Marie Warner

Marie Warner
Marie Warner on Day 2
Portrayed byLaura Harris
First appearanceDay 2: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 2: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Marie Warner was the younger sister of Kate Warner and daughter of Bob Warner. She was set to marry Reza Naiyeer on Day 2. Marie was involved in nuclear bomb threat on Los Angeles.

[edit] Day 2

At the beginning of Day 2, we see Marie Warner on her wedding day. She appears to be completely innocent and in love with Reza Naiyeer. Marie's sister, Kate has been suspicious of Reza all along and hired a private investigator to track him. The private investigator gains knowledge that Reza might be involved in some type of terrorist attack and has some type of affiliation with Syed Ali.

Marie and Reza
Marie speaks with Syed Ali after killing Reza

Marie later becomes angry when an FBI agent shows up at their house investigating Reza. Marie gives Kate the cold shoulder. She tells her that she is ruining her wedding day and doesn't want her to be at the ceremony. Kate tries to talk Marie out of having the ceremony but Marie says that it must be today. Marie tells Kate that she just jealous because her life is so empty. After Reza's innocence is determined, Bob Warner is put under questioning. Marie becomes even more upset with Kate.

Tony Almeida tells Reza and Bob that they are going to have to go to CTU for more questioning. Marie accompanies them both. When Reza is released, the supportive Marie tells Reza she will get a top criminal attorney for him. Marie becomes upset with Reza when he says it is Bob that will need the help. It appears that Bob set Reza up. Marie can't believe Reza would accuse her father after all he did for Reza. She storms out of CTU.

Later, Reza is in Bob Warner's office trying to get information when Marie walks in. She apologizes to Reza for being so mistrusting. An agent behind her exclaims that someone else beside Bob was responsible for helping Syed Ali. Marie quickly pulls out a gun and shoots the agent. A surprised Reza asks Marie if their whole relationship was setup. A tearful Marie tells Reza, "You're sweet" and then shoots him dead. She takes her father's hard drive and leaves the office.

Syed Ali calls Marie and tells her to retrieve the bomb trigger from a locker where a fellow terrorist works. Marie, now donning a black wig, goes to the lumber mill where he works and sexually convinces the foreman to open the locker. She takes the trigger and leaves. She drives to meet Syed at an airplane hanger and receives a call from Kate. She explains to Kate why she is doing what she is and throws her cell phone out the window. Marie reaches the hangar and gives the trigger to Omar. They say farewell. Marie opens the hanger door and leaves.

Jack interrogates Marie

At the airfield, many passengers are being escorted to a secure location. Marie mixes in with the crowd but is spotted by Kate. Kate runs after Marie but pulls out a gun on her. Jack shows up and shoots Marie. She tells Kate that she is prepared to die for her cause, but the pain of the bullet is too much for her. Jack says he will give her pain killers if she gives any information. Marie gives false information and then proclaims that they all will die.

It is revealed that while the Warner's were living in the Middle East, she was very distraught with her mother's death. She was abducted in the Middle East, but Syed Ali began to teach her why America and people like her father were hurting the holy cause. We can expect that Marie is suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

After the bomb is contained, Marie is unable to be reached by the love of Kate or her father Bob. It seems that no one can reach the Marie they both knew and love. She warns Kate that she won't be safe.

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