Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer on Day 8
Portrayed byKiefer Sutherland
Seasons1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
First appearanceDay 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Jack Bauer was a federal agent who worked for the American government who was responsible from stopping terrorist attacks against the United States. He worked for the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles, as well as the Department of Defense.

By Day 4, Jack met Audrey Raines and began his first relationship since the death of his wife on Day 1.

Jack was forced to fake his death at the end of Day 4 to prevent being captured by the Chinese. But at end the end of Day 5, he was captured and spent 20 months in a Chinese prison. He was finally released on Day 6 as part of a deal to prevent more terrorist attacks in the United States.

Jack's relationship with his daughter, Kim is currently broken as she was led to believe he was killed and later learned he was still alive.


[edit] Background

Jack Bauer graduated from the UC Berkeley with a Master's Degree in Criminology and Law. He got his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from CMU. Before joining CTU, Bauer was a member of the Los Angeles SWAT Team and was in the United State's Army Delta Force. He also did some field work for the CIA.

[edit] Day 1

We first meet Jack Bauer at the beginning of Day 1 at midnight. After being separated for some time, Jack is back together with his wife Teri and his daughter Kim. After his daughter goes to bed, Teri and Jack go in to check on her and realize she is missing. They assume she ran off to be with some friends. It is at this moment that Jack is called into CTU: Los Angeles by CTU's second-in-command Nina Myers. We quickly learn that Jack and Nina were romantically involved while he was separated from Teri. Jack learns that there is going to be an attempt on Senator David Palmer's life and it is up to CTU to protect him. Richard Walsh tells Jack Bauer there is a mole within CTU and that until the crisis is over he should trust no one.

When Richard Walsh in under attack from men after he receives a key card containing information about the mole inside CTU, he contacts Jack. Jack arrives at the scene and aids Walsh out of the building, but Walsh is hit by a sniper. Walsh gives Jack the key card and tells him he can trust Jamey Farrell with the information. Jack drives off and calls Jamey. She reveals to Jack that the key card belongs to Nina Myers. When Jack arrives back at CTU, he confronts Nina, but she denies the accusations. Jack and Nina find out that that files were made when they away together when Jack was separated from his wife. Nina is outraged at Jack for believing she can be a traitor.

When Jack gets the information off the key card, he follows the lead to an address. When Jack gets to the location, he sees the man, but he starts to run and fires shots. An officer nearby hears the shots and goes to the scene. The officer agrees to help Jack find and arrest the man. Eventually the man is able to grab and take the officer hostage. He demands for Jack to drop is weapon, he does so but is able to retrain the man. As other officers arrive on the scene, it's quickly revealed that the officer was shot. Jack demands to speak to the man, but the other officers are hesitant because he just killed an officer. Jack is eventually granted a small time to speak with him. The perp reveals to Jack that he knows about is daughter and demands Jack to get him out of custody.

Jack arrives at the police station, and eventually is able to break the perp out. Jack takes him to a payphone where he's suppose to get a call. The phone rings, it's actually a cellphone taped to the bottom of the payphone. It's Ira Gaines on the phone and tells him to dump a body that is a trunk of a car. Jack gets worried thinking that it's his daughter. They go to the car and open the trunk, Jack's relieved that it's not Kim. Soon afterward, George Mason and other CTU agents arrive at the scene since they've been following Jack ever since he broke the perp out. Mason demands Jack to know what's going on. Jack explains everything and Mason agrees to go along with him. They take the body back to CTU for identification.

After he arrives at CTU to drop of the body, he takes a helicopter to go to the hospital where his wife is since Kim's friend Janet York was hit by a car and in surgery. Jack talks with Teri about what is happening and reveals that their daughter is missing because of his involvement in stopping the assassination of Senator Palmer. Jack soon gets a call from Ira Gaines, he tells him he can see him through the security cameras. He instructs Jack to go down to the parking garage and to get into a car to drive back to CTU. Teri wonders where Jack went when he told her that he just had bad reception on the phone.

When Jack arrives at CTU, Gaines instructs Jack to switch the key card that Walsh gave him. Nina approaches Jack telling him they've identified the body, and that it's Alan York. Jack is furious with Gaines since he now knows the man with his wife is not Alan York. When Nina is coming up to Jack's office, he tries to warn her by writing something down, but Gaines sees Jack through the security cameras in CTU and demands he tear it up or he'll kill Kim. Jack shreds the note. Gaines now tells Jack to switch the key card that Milo Pressman is working on. Jack is able to distract Milo and switch the cards. Nina starts to get suspicious of Jack's behavior when Milo believes Jack switched the cars. When Gaines sees what is going on, he tells Jack to get her out of there. Jack pulls a gun on Nina and takes her out of CTU. Gaines instructs Jack as to where to take her. They arrive at an oil rig and he tells Jack to shoot her. Jack refuses, but Gaines reminds Jack he'll Kim if he doesn't. Jack tells Nina to get out of the car and he shoots her and she rolls down the side of the hill. Unaware to Gaines, Nina is actually alive as Jack put a flak jacket on her before they left CTU.

