Kim Bauer

Kim Bauer
Kim Bauer on Day 7
Portrayed byElisha Cuthbert
Seasons1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Kim Bauer is the daughter of Jack and Teri Bauer. She was kidnapped during Day 1 as part of a terrorist attack. By Day 3, she was working for the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles, that's also where her relationship with Chase Edmunds started. When she was led to believe her father was killed, she became very depressed and Chase left her. During Day 5 she learned her father was alive, but could not forgive him for not telling her. She reunites with her father on Day 7.


[edit] Day 1

Kim Bauer is the daughter of Jack Bauer, a federal agent. We first see Kim at the beginning of Day 1. Jack has recently moved back into the house with Kim and his wife, Teri. Kim blamed the separation on her mother. After Kim tells her father goodnight, Jack and Teri discuss Kim and they believe they should have a talk with her. They go to her room and realize that she is missing.

Kim sneaked out of her house to meet with her friend, Janet York. Janet and Kim meet two older boys, Rick Allen and Dan Mounts. At first, Dan and Rick seem to just be looking for a good time. However, their real intention is to kidnap Janet and Kim. The friends eventually escape. Kim is about to escape but her already injured friend Janet is hit by a car and Kim goes back to Janet. Because of this, she is recaptured and Janet is left in the middle of the street.

The boys take Kim to a compound built by their employer, Ira Gaines. Kim is then joined by her mother. Ira Gaines is using the Jack's family to force him to do his dirty work. Kim and Teri are almost murdered execution style at the compound, but Ira changes his mind. While at the compound, a guard is about to rape Kim. Teri protects Kim by offering herself.

After Ira shoots Dan for failing to kill Janet and forces Rick to bury the body, Rick begins to grow skeptical of working for Ira Gaines. His feelings for Kim overcome him, and he starts to help Kim and Teri escape from the compound. Jack arrives at the compound, and with the help of Rick, saves Teri and Kim. Kim is devastated when Rick is injured and leaves the compound out of fear of being arrested.

After the kidnapping, Kim is taken to a safe house. She is accompanied by her mother and Nina Myers. During the debriefing, Kim and Teri are very hostile towards Nina. While at the safe house, Kim also learns that her mother is pregnant. After Nina leaves, the safe house is attacked and all of Kim and Teri's guards are killed. They escape in a car. When Teri gets out of the car to see how far she is from their attackers, the car falls down the side of a mountain. Kim jumps out of the car before it explodes. Teri begins to suffer from amnesia because of the sudden shock. Kim and Teri get separated.

Kim goes to Rick's house for help. She realizes she is not welcome and starts to leave but Dan's brother Frank forces her to stay for a drug deal. No one realizes that the drug deal is actually a drug raid and Kim is arrested. While in jail, Kim stands up for Dan's girlfriend even though she was very hostile toward herself. In return, she helps Kim convince the police she is telling the truth.

Kim eventually convinces the police detective that her father works for CTU and a transport is arranged. On their way to CTU, the police car is ambushed and Kim is kidnapped again. This time, she is kidnapped by the Drazen's. Jack agrees to take a cell phone to David Palmer in order to get his daughter back. While with David Palmer, he realizes the cell phone is a bomb and throws it out the window. He convinces David Palmer to fake his death so he can save his daughter from the Drazen's. On his way there, Nina Myers calls Jack and tells him that Kim was found dead in the harbor. In actuality, Kim escaped from the Drazen's and they have no more leverage against Jack. Nina Myers is a mole inside CTU and worked with the Drazen's in order to lure Jack back to the harbor. They know Jack will try and get his revenge.

Their plan backfired. Jack was so angry that he brutally killed the Drazen's and their henchman. After learning that Kim is alive, he rushes back to CTU in order to catch Nina Myers who is already escaping. Nina is captured and is reunited with Kim at CTU. Jack goes to find Kim's mom, but finds that she has been killed by Nina during her escape.

[edit] Day 2

During Day 2, we learn that Kim did not cope with Teri's death very well. She is now very distant from her father. Jack learns about the nuclear threat to Los Angeles and tells Kim to evacuate. However, Kim is caught up in a very dangerous subplot. She was working as a babysitter for the Matheson family when she learns that Gary Matheson is abusing his wife and daughter. During a bad episode where Megan hits her head off the bed, Kim escapes with Megan with the help of Carla. Kim wants to protect Megan not only from her father, but from the nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.

Gary stalks Kim through Los Angeles and has many close encounters with her and Megan. Kim believes the safest place will be CTU. However, after moments of being at CTU, a bomb explodes inside. Megan begins to have a seizure and is taken to the hospital. Gary, with the police on his side, find Kim at the hospital. Kim asks her boyfriend, Miguel, to help her save Megan from her father.

Miguel and Kim escape from the hospital in Gary's own car. They are eventually pulled over for speeding. The officer realizes that the vehicle is a stolen one. He also realizes that their is blood dripping from the trunk. The trunk is open we see Carla Matheson's dead body. Kim and Miguel are arrested.

Kim tried to convince the officer that her father was a CTU agent and that there is a nuclear threat in Los Angeles, but they don't believe her. They decide to transfer Miguel and Kim to another station. While in the police SUV, Miguel starts a fire and causes the transport vehicle to crash. Miguel was too injured by the crash to escape with Kim, but he convinces Kim to escape.

