Marika Donoso

Marika Donoso
Marika Donoso on Day 7
Portrayed byEnuka Okuma
First appearanceDay 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 7: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Marika Donoso was romantically involved with Ike Dubaku, who was known to her as Samuel Aboa.

[edit] Day 7

After arriving back at his apartment following the loss of the CIP Device, Dubaku was greeted at the door by his girlfriend, Marika. She wanted to know if he would be stopping by later for dinner, and Dubaku insisted that he would try. Marika would then leave for work as a waitress at a diner. Later, she returned home to help care for her wheelchair-bound sister, Rosa. Marika would once again call Dubaku, inquiring about dinner. He quickly dismissed her as he was in the middle of dealing with Henry Taylor following his capture. After the conversation ended, Rosa told Marika that she didn't trust Samuel and believed she should end it. Marika ignored her sister and left for work once again.

While at her job, Marika was visited by Dubaku during one of her breaks. He told her that Immigration Services had found out his visa had expired and he was in the country illegally. Dubaku wanted her to come with him as he left the country. Marika was unsure at first and worried about her sister, Rosa, but Dubaku promised to have her flown to their location a few days after them. Finally agreeing, Marika left work to go home and pack. When Rosa saw her packing her backs, she inquired about what was going on. After telling her the truth, Marika got into another argument with her sister.

Marika speaks with Dubaku, so Jack can get information on his location

While attempting to leave the apartment, Marika was stopped by Jack Bauer and Renee Walker who kicked open her door. Looking for Dubaku, Jack asked Marika if she had seen him, but Marika said she didn't know who he was. Jack then pulled out a picture and showed them, confusing Marika. Rosa saw the picture of Dubaku and said that they knew him, but that he went by the name of Samuel Aboa. Marika was then told the truth about Dubaku, and how he had been responsible for the plane crash and for taking thousands of innocent lives in Sangala. Dubaku then called Marika on her phone. After answering, Marika was told by Dubaku that a car would arrive at her place shortly. Marika agreed to help Jack and Renee catch Dubaku by traveling in the car as they tracked her via a beacon in her phone.

As Marika made her way to Dubaku, it was leaked by Sean Hillinger that Marika had been turned by the FBI. He told Ryan Burnett about it, an informant working with Dubaku. Once finding out this news, Dubaku insisted that he would take care of Marika when she arrived. After her car pulled up and Marika got out, Dubaku called her out on her betrayal towards him. He then grabbed Marika's phone and smashed it against the ground. She told Dubaku that she found out the truth about him, but he insisted that they were all lies spread by his enemies, and that he was only trying to help Sangala. He eventually convinced Marika to continue on with him out of the country. As they were being driven to the airport, the driver noticed Jack and Renee tailing behind them. As the car chase ensued and it looked like Dubaku was going to get away, Marika reached forward and grabbed a hold of the driver, causing the vehicle to swerve and flip up, setting it on fire. Renee was able to pull Marika from the car just as it exploded, but she was already dead from the crash.

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