Jonas Hodges

Jonas Hodges
Jonas Hodges on Day 7
Portrayed byJon Voight
First appearanceRedemption
Last appearanceDay 7: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

Jonas Hodges is an American businessman. He supplied General Benjamin Juma with weapons for his military coup in Sangala.

[edit] Redemption

Jonas Hodges had his business associate, Nichols, launder money to support General Benjamin Juma's coup in Sangala. Hodges spoke with Ike Dubaku and offered to send trained mercenaries to aid him, but Dubaku declined the offer. After his call with Dubaku, he told Nicols to erase all the evidence of the money laundering.

When Hodges discovered that one of Nichols' employees, Chris Whitley had copied the evidence, he had his mole inside the US government, Secret Service Agent Edward Vossler to take care of the situation. Vossler then sent two of his men, Halcott and Quinn to go Whitley's apartment to get the evidence and to find out what he knew. At the inauguration of Allison Taylor, Hodges told Vossler to have Whitley murdered and to keep an eye on Roger Taylor, who knew of Whitley's information. Whitley is murdered by Halcott and Quinn, and then is body was encased in cement

[edit] Day 7

Hodges speaks with Greg Seaton

Jonas Hodges received a call from Benjamin Juma following his takeover of the White House. Juma demanded assistance from Hodges in finding a way to force President Taylor out of the lockdown room she was secured in. Hodges wasn’t willing to assist, pointing out that he had already helped them get onto the premises and had even given Juma security codes to the room Taylor was in. Juma informed Hodges that the control panel for the lockdown room had been disabled. Juma then threatened to destroy a shipment that was arriving shortly for Hodges unless he helped him get to President Taylor. After consulting with his assistant Greg Seaton, Hodges decided to lend a hand to Juma. Using his resources, Hodges was able to figure out that the President’s daughter, Olivia, was still somewhere in the White House. Hodges believed Juma could use her as leverage against Taylor.

Following Juma’s demise and the successful recapture of the White House by the FBI, Hodges became upset over Juma’s failures. Knowing that their shipment would be arriving soon, Hodges instructed Seaton to get the weapons out to the teams as soon as he could. Afterwards, Hodges had a meeting with an associate of his in which they discussed possible targets along the eastern coast of the United States. The man told Hodges that the casualty numbers would be around 10,000 for each area. Hodges hoped that things would not have to come to that.

While Ryan Burnett recovered in the hospital following his ordeal at the White House, Seaton found out through a contact that Jack Bauer was on his way to interrogate Burnett for more information. Hodges knew that Burnett could give up their plan, but Seaton promised Hodges that he had already taken care of it. Seaton sent an operative named John Quinn to the hospital, where he was successful in killing Burnett and framing Jack for the murder. Quinn then called Seaton, informing him of the FBI pursuit of Jack from the hospital. Seaton began to worry that Bauer might be able to uncover their plan, but Hodges assured him that they could not be stopped at this point. Hodges then told Seaton that there would be lives lost if their plan was to succeed, but that it was necessary.

Hodges addresses his Starkwood associates

When his weapon shipment finally arrived at the Port, Hodges sent a team of his men to pick it up. Stokes, the leader of the small group, called Hodges and informed him that Quinn had not yet arrived. Hodges believed that Quinn had been killed by Bauer, but insisted on Quinn waiting five more minutes before proceeding. After the phone call, Hodges was told by Seaton that their colleagues were all situated in the conference room. Hodges then made his way into the Starkwood Board of Directors meeting. Giving a speech to the members, Hodges told them about how the United States had turned their back on Starkwood, one of the largest private military forces in the world. President Taylor had cancelled contracts between her Government and Starkwood, attempting to shut the group down. Doug Knowles, one of the Board members, believed that Hodges was acting out of line and that they should feel grateful for the opportunities given to them by the country. He did not want to risk Starkwood’s future. Following the meeting, Hodges and Knowles discussed the matter further outside the conference room. Knowles told him that Senator Mayer would do everything in his power to put an end to Starkwood. Hodges then informed him that Mayer had been murdered within the past hour. Knowles asked Hodges if he had anything to do with it, which Hodges took offense to. Hodges insisted that Starkwood was not into political assassination, but that it might be something for them to look into in the future.

