John Smith

John Smith
John Smith on Day 7
Portrayed byRyan Cutrona
Seasons6, 7
First appearanceDay 6: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Admiral John Smith is the Chief of Naval Operations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He served under President Wayne Palmer on Day 6 and President Allison Taylor on Day 7.

[edit] Day 6

After the detonation of a suitcase nuke in Valencia, California, Admiral Smith proposed a plan to retaliate immediately to key targets in the Middle East. President Wayne Palmer declared that no military action would take place without strategic planning.

Admiral Smith calls for the nuclear strike to be initiated

When Vice President Noah Daniels took over office after the attempted assassination of President Palmer, Daniels ordered a strike against the country of Abu Fayed. Minutes before the execution of the nuclear strike, President Palmer ordered for them to stand down, as he was awoken from his coma. After Palmer demanded for no action to take place, Daniels evoked the 25th Amendment due to him believing Palmer was not fit to be in office.

After the cabinet meeting, it was decided that Wayne Palmer would stay in office as President. When he gained full power back, he went ahead with the nuclear strike, shocking his administration with the decision. When the government of Fayed's country learned off the strike against their country, its Ambassador to the United States called President Palmer to reveal information that they hadn't revealed earlier. With this new information, he called off the strike. It was later revealed that Palmer wanted to bluff Fayed's country, to get all the information they needed to stop the attacks.

[edit] Day 7

In the beginning of Day 7, in a cabinet meeting with President Taylor, Admiral Smith explained a plan for an air strike and invasion of Sangala, that would remove General Benjamin Juma from power. All he needed was a confirmation from the President.

In a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to discuss the threat of the bioweapon acquired by Starkwood, he agreed with the decision of not invading the Starkwood compound, which could result in the weapon being used on American soil.

After Tony Almeida infiltrated the Starkwood compound to try and identify the bioweapon, Admiral Smith started to prepare for an air strike. Before the air strike, Jonas Hodges contacted President Taylor in the middle of the meeting and threatened to use the weapon if she didn't call of the strike and meet with him within an hour. Taylor then rushed back into the room, and ordered Smith for the strike to be called off. She then walked out of the room without an explanation.

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