Michael Latham

Michael Latham
Michael Latham on Day 7
Portrayed byJohn Billingsley
First appearanceDay 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Michael Latham is the designer of Homeland Security's Firewall Project.

[edit] Day 7

While driving down the street with his daughter, Latham's vehicle is rammed off of the road by two unknown vehicles. Masked men stormed his car and capture Latham, storing him away in a van. One of his captors is Tony Almeida, who tells Latham that they need him to fix something.

Once back at the hideout, Almeida has Latham work on a device that would allow them to get past the Firewall he helped design. After working on it for a while, Latham says that he has completed his work. Hoping to use the device to take control of communications aboard airplanes, Almeida and his crew soon realize that it isn't working. Almeida takes the device back to Latham and orders him to fix it, otherwise he will kill him. Once correcting the overheating problem on the object, Tony Almeida is able to take control of communications between two separate planes, nearly sending them into a deadly collision.

After serving his part, Almeida gives up Michael Latham and the device to Emerson, who in turns takes the two to Ike Dubaku. Latham is kept in a holding cell once arriving.

After the facility gets raided by Jack Bauer, Dubaku threatens to kill Latham's family unless he agrees to follow his orders. This results in Dubaku strapping explosives to Latham's body and setting the charges off just as Jack closes in on their location. Dubaku uses the explosion as a diversion so he can escape the building.

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