Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens
Joe Stevens on Day 7
Portrayed byMark Derwin
First appearanceDay 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Joe Stevens served as the Secretary of State under President Taylor during Day 7.

[edit] Day 7

While sitting in during a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Stevens expressed his displeasure with involving American troops in the conflict in Sangala. President Taylor insisted that Stevens needed to be completely behind her, or else she would find a new Secretary of State. Taylor then told Stevens to finish his post-invasion report while she left the room to speak with Ethan Kanin.

While presenting his report, Stevens brought up whether or not US forces should step in after the capture of Benjamin Juma and sentence him to death without a trial. President Taylor believed that law and order needed to be maintained in Sangala, and she promised to speak with Ule Matobo about making Juma is treated fairly in a court of justice. After the meeting, Taylor apologized to Stevens for berating him earlier about his opposition to her plan. Stevens promised that he would be behind her.

Stevens would also be the one to provide President Taylor with a recording of Ike Dubaku. On it, Dubaku threatens to kill American people unless the United States pulls its troops from Sangala. Stevens provided that the voice was an 89% match of Dubaku. Later on, after Dubaku crashed the two planes into each other above the White House, Stevens resigned from his position as the casualties were too much for him to get through.

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