Josh Bauer

Josh Bauer
Josh Bauer on Day 6
Portrayed byEvan Ellingson
First appearanceDay 6: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 6: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Josh Bauer is the son of Graem Bauer and Marilyn Bauer, as well as the nephew of Jack Bauer.

[edit] Day 6

Josh first appears when his uncle Jack comes to their house looking for Graem, his father. After Graem's death, Josh and his mother are taken to CTU. When his mother has to aid Jack on a lead, his grandfather Phillip takes Josh away from CTU, citing psychological reasons. Phillip is able to convince Marilyn that CTU and everything else that has happened today frightens him, and he would like to take Josh somewhere he can be comfortable. Without Josh's knowledge, Phillip was using him as leverage against Josh's mother, Marilyn. When at the hotel, Josh overhears a telephone call Phillip is having and starts to get suspicious. When he tries to leave the room, Phillip threatens him.

Later, Jack manages to convince Phillip to later return Josh to Marilyn in exchange for himself. After Phillip disappears without killing Jack, Jack assures Josh that he will explain everything to him later.

Back at CTU, Josh is watching a television broadcast of the nuclear bomb explosion with his mother, and he feels a great deal of shame about what happened due to his father's involvement in the attacks. Despite the fact that nothing that happened was his fault, he felt a certain amount of guilt over the deaths of the people killed in the nuclear bomb. Josh said he feels like he did not want to be born and be a part of this family. Marilyn assures Josh that he should not feel that way, and he is not the person his father was.

Later when the Chinese invaded CTU; their mission was to capture Josh. Despite Jack's best efforts, Josh is eventually taken into the custody of the Chinese because the men threatened to shoot Marilyn. Apparently, Phillip wants the Chinese to deliver Josh to him, in exchange for fixing the component. Phillip plans to take Josh with him as he escapes to China, claiming that he wanted Josh to be his legacy.

When the Chinese are escaping with Josh, Jack manages to catch up to them before they could drive away by shooting one of the cars to prevent their escape. Cheng Zhi used Josh as a human shield, so Jack would not shoot at them. Eventually, Josh is able to get away from Cheng, and Jack along with CTU are able to kill most of Cheng's men. Jack is able to save Josh from Cheng, but Cheng manages to escape. This effectively broke Phillip's deal with the Chinese. Unfortunately, Phillip negotiates with the Vice President to exchange Josh for the component. Mike Doyle is able to separate Jack from Josh by making it seem like someone wanted to talk to him on the phone. While Jack was distracted, Doyle takes Josh into his custody, and he orders his troops to prevent Jack from following them.

Mike Doyle had plan to get both the subcurcuit board and Josh, but Phillip Bauer was able to make a copy of the subcurcuit board, so it would blow up in Doyle's face. While Doyle was injured, Phillip Bauer's men were able to kidnap Josh. Josh is taken to an off-shore oil rig to where his grandfather is hiding. Jack and Bill Buchanan take a helicopter to the rig because of a F-18 air strike ordered to take out the oil rig.

Josh repeatedly complains to his grandfather that he doesn't want to be with him, and during an evacuation of the oil platform, Josh hits Phillip on the head with a wrench, then takes his gun. He threatens to kill his grandfather, and ends up shooting him, though not mortally. Jack arrives just in time to prevent Josh from shooting Phillip again. Jack convinces Josh that killing Phillip would lead to guilt and complications, and emphasis that he knows how he feels. Jack is able to save Josh, and he, Bill, and Josh make it out of the rig safely. Jack purposely drops from the helicopter when it is close to shore. Despite Josh's protests, Bill tells Josh that Jack is not ready to come back with them, and he has something else to do. Josh is safely reunited with his mother at CTU at the end of Day 6.

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