Lynn McGill

Lynn McGill
Lynn McGill on Day 5
Portrayed bySean Astin
First appearanceDay 5: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 5: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Lynn McGill was the Regional District Director for CTU: Los Angeles during Day 5.

[edit] Day 5

According to Spenser Wolff, Lynn McGill is known for firing a number of workers everywhere he goes and slowing down operations. President Logan, who was secretly working against CTU and Jack Bauer, took advantage of this fact and sent him to oversee CTU during the Day 5 crisis.

When Lynn arrived, Jack Bauer hadn't been relaying information to CTU from the hostage situation at Ontario Airport for twenty minutes. A tactical team was sent to the airport and were about to hit it. Lynn quickly annoyed Bill Buchanan in his place by asking him to call him Mr. McGill and taking over his office. He asked to see the playbook and transcripts of Jack Bauer's calls. Bill reluctantly agreed, believing that Lynn was wasting time. Lynn saved the lives of the tactical team and all the airport hostages when he realized that when Jack said, "I'm in a flank 2 position", he was sending a distress code that meant he was being forced to feed them false information.

Later, Lynn still doesn't quite believe that Jack is innocent for the assassination of David Palmer. He orders him to be brought into custody but comes to the ultimate conclusion that Jack is innocent.

While working at CTU, Lynn received a call from his sister Jenny who was asking for money. He left CTU for a brief moment to meet her. Lynn was mugged by his sister's boyfriend and they took his wallet that contained his security card to CTU.

While tracking the nerve gas, Jack Bauer was went undercover as one of Ivan Erwich's men. If he wanted to maintain his cover and find the rest of the nerve gas, he would have to help his fellow terrorist release a nerve gas canister into the Sunrise Shopping Mall. Audrey Raines protested Lynn's decision to allow the terrorist to release the nerve gas into the shopping mall even though Jack could stop them. Ultimately, President Logan gave Jack the final order to allow the nerve gas to be released. Jack disobeyed the order and CTU lost all its leads to the nerve gas.

President Logan blamed Lynn for this failure. Lynn took his anger out on Jack and ordered Curtis Manning to take him into custody. While Curtis was bringing Jack back into CTU, Audrey Raines received a call from James Nathanson, who ordered her to connect him to Jack. Audrey forwarded the call to Jack and he evaded Curtis.

At this point, Lynn begins to become very paranoid and suspicious of everyone. He takes Bill Buchanan into custody for circumventing his authority and begins monitoring all stations from his office. Audrey, with the help of Chloe O'Brian, works behind Lynn's back to keep CTU functioning. Chloe even forges an order from Lynn that releases intelligence that the Russian motorcade was about to be attacked by terrorists.

Lynn's paranoia is at its height when he tries to fire Carrie Bendis for working too slowly. A this point, Audrey convinces Curtis Manning to declare Article 112. Article 112 puts Curtis in power if he believes that Lynn is too incompetent to do his job properly. Lynn is taken into holding and Bill is released.

Lynn remains in holding and calls his sister Jenny to ask about his key card. Jenny's boyfriend decides to sell the key card to a terrorist. The terrorist kills Jenny and her boyfriend and head to CTU with a nerve gas canister. When Bill Buchanan tells Lynn about Jenny's professional murder, he believes that the key card may be used to access CTU. Bill Buchanan orders an evacuation and lock down but the nerve gas is still successful in killing 40% of CTU's staff.

Lynn survived the initial attack because his holding room was a secure area. He is trapped in the room with a security officer named Harry Swinton. Lynn tells Swinton that he was at fault for the nerve gas attack. The protective seals in the secure areas begin to break down. Lynn is the closest person to the ventilation restore console. Lynn and Harry agree that they will make the ultimate sacrifice to save the remaining survivors of CTU.

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