After the biological weapon had been reacquired by Stokes and his men, Hodges ordered them back to the Starkwood facility. Upon their arrival, Hodges ordered some of the scientists to begin working on the weapon in preparation for future use. Tony Almeida, who had been captured at the Port, was taken inside the building for interrogation. However, Hodges knew that Almeida would never give up anything. As Stokes continued to hit Tony over and over again, Hodges offered him a deal. He promised to let Tony go if he told them what the FBI knew about their plans. Seaton requested to speak to Hodges privately. He believed that their operation was in jeopardy, and that they might be smart to pull out now before it all comes crumbling down. Hodges called Seaton out, insisting that he not speak out in that manner again. Hodges then ordered Tony to be taken away to a holding cell.

Hodges demands Agent Moss and his FBI team leave Starkwood
Hodges confronts Doug Knowles

Still unwilling to give up any information, Tony was about to be killed by Stokes when Seaton appeared from behind and shot Stokes in the back. He untied Tony and told him that they needed to put a stop to Hodges as he was out of control. After the two arrived at Seaton’s office, Hodges called Greg to find out how things were going with Tony. Seaton told him that Stokes was still interrogating him. Hodges ordered him to finish off Tony and get to his location immediately. Down in the laboratory, Hodges told his scientists to hurry since he knew the FBI was on their way. Soon afterwards, Hodges watched a security camera showing Larry Moss and other agents breaking into one of their empty warehouses. It was the location given to the FBI by Seaton, who had given them the incorrect building in an attempt to slow down their efforts. Stokes, who had faked his death earlier in front of Tony, was then ordered by Hodges to take other Starkwood operatives and surround the FBI teams in the compound. Later on, Hodges arrived at the standoff between the groups and told Moss to get his men off of the premises since there was no weapons of mass destruction at Starkwood. Moss then boarded a helicopter with the rest of his agents and took off.

After one of the Starkwood security patrolmen found Doug Knowles wandering around the complex, Hodges ordered that he be taken back to his office. Knowles told the man that he had just gotten out of a meeting, but Hodges knew that the meeting he was referring to had ended hours earlier. When he arrived at Knowles’ office, the two men began arguing over the events taking place. Knowles wanted to know if Hodges had biological weapons on the base, and pleaded with Hodges to not use them against innocent people within the country. Hodges believed that the Government was after him, and he was determined to fight back. Hodges commented on how he considered Knowles to be a son to him. He then grabbed a glass pitcher and smashed it against Doug’s head repeatedly. With Knowles reeling, Hodges grabbed his body and threw him over the railing to the floor below, killing him.

Hodges tells President Taylor to abort the air strike

Seaton called Hodges and told him that their radar system had picked up a number of incoming attack planes making their way towards Starkwood. When asked how many of the canisters were completed, Seaton told him that three were prepped for use. Hodges then had Seaton place a call to President Taylor at the White House. Hodges got on the phone with Taylor just as the canisters were being loaded into missiles. When Taylor asked what he wanted, Hodges replied by telling her that Starkwood had missiles loaded with a biological weapon that he had gotten his hands on during Starkwood’s assignment in Pakistan a couple of years ago. Taylor didn’t believe him, so Hodges showed her an image of the weapons in his base. He demanded that she call off the air strike, or else he would be force to fire the missiles. Hodges then insisted that the two of them have a sit-down meeting at the White House, which Taylor reluctantly agreed to.

Hodges took Seaton with him to the White House and they were soon in their meeting with President Taylor in the Oval Office. Hodges commented on how it was the first time he had been in the office since his many meetings with former President Noah Daniels. Taylor accused Hodges of working with Juma and for being responsible for the terrorist acts earlier in the day. Hodges pleaded innocence, claiming he had no alliance with Juma. Hodges then offered the President a new plan he had written up; one that would grant him power within her cabinet and would allow Starkwood to become the official military presence of the country. Taylor realized that under his guidelines, Hodges would have clearance that even the Vice President didn’t have access to. However, Hodges insisted that his demands were non negotiable. Suddenly, President Taylor was summoned out of the room by Tim Woods. He informed her that the biological weapons at Starkwood had been destroyed by Tony Almeida and the FBI.

