Day 1 ends as Jack holds her in his arms telling her he's sorry.

[edit] Day 2

In Day 2, Nina Myers was convicted of her crimes and sent to prison. It is later revealed that Nina sold CTU blueprints to a group that would later place a bomb on the premises. Nina was released from prison and placed in CTU custody to help locate the nuclear bomb. If she cooperated, she would receive a presidential pardon. Her knowledge of contacts and the Arabic language was crucial to helping CTU, but she also tried to slip through their hands a number of times because she believed Jack was going to kill her. While on a CTU plane, Jack begins describing how wonderful Teri was and began to question Nina as to why she killed her. At that moment, the plane was hit by a rocket and started going down to the ground. Nina and Jack fought against the attackers, but when the threat was over Nina pulled the gun on Jack. She demanded a presidential pardon for the murder of Jack Bauer in advance. With the urging of Bauer, President Palmer accepted. However, Nina's plans were foiled. Before she was released, she was held in Los Angeles to suffer the fate of the atomic bomb.

[edit] Day 3

Nina emerges in Day 3 at an auction for a deadly biological weapon representing an unknown contractor. Her only opposition to the weapon was Jack Bauer. Nina won the auction and Jack tracked her down in order to strike a deal. However, Nina knocked him unconscious and tied him up. She started questioning Jack because she did not believe that he quit working for CTU. Nina starts to get very passionate with Jack but ends up figuring out he is lying. It's too late, because Jack regains the upper hand and forces Nina to do his bidding. Nina goes to retrieve the biological weapon but Jack realizes it is a bomb. Nina and Jack escape, but Jack leaves Mexico empty handed.

Jack placed Nina on the CTU plane and headed back to Los Angeles. Nina tried to regain the upper hand by convincing Jack to call a specific phone number. The phone number actually released a virus into the CTU computer system that would cause CTU Intel to be delivered to tons of terrorist organizations. Nina told Jack that she would stop the virus if he released her in Mexico. Chloe O'Brian was able to stop the virus, which prevented Nina from escaping.

Back at CTU, Nina was interrogated by her former lover, Tony Almeida. Nina did not give any answers, but insisted on making jokes about her former relationship with Tony and mentioned his new wife, Michelle. Nina only offered a devilish smile when Tony asked Nina what she thought she was gaining from being a terrorist. Eventually, Tony began to have Nina tortured by a torture technician with needles. Nina purposefully shoved her head into the needles and broke an artery. She was placed in the CTU clinic. Jack asks Tony why Nina was left by herself. Their argument is cut short by an alarm. Nina escaped from the clinic and started to escape from CTU.

Nina made her way to the same technician room where she killed Teri Bauer. She was confronted by Kim Bauer who was carrying a gun. Nina told her to leave because she didn't want to hurt her. Jack entered the scene and shot Nina in the shoulder wounding her. After telling Kim to leave, Nina made an attempt to convince Jack of her usefulness. Nina tried to make a desperate reach for her gun but to no avail. Jack, telling her that didn't know anything else, shot her three times.

[edit] Appearances

Sarah Clarke was a series regular for Season 1 only, and appeared in all 24 episodes of that season. She was then a recurring guest star in Season 2 and Season 3. She appeared in 36 episodes total, her guest appearances include:

She appears in Day 3: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM only as a corpse and the actor is uncredited for the appearance.

[edit] Trivia

  • In a deleted scene on the Season 2 DVD for the season finale, Nina appeared on the boat with Max. It was deleted because the writers felt they wouldn't be able to explain it with the time they had left.
  • Sarah Clarke was cast on the morning that the pilot episode began shooting. So, the outfit she is wearing is her real clothes she auditioned in.
  • Sarah Clarke and Xander Berkeley (George Mason) met during the filming of Season 1. After a year, they eventually got married in September 2002. Clarke gave birth to their first child in September 2006.
  • Nina Myers was the third main character to be killed in the series.
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