Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll
Kevin Carroll on Day 1
Portrayed byRichard Burgi
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 1: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Kevin Carroll impersonated the deceased Alan York, whose daughter was Janet York, Kim Bauer's friend. It was part of a plan to capture Teri Bauer.

[edit] Day 1

We first see Kevin when he calls Teri Bauer. He pretends that he is very worried about his daughter and found out that his daughter is with Teri's daughter, Kim. Teri meets up with Kevin thinking he is actually Alan. Since Jack is working at CTU, Teri begins to form a bond with Alan who is the only there for her at a time of crisis.

They first go to the furniture store were Kim and Janet were supposed to meet some boys at. Contrary to Teri's belief, Kevin actually knows the boys because when he was a DEA he was able to recruit them himself. Teri is able to get information on the store's owner from Nina Myers in hopes that they will be able to learn more about one the boys the girls went to see, Dan Mounts. At first, Kim calls Teri and tells her that they are at a party. Later, after she has escaped, Kim tells Teri that she has been kidnapped and gives them a location.

Carroll (impersonating Alan York) with Teri Bauer at the hospital

On the way to the new location, Alan/Kevin is pulled over for speeding. After a lengthy encounter, the policeman confirms their story about their daughters and lets them go. When they arrive, they learn that a girl was hit by a car. A homeless woman tells them where the nearest hospital is. When they drive to the hospital, Alan is able to contact Ira Gaines to report that Janet is alive at the hospital. This indirectly leads to the death of Dan Mounts.

Eventually, Kevin kills Janet when she becomes stable. Jack, who at this point is being controlled by Ira Gaines, tells Teri to come with him to check out a house where Kim might be. While in the car, Teri receives a call from Nina Myers telling her to leave a message for Jack: the body found is that of Alan York. Teri is able to act like she is not worried. She asks Kevin to stop the car because she feels sick. She gets out and starts running. Kevin listens to a cell phone message. Although it's choppy, he can hear Ira telling him that Teri knows. Teri is able to subdue Kevin and tie him to a tree. Teri calls CTU and reaches Jamey Farrell. Unfortunately for Teri, Jamey is working for Ira Gaines. Men disguised as CTU agents come to Teri's location and capture her.

Carroll takes Jack to Gaines' compound

We later see Alan York come to meeting that is arranged with Ted Cofell, who is the accountant for the Drazen's. By this time, Cofell has already killed himself after refusing to take heart medication. Jack, disguised as the limo driver, locks the doors and greets "Alan". Kevin tries to shoot Jack but is unable to because of the bullet-proof glass between them. Jack starts driving wildly around the parking garage until Kevin is knocked out. He tells Kevin he will let him go if he leads him to Ira Gaines' compound. Kevin agrees and gets Jack into the compound where he knocks Kevin out again and duct tapes him inside the car.

Kevin is later found by another guard at the compound and is realized. At this point, Jack, his family, and Rick Allen are already escaping. Kevin helps in the shootout but eventually high tails it when he realizes it is no use.

He tries to meet with the rest of the crew to make an escape. He tries to tell Andre Drazen that he can fix the mess Ira made. Andre tells them they have moved on and Kevin is wounded by a bomb planted by Alexis Drazen. Alexis walks up to Kevin who tells him to get away from him. Alexis shoots him.

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