Jack is given a briefcase by one of Gaines' men is and Gaines instructs Jack to go to the location where Senator Palmer will be giving a speech. By this time, Jack's wife Teri has also been kidnapped and he threatens to kill them both is Jack doesn't do what he says. Jack arrives at the location and is able to get through security without suspicion. Gaines tells Jack to a restricted area to meet with Jonathan Matijevich, the man who will kill Palmer. Inside Jack's briefcase was a gun hidden under the laptop. He tells Jack to assemble it. As the assassin is ready to kill Palmer, Jack intervenes and grabs the gun of a Secret Service Agent to cause havoc to Palmer would be taken out of the building. He successfully stops the assassination and pleads with Gaines to not kill his family. Jack is then taken into custody.

Jack is eventually able to escape from custody. Jack calls Nina and asks her to help him get around the police roadblocks. Jack is then informed on a lead, a man named Ted Cofell, an investment broker. Jack goes to his office, but finds out Cofell will be leaving soon. He races down to the parking garage and tells Cofell's limo driver he's a federal agent and Jack is able to drive the limo. Cofell starts to get suspicious and realizes it's a different man driving the limo. Jack starts to interrogate Cofell about what he knows, but he doesn't give up anything. Jack then starts to talk about he'll torture him. Cofell gives up the name of Kevin Carroll, a man he's suppose to met in a parking garage. Jack then drives to location where he'll meet Carroll. When they arrive, Cofell pulls a knife on Jack, but Jack breaks his wrist and then punches him. Cofell starts to hyperventilate as Cofell has a heart problem. Jack tries to give him the medicine, but he refuses and eventually dies. Since Carroll is about to arrive soon, Jack makes Cofell like he looks alive. Carroll arrives and Jack realizes that it's Alan York. He slowly enters the limo and realizes Cofell is dead and that it's Jack. Jack locks the doors and starts to swerve the limo all around until Carroll goes flying forward into the window. After he regains consciousness, they make a deal. Carroll will Jack to his family and Jack will let him go free. Carroll gives instructions as to where they are and they start driving. After the arrive at the compound, Jack asks how many men are on site and where his family is located. Once he gets the information, he knocks him out and ties him up. Jack soon reunites with his family, they hug and are relieved. They eventually are all able to escape from the compound with the help of Rick Allen. Jack, along with his wife Teri and daughter Kim fly in a chopper back to CTU.

The kidnapping was actually orchestrated by the Drazen family Jack had headed Operation: Nightfall, a mission that he believed killed Victor Drazen. The plan was not to kill Drazen, but to capture him. The Drazen family is now out to get revenge on the man who ordered the mission (David Palmer) and the man who led it. The Drazen's raid the safe house where Kim and Teri are staying. They manage to escape but when the car rolls down the hill and appears to kill Kim, Teri goes into shock and suffers from amnesia. She doesn't know that Kim survived. Kim manages to get kidnapped yet again while Teri recovers and is taken back to CTU.

The Drazen's threaten to kill Kim unless they can talk to David Palmer. They give Jack a special cell phone. Moments before David Palmer uses the phone, Jack throws it out the window and it explodes. He realized it was trap. He convinces Palmer to fake his death. Jack then goes to rescue Kim. Before he reaches her, he receives a call from Nina Myers who tells him that the Coast Guard found Kim's dead body. In a fit of rage, Jack kills the Drazen's. He then realizes that Nina lied to him and Kim is alive and well. He realizes that she is the mole and makes his way back to CTU and stops Nina from escaping. However, he was too late to save his wife Teri from being murdered by Nina.

[edit] Day 2

Jack is so distraught over his wife's death that he goes into inactive duty. Eighteen months later, David Palmer talks Bauer into helping CTU find a nuclear bomb that is threatening Los Angeles. With the help of a business man's daughter, Kate Warner, he tracks down the nuclear bomb. On his path to the bomb, Jack encounters Nina Myers. Although he would like nothing better than to see her dead, he allows he to live so they can locate the bomb. Nina strikes a deal with the President. She will be released from prison if she helps them. Jack eventually does find the bomb. However, the bomb will be detonated no matter what. Jack volunteers to fly a plane with the nuclear bomb over a remote area so the blast will kill no one. George Mason, the Special Agent in Charge of CTU: LA who was diagnosed with the nuclear poisoning convinces Jack to escape the plane.

