Larry Moss

Larry Moss
Larry Moss on Day 7
Portrayed byJeffrey Nordling
First appearanceDay 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM (as corpse)

Larry Moss was the Special Agent in Charge at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC during Day 7.

[edit] Day 7

Larry Moss is briefing a group of Agents at the FBI Office about the recent technology thefts that have taken place recently, and how they are most likely connected to the kidnapping of Michael Latham. He informs them that the men responsible might be trying to break into the CIP Firewall. Following the arrival of Jack Bauer, Larry offers to brief Jack on his involvement, but Renee Walker says she can handle him. Moss warns her about Jack's violent behavior and to be careful.

Larry meets Jack Bauer

Following the shooting at Gabriel Schector's place, Larry is informed by Janis Gold that Renee left the scene of the Columbia Building as it was being searched by SWAT for the sniper. He calls Renee on her phone and she tells him that her and Jack were following up on a lead they got from a serial number found on a gun at Schector's suite. Larry doesn't believe her, but Renee insists that she trust him. After ending the conversation, Larry has Janis track Renee using her phone. After finding out her location, Larry is aboard a helicopter that lands at the docks just as Renee and Jack capture Tony Almeida.

With Tony in custody back at FBI, Larry tells Renee to escort Jack out of the building following his out of line interrogation of Tony Almeida when Jack nearly choked him to death. After Jack helped Tony escape from the building en route to joining up with Emerson and his men, Renee interrogates Alan Tanner at the hospital in an effort to locate their group. This causes the Department of Justice to send a man down to FBI HQ since Renee broke the law and they need answers from Moss about the situation. He tells them that he is too busy to deal with the issue.

Following the capture of Renee at the hands of Jack, Tony, Emerson, and Litvak, Larry became rather emotional when thinking about her well-being. Janis was able to find a conversation between Emerson and Nichols, in which Nichols tells Emerson to kill Renee since she doesn't know anything. Even after hearing the recording, Larry kept out hope that she was alive. Eventually, Renee was able to contact Larry later after arriving at the White House with Jack and Bill Buchanan. She asks him if he can use his FBI status to get the phone records of Secret Service Agent Brian Gedge. Larry would agree to help, but only if he could meet Renee in person to know that she really is alright. After doing so, Moss handed the records over to Jack who was able to find a connection to Edward Vossler, another agent in the White House. Larry pleaded with Jack to try not and involve Renee in his dirty methods as they went their separate ways.

Larry speaks with Renee, learning she's alive

Larry would later receive a phone call from Renee, who informed him of Vossler's death after Jack stabbed him. She insisted it was self-defense, but Larry believed that to be a lie devised by Jack. He then becomes angry at Renee for holding Vossler's wife and son at gunpoint as a means of getting information. Later on, after Chloe O'Brian arrived at the FBI to assist in giving Jack and Renee satellite support, Larry showed her where she would be working from. He also asked how long Chloe and Jack had been friends, attempting to find out why Jack is the way he is, but Chloe would not answer. After receiving the data disc from Jack off of Ike Dubaku, Chloe realized that a mole in the agency was wiping out the information. The source was coming from the mainframe room as Larry took off with security.

Larry catches Sean trying to escape the building

After arriving at the mainframe room, Larry found Erika dead on the floor with Sean Hillinger holding his arm where he got shot. Sean told him that he caught Erika as she was sabotaging the servers and tried to stop her. Larry, in disbelief, tells Sean about the recent developments with Dubaku and insists that he go see a doctor after giving a statement about the shooting. Larry then gets a call from Chloe, who managed to save the data after it got erased from the crash. Moments later, Sean leaves and tells Larry he will go see the physician. Larry is able to find out through Dubaku's information that Sean is a mole, and he is stopped after trying to escape the building. Larry grabs Sean up against the wall, demanding to know what is going on. Sean insists on speaking to his lawyer, so Larry has the guards put Sean in a holding cell.

Afterwards, Larry received a phone call from Renee, informing him that Dubaku had died at the hospital. Believing it was murder, Renee planned on investigating the matter further. Later on, Larry would be told by Janis that Chloe had erased the name Ryan Burnett from the list found on Dubaku earlier. Further prodding by Janis revealed a taped conversation between Chloe and Jack, discussing the takedown of Burnett. This led to Moss having Chloe placed into custody for her actions.

Larry and Renee argue over a new lead

Renee called Larry and told him that she had tracked an orderly named Udo from the hospital to the docks, where Benjamin Juma was identified. She believed that they were planning an attack as many men were being assembled. Larry headed to Renee’s location via a helicopter with a handful of other agents. Upon arriving, Renee was nowhere to be found. While searching the area, Larry was able to save her from certain death at the hands of Laurent Dubaku, whom Larry shot dead. After being informed by Renee that Juma’s target was the White House, Larry called Bill Buchanan and informed him of the news. Moss and Renee then headed to the White House to set up perimeter around the building. They attempted to get clearance to move in on the building in a rescue attempt from Vice President Mitchell Hayworth, but their request was denied.

