Mitchell Hayworth

Vice President Mitchell Hayworth
Mitchell Hayworth on Day 7
Portrayed byCameron Daddo
First appearanceDay 7: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 7: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Mitchell Hayworth is the Vice President of the United States serving under President Taylor during the events of Day 7.

[edit] Day 7

Following the takeover of the White House by Benjamin Juma, Vice President Hayworth was taken to a secure location so he would be safe from any possible attack against him. He would be called to do a video conference with Larry Moss and Renee Walker. They requested permission to initiate a rescue operation in hopes of securing the President. However, Hayworth denied the request, as nobody could be certain as to whether President Taylor was safe or not inside the White House. He did not want to risk getting her killed by approving such an operation. Derek Watts, Hayworth’s assistant, backed up his decision, and believed that Taylor’s death could further his political career. Hayworth became upset at Watts for speaking such a thing out load.

After capturing President Taylor, Juma and his men began broadcasting a statement from Taylor national airwaves. Hayworth demanded that Watts find a way to shut off the feed, but it was impossible since the broadcast was being run through a number of internet feeds. Larry Moss once again insisted on permission from Hayworth to enter the White House, but he was denied. Once an explosion from inside the building occurred, Larry and his team stormed in, despite screams from Hayworth to keep out. As soon as the White House was secured, President Taylor had one of her assistants set up a video-conference with Hayworth.

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