Jack then receives evidence known as the Cypress recording that shows the nuclear bombing might have been a ploy to launch the United States into war. No one believes that Jack is correct, however. The government wants to immediately strike back but David Palmer tries to stop them for Jack. This leads to Palmer's temporary impeachment. However, Jack does gain the trust of Michelle Dessler and eventually Tony Almeida who give him resources to locate evidence that proves the Cypress recording is genuine. He encounters David Palmer's ex-wife Sherry Palmer who helps him bring down the businessman who wanted to start war to increase his oil profits.

[edit] Day 3

Three years later, Jack Bauer is now Director of Field Operations at CTU. His partner is his daughter's boyfriend, Chase Edmunds. During these three years, Jack was apart of a sting operation to bring down Ramon Salazar. Unfortunately, he was forced to develop an addiction to heroin. He learns of threat known as the Cordilla virus. He breaks Salazar out of his prison and helps to return him to his brother Hector Salazar. He tells the brothers that he is fed up with CTU and wants to hit a big score so he can retire. The score is the Cordilla virus. In actuality, Jack is hoping to contain the Cordilla virus. However, he is able to convince the Salazar's that his story is genuine and they go to buy thy virus from Michael Amador. When they go to buy the virus, Amador informs them of a second party interested in the virus. It is none other than Nina Myers. He tells them that an auction will be held. Nina wins the auction. Jack and the Salazar's capture Nina to force her to give them the virus. In the end, Nina, Jack and Ramon realize that Amador had played them all along. The Cordilla virus he gave to Nina was actually an explosive. He was not planning to give up the virus at all.

During his sting operation, he promised Claudia that he would save her from the Salazar's. When Jack returns, she is apprehensive in helping him. She slowly regains his trust and helps him rescue Chase Edmunds. Unfortunately, she dies in an escape attempt.

Jack goes back to Los Angeles and takes Nina with him in hopes that she will give them some information about Michael Amador. While CTU is interrogating Nina, she manages to escape. Kim catches up to Nina. Just before Nina shoots Kim, Jack shoots Nina. He tells her she doesn't have any more useful information. Nina says that she does as she reaches for her gun. Jack shoots her three times.

Jack eventually locates Amador and finds out that the head of the operation is a man named Stephen Saunders This man is taking revenge against the United States because they left him for dead during Operation: Nightfall. Jack locates Saunder's daughter and threatens to put her inside a hotel where the Cordilla virus is located unless he gives up the location of other virus dispensers in the United States. He agrees to save his daughter's life. Saunders is able to shut down all but one virus dispenser. This virus dispenser is in Los Angeles. Jack tracks down the virus dispenser in an elementary school. In order to stop the virus from being released, Chase Edmunds had to handcuff it to his arm. To stop the virus from being released, Jack amputates Chase's arm and puts the dispenser in a refrigerator. The threat is over and Jack is overwhelmed. Jack hardly ever shows any type of emotion. At the end of Day 3, we leave Jack weeping in his car.

[edit] Day 4 Prequel

Three months after Day 3, the new Special Agent in Charge of CTU: Los Angeles, Erin Driscoll fires Jack due to his heroin addiction. She sees this as a major weakness. He gets a job at the Department of Defense, working for Secretary of Defense James Heller. This is where he meets Heller's daughter, Audrey Raines and becomes romantically involved with her.

[edit] Day 4

At the beginning of Day 4, Jack is no longer working for CTU. He was fired by Erin Driscoll the new Special Agent in Charge of CTU because of his heroin addiction. He now works as a Special Assistant to Secretary of Defense James Heller. As a result of his new job, he became romantically involved with Audrey Raines. Jack is pushed back into CTU work when James Heller and Audrey are kidnapped by terrorists. He rescues them but realizes the kidnapping was just part of a huge plot for massive attacks on the United States. During Day 4, Jack does whatever it takes to capture the master mind of the attacks, Habib Marwan. Audrey beings to realize that Jack is ruthless in his tactics. To help Marwan, Jack undergoes a covert mission to retrieve someone from the Chinese Embassy. Although he successfully retrieves the target, a diplomat of the Embassy is killed and the Chinese begin to investigate CTU. While the target is at CTU, Jack is forced to threaten the doctors to stop helping Audrey's ex-husband, Paul Raines and to start helping the injured target. Paul Raines dies and Audrey is disgusted with Jack.

Later, the Chinese find proof that Jack Bauer headed the operation that killed one of their diplomats. David Palmer informs Jack of a plan set forth by Walt Cummings to eliminate Jack Bauer so any problems with China will cease to exist. With the help of Michelle Dessler, Tony Almeida, and Chloe O'Brian, Jack fakes his death.

