Jamey Farrell

Jamey Farrell
Jamey Farrell on Day 1
Portrayed byKarina Arroyave
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 1: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM (as dead body)

Jamey Farrell was a programmer at the Los Angeles CTU Domestic Unit during Day 1.

[edit] Background

Before working at CTU, Farrell worked as a staff hacker at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab and Microsoft. Richard Walsh was a huge influence on Farrell. He held counseling sessions for gifted teens in the inter-city area. He helped her get into college at the age of sixteen.

[edit] Day 1

Jamey being questioned about the whereabouts of Jack

Jamey gets called into CTU around midnight when they learn of a threat on Senator David Palmer.

Before Richard Walsh is killed, he gives a key card to Jack to find out who the mole is in CTU. Jack sends the card to Jamey, and it's revealed to be Nina Myers. Nina eventually proves this to be false.

Jamey is revealed a mole when she gives the location of Teri Bauer so she can be kidnapped.

Eventually, Nina Myers and Tony Almeida discover Jamey as the mole. They take her to a room where all the cameras are dead to interrogate her. She tells them that she was given $300,000 by Ira Gaines and that she needed the money to support her son.

Nina and Tony use her son as a bargaining chip. They will let her go if she gives them all the information she can. Later, Nina and Tony find Jamey dead from an apparent suicide. We learn at the end of Day 1 that she was actually murdered by Nina Myers. Nina did not know how much Jamey knew about the plot to kill Senator David Palmer and did not want the fact that she was a mole revealed.

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