John Keeler

[edit] Day 3

Republican Senator John Keeler ran against David Palmer in his bid for re-election. Keeler attempted to use "suspicious" information regarding Palmer's love interest, Anne Packard, against him, but Palmer knew of this attempt and stopped it. It was not until Sherry Palmer gave Keeler info implicating David Palmer in Alan Milliken's death, and later on when Sherry was shot and killed, did Palmer drop out of the race.

[edit] Day 4

In Day 4, President John Keeler was aboard Air Force One when it was attacked and shot down by one of Habib Marwan's men named Mitch Anderson. His son died in the crash, and Keeler suffered severe injuries. The 25th Amendment was invoked and Charles Logan sworn in as President.

It is unknown whether Keeler survived after being in critical condition.

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