Martin Belkin

Martin Belkin
Martin Belkin on Day 1
Portrayed byRudolph Martin
Appeared inDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Martin Belkin was an European photographer that was flying into the United States to take pictures of Senator David Palmer.

[edit] Day 1

During his flight, Belkin called Patty Brooks, David Palmer's campaign manager, to make sure everything was still on schedule for the breakfast he was going to make an appearance at later to take photos of the guests. Belkin then inquired about whether Palmer would be there himself, and Patty assured him that he would. After the conversation, a girl seated next to Belkin named Mandy began striking up a conversation with him after hearing Palmer's name. After discussing Belkin's photographs while having many drinks, the two made their way into bathroom where they had sex. Mandy inquired about them getting together in Los Angeles, but Belkin insisted he would be too busy.

Belkin fell asleep when he got back to his seat. After waking up, he noticed that his wallet was gone, along with Mandy. He attempted to get up to search the plane, but the flight attendant needed him to remain seated at the time. Not too long afterwards, the plane exploded from the bomb planted inside by Mandy, killing everyone inside as plane debris fell over the Mojave Desert.

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