Mandy on Day 4
Portrayed byMia Kirshner
Seasons1, 2, 4
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 4: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Mandy is a freelance spy and assassin that has been apart of terrorist attacks that have happened on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 4. She tried to assassinate President David Palmer on Day 2. On Day 4, she is pardoned for all her past and present crimes in exchange for helping CTU locate Habib Marwan.

[edit] Day 1

Mandy gets ready before she parachutes from the plane

We first meet her as a passenger on a plane. She flirts with a photographer, Martin Belkin, who is going to photograph Senator David Palmer. They end up having sex in the lavatory and Mandy is able to get the photographer's identification card. Mandy, pretending to be drunk, stumbles into the flight attendant's area where she injects a flight attendant with a syringe. She receives a bomb from inside a fire extinguisher and prepares equipment that will help her escape. With the hit of a button, Mandy is ejected from the plane as it explodes. She parachutes in the desert and hides the key card in the dirt.

Her lover, Bridgit, takes the key card and is supposed to deliver it back to Ira Gaines. When Mandy meets Ira Gaines, he asks her if she'll help out in a job in the summer. She says she's going to lay low for a while. She admires the plastic surgery that makes one of Gaines' men look exactly like Martin Belkin. Bridgit arrives, but with no key card. She asks for more money. Mandy tries to reason with her. Ira pretends to agree with Bridgit's terms and they make their way to Bridgit's hiding place. After Bridgit gets the key card she is sniped by the Martin Belkin impostor while holding Mandy's hand. A distraught Mandy, understanding that there was no other way for the situation to play out, reluctantly agrees to help Ira in the summer.

[edit] Day 2

Mandy calls Max after she infects President Palmer

Mandy does not make a return until the end of Day 2. She is in a crowd of well wishers for President David Palmer. She shakes his hand and says, "God bless you." She leaves the crowd and calls Max on the phone. She tells him that it is complete. As she does this, she removes a thin piece of plastic from her hand and places it in a compact. We see David Palmer look to see that his hand is burnt. He falls to the ground as Day 2 comes to an end.

[edit] Day 4

Mandy strikes a deal for her information

We don't see Mandy again until the latter half of Day 4. She is having sex with her boyfriend, Gary. She hears helicopters and realizes that she has been compromised. She and her boyfriend Gary helped in the kidnapping of James Heller and his daughter Audrey. Mandy and Gary went to a bar and picked up Richard Heller. While Richard and Gary were having sex, Mandy used Richard's phone to contact the terrorist Habib Marwan. They were able to monitor all of Richard's calls so that the terrorists were able to know when Heller was able to be captured. She tells Gary that there is no way both of them are going to make it out of there. She tells him that one of them is going to have to go down for the other, and it is not going to be her. She shoots Gary and makes her way outside of the apartment complex. While roaming the apartment complex, she shoots and kills CTU agent Lee Castle and takes Tony Almeida hostage.

We see Mandy go to her friends apartment and pull a gun on them. Later, we see Tony tied up on the floor. Using her laptop, Mandy is able to realize that Michelle Dessler, Tony's wife, is leading CTU. She uses Tony as leverage to get Michelle to do what she wants. This mirrors the situation Tony was in during Day 3 when Michelle was kidnapped. Michelle reluctantly does the right thing and does not move forces to allow Mandy's escape. We see Mandy leading Tony under an umbrella in the rain to her car. When the rest of the CTU agents meet them, Mandy tells Michelle over the phone that she betrayed her and blows the car up. Michelle watches in dismay as Tony is blown up. In reality, Tony is still alive. Mandy forced her friends to pretend they were Mandy and Tony. While Mandy is escaping, Jack discovers what has actually happened. Mandy proclaims with little sadness that her friends died for nothing and hurries to the parking garage with her small time advantage. In the end, Jack and Tony are able to apprehend her.

Mandy, who knows the location of Habib Marwan and a nuclear war head, is able to strike a deal despite new knowledge that she was behind the attempted assassination attempt on David Palmer in Day 2 and is pardoned all all her past and present crimes.

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