Mike Novick

Mike Novick
Mike Novick on Day 5
Portrayed byJude Ciccolella
Seasons1, 2, 4, 5
First appearanceDay 1: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 5: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Mike Novick was Senator/President David Palmer's Chief of Staff during Day 1 and Day 2. He was fired by Palmer at the end of Day 2 for trying to remove him from office.

He reappears on Day 4 as apart of President Charles Logan's administration. He becomes President Logan's Chief of Staff later on in Day 5 when Walt Cummings was exposed as a traitor.


[edit] Day 1

During Day 1, Mike Novick is called upon to aid Senator Palmer as it is revealed that his son is being charged with murder. Mike wants Palmer to remain quiet about everything in order to keep his presidential hopes alive, but Palmer goes public with his sons allegations, which surprisingly caused a rise in votes.

[edit] Day 2

On Day 2, now the Chief of Staff, Mike actually goes against President Palmer when it is suspected that the Middle East was responsible for the terrorist threat. He tries to help VP Prescott get into the Presidency, but is unsuccessful as the real truth behind the days attacks are revealed. President Palmer fires Mike at the end of the events.

[edit] Day 4

Mike reappears in Day 4, as a part of Vice President Logan's administration. Once being sworn into the Presidency following Keeler's tragic plane crash, Mike is Chief of Staff once again. He overhears a conversation from Walt Cummings and an agent where they devise a plan to kill Jack Bauer. Mike relays this info to President Palmer, who is able to save his good friend.

[edit] Day 5

On Day 5, Mike is still at the aid of President Logan. He is distraught and nearly brought to tears at the news of David Palmer's death, but is alerted by Jack Bauer that Walt Cummings was involved in the assassination. Cummings is eventually found dead, and Mike attempts to cover up the tragedy. As the day wore on and more evidence arose implicating Charles Logan in the terrorist activity, Mike and Martha Logan began working together to bring him down. Mike stood at Logan's side during Palmer's wake as Logan was arrested and led away to face charges.

[edit] Trivia

  • Out of any guest star, Jude Ciccolella appears in the most amount of episodes, appearing in 58 to date.
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