James Nathanson

[edit] Day 5

James Nathanson is an ex-CIA agent who is a low ranking member of the plot to detonate Sentox gas while it is in the hands of Russians. He works behind the scenes with a headset and various television monitors. He seems to have knowledge of Walt Cummings' role and there is a hint he does not know about President Logan. He controls most of the events in the early part of Day 5, including sending assassins to kill the people who know that Jack Bauer is alive. He also was helping the terrorist buy time at the Ontario International Airport hostage situation.

Eventually the terrorist become aware of the plot against them. Nathanson and Cummings are under fire while Charles Logan, Graem, and Christopher Henderson are protected. Cummings hangs himself, but is in actuality was murdered. Nathanson, fearing for his life, tried to strike a deal with CTU. Before he could tell too much information to Jack, he is murdered by Vladimir Bierko who considers him a traitor. Nathanson is able to tell him there are others in on the plot and also gives him a computer chip that eventually leads Jack to the canisters and Christopher Henderson.

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