Jibraan Al-Zarian

Jibraan Al-Zarian
Jibraan Al-Zarian on Day 7
Portrayed byOmid Abtahi
First appearanceDay 7: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Jibraan Al-Zarian was a Muslim living in Washington D.C. during the events of Day 7. He has a younger brother named Hamid Al-Zarian.

[edit] Day 7

Jibraan was targeted as the potential fall-guy for a terrorist attack being devised by Cara Bowden and the group she works for, which includes Alan Wilson as one of its members. The plan revolved around setting off the bio weapon canister in a heavily populated area, and with Jibraan being the suspected attacker, Muslim extremists would fall under heavy fire. To make Jibraan look more suspicious, Bowden created large money transfers into an account under his name, while also linking terrorist websites and propaganda to his personal records. Even though Jibraan has no terrorist ties, Bowden believed him to be a good pawn since he would be easier to control.

After being unable to sleep, Jibraan began cooking breakfast for his younger brother as he watched a news report on television. It detailed the traumatizing events in the city from earlier in the day. Hamid then awoke and was told by Jibraan to head straight home after work. When asked why, Jibraan said that it wasn’t a good day to be a Muslim in D.C. A little later, while Jibraan and Hamid prepared to head out for work, the lights in their apartment cut out. Jibraan went to check the circuit breaker, and when he returned, he found Hamid being held hostage. Tony Almeida then appeared and held Jibraan at gunpoint.

Jibraan practices the speech he is forced to recite

With Hamid tied up, Jibraan was forced to recite a pre-written speech on camera. It revolved around striking back against the United States for sins the country had committed. Tony and his men also covered the apartment in Muslim flags, while also storing guns and other weapons in drawers. Jibraan knew he was being set up, but could do nothing about it with Hamid’s life at stake. During the speech, police arrived at the apartment. Tony had Jibraan answered the door, and the police told him that neighbors heard yelling from his apartment. Jibraan explained that it was just some drunken friends, but they had since departed. After the police left, Jibraan finished the recording for Tony.

Jibraan tells his brother he's a "terrorist"

Following the completion of the video, Tony told Jibraan that he needed to convince his brother he was a terrorist. This would cause the police to suspect Jibraan after they questioned Hamid on what happened. Jibraan approached his brother and told him that Tony and the others were his friends. He also went on about the United States being responsible for their parent’s death, and needing to get revenge against the Government. Hamid became very upset over his brother’s words and spat in his face before Jibraan left the building with Tony.

Forced into a van, Jibraan was given an earpiece that would allow Tony to track his location, while also giving them the ability to communicate with each other. Tony told Jibraan that he was to board the redline train and make his way to the Washington Central Station. When Jibraan asked what he was being forced to do, Tony did not speak on the matter, only reminding Jibraan that his brother’s life was at stake. After their conversation, Jibraan got out of the van and headed down into the subway system.

Jibraan finds the bio-weapon canister

Down underground, Jibraan approached the ticket booth. He had removed his earpiece and was speaking quietly to the woman behind the counter. He told her terrorists were forcing him onto a train, and that she needed to call the police. She summoned over an officer, who pulled Jibraan aside. Jibraan attempted to explain the situation, but the officer cut him off and instructed Jibraan to put the earpiece back in. Realizing he was speaking to one of Tony’s men, Jibraan did as he asked. With communication restored, Tony told Jibraan that he understood he needed to try something, but that he shouldn’t do it again. Jibraan then continued on past the officer towards the train.

Jibraan is thanked by Jack Bauer for his help

While sitting on the train, Jibraan noticed a woman getting off at the next stop that looked very familiar to the one accompanying Tony earlier. Later on, just before arriving at Washington Station, Jibraan was contacted by Jack Bauer through his earpiece. Jack told him that Hamid was safe, and that he was being set-up for a terrorist attack. Jack believed that he had a package with him, but Jibraan said he did not. This led Jack to instructing Jibraan to search the train after all the passengers got off the train at the next stop. After waiting patiently for everyone to depart, Jibraan searched through the car and found a duffle bag under a seat. Jibraan looked inside and found the canister, with the timer just over one minute. Jack told him to make his way outside as quickly as possible.

After rushing up the escalator, Jibraan was stopped by a guard. Knowing he had little time to waste, Jibraan pulled the canister out from the bag and yelled that he had a bomb. With people running all around him, Jibraan finally got out of the subway. He was stopped by Jack, who had just arrived on the scene with Renee Walker. Jack took the canister and ran into a hazmat vehicle where he successfully stored the device in a containment unit just as it went off.

Following the traumatic event, Jibraan gave a statement to an FBI Agent on the events he just went through. He also identified Cara Bowden as the woman on the train earlier. Later on, Jibraan was reunited with his brother, Hamid, along with Muhtadi Gohar, his spiritual advisor.

[edit] Trivia

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