Mitch Anderson

[edit] Day 4

Mitch Anderson was an officer in the United States Air Force before he was dishonorably discharged. At this point, he began working for the terrorist Habib Marwan.

We first meet Anderson as he abducts an Air Force pilot, Captain John Hansen. He forces Hansen to lead him to his F-117A stealth fighter plane that was due for a routine fight. Anderson killed Hansen and assumed his identity. He went to the plane, killed a mechanic and falsified papers that cleared him for take-off. Once in the sky, he went after his target: Air Force One.

Meanwhile, CTU discovers Anderson and deduce his intentions. Jack Bauer contacts Anderson on his radio but is unable to talk him out of his mindset. Anderson cuts off all communication and fires toward Air Force One. Despite warning Air Force One, the plane was unable to evade the attack. The plane went down killing many, injuring President John Keeler and killing his son, Kevin. Air Force One's fighter escorts shot down Anderson and he is assumed dead.

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