Following the explosion inside the White House caused by Bill, Larry and the other agents stormed inside. A shootout would ensue, but Juma and his men would eventually be stopped. Jack then approached Larry and told him of Juma having help from the outside, and that their only lead at the moment was Burnett. Larry told him that he would take care of it and then had Jack placed in custody. While in the process of transporting Jack back to FBI, Larry received a call from Ethan Kanin, who ordered the release of Jack. He wanted the questioning of Burnett to take place, but under the supervision of Moss. While leaving for the hospital aboard a helicopter, Larry got into a brief argument with Renee over recent events and ended up suspending her, ordering Renee back to the office.

At the hospital, Larry made sure that Jack knew he was not allowed to touch Burnett in any way. If he did, they would enter the room and place him back under arrest. While watching video feed of the room through a monitor, Larry and his men lost visual as the connection was interrupted. When it started working again, Burnett was dead. Larry broke down the door, but Jack had already escaped. Jack called Larry from outside the hospital and told him that he had been framed. Larry wanted Jack to bring himself in, but Jack said he had to follow a lead.

Larry confronts Renee about her communicating with Jack

After arriving back at FBI HQ, Larry told Renee what had happened with Jack at the hospital. Believing Renee was holding back information, Larry had Janis hack into Renee’s systems to see if she had communication with Jack. Uncovering an email sent to Jack, Larry had Renee placed into custody for her actions. However, Janis was unable to decrypt the email so they could get the information. Larry then summoned Morris O'Brian, who was there to see Chloe. Offering up Chloe’s freedom in exchange for his help, Morris agreed to help them. They would then find out that Jack was on his way to the residence of Senator Mayer.

Larry finds Senator Mayer dead

Larry and his team made their way to the house, but they were too late. Mayer was dead on the floor, and they believed it was Jack’s doing. However, pieces of evidence found here and there were leading Larry to believe that Jack may have been innocent all along. Calling Renee with his suspicions, Larry was told that Jack had uncovered information on a group called Starkwood. Soon afterward, Jack would call Larry, telling him that he recovered a bio-weapon from the terrorists. While in a helicopter heading towards Jack’s location, the weapon would be re-acquired by the group. Larry discovered a Starkwood military compound not too far from their location, and he believed they were headed there.

Larry returned to the FBI office so they could begin planning their next move. Larry apologized to Renee for the way he treated her, allowing her to help them once again on the investigation. Larry then received a call from Tony Almeida, who was inside the Starkwood compound following his capture. He told him that Greg Seaton, a man working alongside Jonas Hodges, was willing to give up the location of the bio-weapon in exchange for a pardon from the President. Larry called the White House and spoke to President Taylor, who agreed to sign off on the document. Receiving the location of the weapons warehouse, Larry assembled a team and made their way to the Starkwood compound aboard a helicopter. After landing and forcing two of the Starkwood guards to surrender, Larry made his way into the warehouse. However, the building was completely empty. Tony was angered by this, realizing he had been deceived by Seaton. Making their way back outside, Larry began planning a sweep of the complex when they became surrounded by Stokes and a number of other Starkwood soldiers.

Larry and his team are surrounded by Starkwood operatives

While Larry squabbled with the operatives, Jack and Renee were able to find the name of Doug Knowles from the earlier files at Mayer’s house. He was a Starkwood board member who was willing to help them try and stop Hodges by locating the weapons. Jack radioed Larry and told him that he needed to create a diversion so Tony could stay behind and remain at the compound. Larry then grabbed Seaton and punched him in the mouth, allowing Tony to hide away in the warehouse. Larry and his men the boarded their helicopters and took off.

Landing in a nearby field, Larry was told of a plan devised by Tony and Jack. Tony was to detonate C4 within the weapons bunker in an effort to destroy the canisters. Following the explosion, Larry and other agents would move in on Starkwood. After Tony’s plan was executed successfully, Larry made his way back into the facility. Arresting all the personnel they found, Larry thanked Tony for what he had done, but told him that he had to take him into custody. Larry then called Renee and told him of their success at Starkwood.

Larry is suffocated to death by Tony Almeida
Larry received a call from Agent Davis, one of the men securing the perimeter. He had captured a Starkwood operative named Galvez, who was in possession of a canister of the bio-weapon. Davis was suddenly knocked to the ground and killed the man. Galvez then took off in a nearby vehicle. Larry boarded the chopper with Tony and took off into the air. Back at FBI HQ, Janis was able to track the location of Galvez on the road using a GPS locator system. Galvez would pull off the road and take cover behind the vehicle as their helicopter landed nearby. Galvez shot the pilot as Tony and Larry jumped out and hid behind a dumpster. A brief shootout would ensue before Larry would be shot twice in the chest by a shotgun from Galvez. Tony hurried and knelt over the seriously wounded Larry, who tired to warn Tony of Galvez behind him. Tony then turned and ordered Galvez to stop, before saying “I’m sorry” to Larry and placing his hand over his mouth, suffocating him.

[edit] Appearances

Jeffrey Nordling was a series regular for Season 7 only, appearing in 19 episodes.

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