Janet York

Janet York
Janet York on Day 1
Portrayed byJacqui Maxwell
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 1: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Janet York was the friend of Kim Bauer. She was kidnapped during the events of Day 1.

[edit] Day 1

Janet and Kim meet up with Dan and Rick at a furniture store to party. Janet is slipped Rohypnol by Dan, and they soon have sex. After done partying at the store, they plan on going to another party. When Kim tells them she needs to go home, Dan offers to drive her home. But, when Dan passes the turn-off, Kim starts to get worried about what's going on. At this time, Janet is feeling the effects of the Rohypnol and is unaware of what's happening.

When Dan and Rick pull over to get Kim to call her mother to tell her everything is okay, she protests, Dan then breaks Janet's arm with a crowbar. Kim then calls her mother. Kim pleads to Rick to help Janet with the pain, he grabs some heroine from Dan's stash and injects it into Janet's arm to ease the pain. After when Dan and Rick talking, Kim finds the chance to escape with Janet after telling her what is actually going on and that they're in danger. At the right moment, Kim and Janet are able to escape.

Eventually Janet and Kim are able to get help and use a phone. Kim phones her mom telling her and they're in trouble and where they are. Soon afterward, Dan and Rick catch up to them, and in the process, Janet is hit by a car and Kim is recaptured. Dan and Rick leave Janet thinking she was killed. When Kim yells at Dan that they have to go back to pick her up because she might still be alive. Dan then realizes he should go back to make sure she's dead. Both Kim and Rick argue with Dan. They drive back to the area where Janet is, and when Dan is about to shoot Janet, an ambulance appears, so Dan drives off. Dan is later killed by Ira Gaines because he lied to Gaines about Janet being dead.

Janet is brought to the hospital for surgery. Kim's mother Teri and Janet's father Alan arrive at the hospital and observe Janet in surgery. After Janet is out of surgery, Alan goes to check on her. It's then revealed that he is actually not her father, but an impostor that murdered the real Alan York. He then goes to cut off Janet's air supply and she suffocates to death.

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