Michael Amador

Michael Amador
Michael Amador on Day 3
Portrayed byGreg Ellis
First appearanceDay 3: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 3: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

[edit] Day 3

Michael Amador is an arms dealer who acquired the Cordilla virus. The original plan was to meet with Jack Bauer and Ramon Salazar and sell them the virus. However, Amador decided to have an auction when Nina Myers arrived. Nina won the auction and planned to meet Amador later to verify the virus was real.

Jack traced Nina down, and by force got her to agree to give the virus back to him. Nina verified the virus, but Salazar took it when a Delta Force team went after him. It was then revealed that the virus was a fake and was actually a bomb designed to kill Myers. The disaster almost trapped Amador, but his team took out the entire Delta Force. Amador, who was being tracked by his cell phone, destroyed it and set off for LA. It appears that he was trying to make some extra money and never intended giving the virus to anyone.

In LA, he delivered the virus to Stephen Saunders at a nightclub. Saunders left and CTU tracked Amador down and captured him at the nightclub. Jack and Chase Edmunds tortured Amador but got nothing more than a warning that he had no idea what he was up against. Amador refused to give up any more information even after Jack offered protection. During the torture, Amador passed out when his hand was slit.

Amador awoke and Jack put a bandage on his hand. They received information about the Chandler Plaza Hotel from his laptop and also found an incubator in the nightclub. While Jack was off looking at the incubator, Amador escaped. Kim Bauer was able to track Amador because of the tracking device planted in his bandage.

Jack and Chase used the information to follow Amador who met with Saunders. Amador told Saunders he was captured but managed to escape. Saunders had Amador take precautions to make sure he wasn't being followed. Amador met with one of Saunders men to receive his money and a transport out of the country. Amador, sitting in his transport car, opened up the briefcase. There was no travel papers, but a bomb. The bomb went off and Amador was killed in the blast. Saunders was probably worried that CTU was on to him and was mad at him for going outside of plan specifications to make more money for himself.

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