Kim is now wanted for murder and is escaping through the mountains of California. On her way, she gets caught in a cougar trap. A cougar comes very close to attacking Kim but she is saved by Lonnie McRae, a man who lives isolated in the woods. Lonnie, who is a very lonely man, takes Kim back to his house. After Kim tells Lonnie about the nuclear attack, Lonnie convinces her that it has gone off. He takes her to his fallout shelter underneath his house. Kim eventually realizes that Lonnie lied. Lonnie gives Kim a gun to protect herself from animals, and lets her leave.

Kim is picked up by a concerned motorist and asks if she can borrow her phone. While on the phone, Kim is connected to Jack. Jack tells her that he is flying a plane with the nuclear bomb into the desert and that they will never talk to each other again. Kim tearfully says goodbye to Jack and leaves the car. While walking she hears the nuclear bomb and sees it from a distance.

Kim stops at a convenience store and witnesses a robbery. A Middle Eastern looking man wants to honestly buy some items so he can flee Los Angeles with his wife. Now that a nuclear bomb has gone off, he fears that his family will be harmed because of his race. The convenience store worker refuses to sell to the man. The man becomes very angry. A scared Kim pulls her gun on the man and tells him to leave. In a struggle, Kim loses the gun and the man holds them up. The Middle Eastern man accidentally kills the store owner and becomes very emotional. The police arrive and try to convince him to let Kim go. When Kim escapes through the back door, the police enter the store and shoot the man.

Kim is taken back into custody but cleared of the murder charge. She also learns that Jack is alive. She calls Miguel but he decides that she doesn't want to be with her anymore. Kim doesn't understand and wants to come see him. Miguel refuses. After Kim gets off the phone, we realize that Miguel's legs were amputated after the car crash.

A police officer takes Kim back to the Matheson house in order to collect her things. While she is there, Gary Matheson attacks her. She calls Jack for help. Jack instructs Kim to shoot Gary twice.

Kim meets Kate Warner on her way to see her father and begins to suspect a relationship between Kate and Jack. She is reunited with Jack at the end of Day 2. She realizes that when she distanced himself from her father, he felt so empty that he was willing to commit suicide.

[edit] Day 3

During Day 3, Kim is now working at the Los Angeles CTU Domestic Unit. Jack placed her in this position to keep her protected. Although that is true, Kim was still a competent worker but was treated harshly by Chloe O'Brian and Adam Kaufman who believed otherwise.

While working at CTU, Kim became involved with Jack's partner Chase Edmunds. They kept the relationship a secret from Jack. Out of all the days to tell Jack about the relationship, they chose the day where Jack is launching a secret mission to get the Cordilla virus off the black market. Kim also learns that Chase has a daughter. Despite this riff, Kim was constantly worried about Jack and Chase all during Day 3.

The mastermind behind the Cordilla virus threat is Stephen Saunders. His daughter, Jane Saunders bares a remarkable resemblance to Kim. For this reason, Kim is taken into the field. She is made into a body double for Jane Saunders while the real one was being kidnapped to be used as leverage against Stephen. During this experience, Kim is almost captured, but holds her old against her attacker.

At the end of Day 3, Chase sacrifices his arm in order to stop the Cordilla virus from being released. All the events in Day 3 make Kim and Chase decide that it would be best if they moved away from CTU. Although Kim is not shown during Day 4, Jack tell us that she is raising Chase's daughter with Chase and that he is working as a security guard. Jack fakes his death to evade the Chinese during Day 4, and Kim is not told that is he is alive.

[edit] Day 5

During Day 5, Chloe tells Jack that Kim and Chase broke up because Kim was very depressed. She tells Jack that she started to see a therapist, Barry. The therapist also happens to be Kim's new older boyfriend. Kim and her boyfriend come to CTU during Day 5 where she meets Jack. Kim tells Jack that she is angry at him for not trusting her enough to tell him. She gives Jack a very hard time.

Unfortunately for Kim and Barry, CTU is attacked by nerve gas during their visit. They are placed in a locked down room. While Jack is trying to save CTU, Chloe tells Kim that everyone who knew Jack was either killed or attacked. She also tells Kim how Jack constantly asked Chloe to give him updates on her. Kim tells Jack that she can't be near him, because everytime she is, their is death and disaster. Kim and Barry leave CTU and get far away from Los Angeles.

At the end of Day 5, Jack is told that there is a call from Kim. The call was a a trap set up by Cheng Zhi. Jack takes the bait and is captured by the Chinese as we see him on a boat to Shanghai.

[edit] Day 7

Kim flies from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. to visit her father while he was involved in the Senate subcommittee hearings. But before she can get there, he is pulled out by FBI agent Renee Walker to assist in an investigation. She spent the rest of the day leaving messages to try and find him. When Renee finally received the messages, she set up a meeting for Kim and her father at the FBI. They both apologize for their past actions and reconcile their relationship. Kim tells her father that she's willing to go ahead with the experimental treatment to help him, but he refuses and tells her that there's a risk for her to do it. When Jack starts to feel symptoms again, he quietly tells her it's time for her to go. Kim hugs her father and tells him she loves him and then she leaves.

[edit] Appearances

Elisa Cuthbert was a series regular for the first three seasons, and was only absent from two episodes during Season 2. She was then a special guest star in Season 5, Season 7 and Season 8.

[edit] Trivia

  • It's been revealed that Kim was originally suppose to kill Nina Myers, but the writers felt it should be Jack that should shoot her.
  • Kim originally appeared in three episodes of Season 5, but her first scene was deleted. It featured Audrey Raines asking her over the phone to come to CTU.
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