Milo Pressman

Milo Pressman
Milo Pressman on Day 6
Portrayed byEric Balfour
Seasons1, 6
First appearanceDay 1: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 6: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM (as dead body)

Milo Pressman was a freelance contractor who did work for CTU on Day 1. By Day 6, he is seen working back at CTU as the lead Internet Protocol Manager. He was killed by a mercenary when CTU was attacked on Day 6.


[edit] Day 1

Milo working at CTU during Day 1

Milo Pressman is brought into CTU on Day 1 to help retrieve information from a key card that Richard Walsh gave to Jack Bauer. When Milo is close to getting the information off the card, Ira Gaines instructs Jack to switch the card with another one.

Later, when Nina Myers and Tony Almeida discover that Jamey Farrell is a mole working for Gaines, they put Milo in charge of Farrell's workload. This includes finding the location of Teri and Kim Bauer using the information received from Jamey about Ira Gaines.

After Jack and his family are safe, Milo identifies three possible assassins that will try and take down Senator Palmer. He later discover that the second shooter is Alexis Drazen. When Jack and Palmer are talking with Robert Ellis, a man who is trying to recover the files regarding Operation: Nightfall, Milo helps them recover the files.

[edit] Day 6

[edit] Appearances

Eric Balfour was a recurring guest star in Season 1. He returned in Season 6 as a main cast member.

[edit] Trivia

  • Milo has the longest gap between appearances, he was absent for 104 episodes before returning in the Season 6 premiere.
  • Milo was the ninth main character to be killed in the series.
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