Hodges is placed under arrest in the Oval Office

Back inside the Oval Office, Secret Service agents arrived and placed Seaton and Hodges under arrest. Baffled by what was happening, Hodges was told by Taylor about the destruction of his weapons. Enraged over these events, Hodges scolded Taylor for being a traitor, and then revealed to her that he was only a small part of a larger operation. He promised that she would soon find out what he meant by that. Later on, while sitting in his holding cell, Hodges would be visited by Cara Bowden, a woman impersonating his lawyer, Patricia Eames. Hodges saw right through her immediately. Cara told Hodges that she was there representing the group that had hired him and his company. She said her group was angry over Hodges using the weapon for his own personal use, but he claimed that he was doing it to save Starkwood, whom he believed was abandoned by her employers. Bowden then handed him a red pill, which would induce cardiac arrest within his body. She claimed that if he didn’t take the pill, his family’s safety would be at risk. After Bowden left the building, Secret Service began prepping Hodges for transfer to the FBI for interrogation.

While being led to the transport vehicle, Hodges noticed that the soldier accompanying him had a tattoo that showed he served in Pakistan. When asked if he had served with any Starkwood soldiers, the man insisted he had. The soldier said that the Starkwood men were well trained and effective. This made Hodges very happy, telling the soldier that he had made his day. During transit, Hodges contemplated all that had happened during the day before taking out the red bill and ingesting it. When the soldiers up front noticed Hodges going into cardiac arrest, they immediately rerouted the vehicle to the nearest hospital.

Hodges is interrogated by Jack Bauer at the FBI

Doctors at the hospital were able to save Hodges before the pill could do its job. Once he was stabilized, Hodges was transported to the FBI where he was placed in a bed in a wing of the medical area. Soon afterwards, Jack Bauer arrived at the building to question Hodges. After hearing of Hodges near suicide, Jack believed that Hodges was put up to it by the people he works for. Jack had a Witness Protection agreement put in place for Hodges, while records were also falsified to show that he died during transport to the hospital. This would give the impression to Hodges’ employers that he is dead, while also protecting his family. Upon entering the medical room, Jack offered the proposal to Hodges in exchange for the names of those he worked with. Hodges told Jack that he was only doing what was necessary to protect the country. He then went on to explain how the group he worked with had planned to use the biological pathogen a year from now, framing a terrorist group for the attack. This would allow Starkwood to come in and become the protective force that Hodges envisioned.

Hodges looks at photos of his family before taking into witness protection

Jack continued to ask Hodges for the names of the individuals in this group, but he didn’t know any. Jack then placed a phone call to the Washington Post, wanting to speak to a reporter about Hodges still being alive. This frightened Hodges, which led him to admitting to never having any face to face contact with the group. They only communicated through an intermediary. He told Jack that it was the woman who had met with him earlier in his holding cell. Believing him, Jack called Hodges a traitor and left the room. During this questioning, Olivia Taylor had learned of the witness protection agreement drawn up for Hodges. This outraged her, especially since Hodges was responsible for Roger’s death. She had an associate of hers, Martin Collier, arrange the assassination of Hodges through a contact.

The vehicle Hodges is in explodes into flames

While awaiting transport from FBI HQ, Hodges was met by US Marshall Sullivan. He was going to be the man responsible for Hodges as he made his way into witness protection. Sullivan gave Hodges his new name; Robert Tippet. Angered over how he his life’s work had come to an end, Hodges threw the files on his new identity across the room. Later, Hodges sat in a wheelchair as he looked at a photograph of his wife and daughter. Sullivan showed up to confiscate his belongings, including the photograph and his wallet. As Sullivan wheeled him outside, Hodges promised him that he wasn’t going to remain Robert Tippet forever, and that he’d get his true identity back.

Hodges was loaded into a van as Sullivan took care of signing off on discharge papers with an FBI agent. While in the vehicle, Hodges pulled out another photograph of his family that he had hidden away. While Hodges looked at the image, the van he sat in exploded in a burst of flames.

[edit] Trivia

  • Jon Voight is one of two actors to receive the "Special Guest Appearance by" credit. The other is Dennis Haysbert, who received this credit during his appearances in Season 4 and Season 5.
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