[edit] Day 5 Prequel

Twelve months after Day 5 when Jack faked his death, he meets with Chloe O'Brian in Chicago. She reveals to him how his daughter Kim took the news of his death. She also reveals that someone hacked into her hard drive and found out that he is still alive. After she leaves, he goes back into his car. He begins being pursued by a man on a motorcycle and in a car. He is eventually able to lose them.

[edit] Day 5

At the beginning of Day 5, Jack is living in a different part of California under the name Frank Flynn. He is living in apartment building ran by his new love interest, Diane Huxley. Jack gets a disturbing call from Chloe O'Brian. She tells him that Michelle Dessler and David Palmer have been killed and that Tony Almeida is severely injured. Everyone that knows that Jack is alive is being killed. Jack infiltrates an area with a helicopter to help save Chloe. However, he is followed by Diane's protective son, Derek. He rescues Chloe and finds David Palmer's assassin and eliminates him.

Jack finds out that he was part of a plan to assassinate David Palmer in order to keep him quiet about an upcoming plan to smuggle nerve gas to Russia. This plan was put forth by Walt Cummings and Ian Matheson, or so Jack thinks. The plan has backfired, and now Russia is trying to use the nerve gas on America.

Jack has reason to believe that his former mentor who he turned in for being dirty, Christopher Henderson is involved in the plot to use the nerve gas. He captures Henderson and tries to extract information from him but then there is a nerve gas attack on CTU: Los Angeles. While CTU is recovering, Henderson escapes after he kills Jack's long time friend, Tony Almeida. Tony was trying to avenge the death of his wife, Michelle.

Jack finally locates the nerve gas, but the threat is far from over. He receives information from a White House worker, Evelyn Martin that President Charles Logan is the man behind all of the events that occurred in Day 5. Jack locates evidence that implicates Logan. Logan sends all his resources out to get Jack who is now a fugitive. Chloe O'Brian and Audrey Raines are doing their best to help Jack.

Jack has to chase down Evelyn's recording. He eventually gets his hands on it and calls James Heller. Heller arrives but double crosses Jack and Audrey. He detains them and gives the recording to one of his guards. Heller takes matters into his own hands. Jack is able to escape and secure the recording but not before Audrey is kidnapped by Christopher Henderson. He breaks her brachial artery and will die in three minutes unless Jack hands over the recording. Jack, who could not stand to lose yet another person in one day, hands over the recording and treats Audrey's wounds. They finally apprehend Henderson at a barn and secure him. However, he's already handed off the recording. Henderson warns Jack and Audrey that his men have orders to kill James Heller if he does contact them. Jack calls Heller and apprises him of the situation. Heller, who knows it his fault the situation turned into a downward spiral, tells Jack to tell Audrey he loves her and drives his car off a cliff. Audrey demands that Jack go after the recording so her father doesn't die in vain.

Jack learns that the recording is in the possession of a pilot on a diplomatic flight. Jack sneaks his way onto the flight. He is able to take control of it and receive the recording. President Logan, acting under orders from the mysterious Graem, insists that the plane be shot down despite protest from his staff. However, Jack directs the pilot to land on the freeway making the plane to close to the ground to shoot down. President Logan orders that planes to not fire. Jack takes the recording back to CTU and gives it to Chloe for analysis. A distraught Homeland Security worker, Miles Papazian ends up destroying the recording for President Logan, who was about to kill himself.

That is the least of Jack's worries, however. Vladimir Bierko escapes CTU custody and makes his way to a submarine. Jack reluctantly takes Christopher Henderson to the scene to assist in stopping Bierko from shooting missiles from the submarine. He agrees to help keep Henderson safe if Henderson helps stop the missiles. Henderson asks for protection and Jack hands him a gun. While Henderson stops the missiles, Jack kills Bierko by snapping his neck with his legs. Later, outside the submarine, Henderson asks Jack if ever planned to let him go. Jack tells him no and Henderson shoots a shot from his gun that has no ammunition. Jack tells him that he is responsible for the deaths of David Palmer, Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler. They were friends of his. He shoots and kills Henderson.

Now, Jack has to remove President Logan from power. With the help of Mike Novick and Aaron Pierce, Jack is able to make it onto the presidential compound, pose as a pilot, and take over the presidential helicopter that is transporting President Logan to David Palmer's funeral where he will be delivering the eulogy. Jack tasers the President's guards and then commands the other pilot to fly to a warehouse. After they land, he tasers the pilot and takes Logan into the warehouse for interrogation. Jack removes all of Logan's possessions and places them on a table. Jack begins to ask President Logan questions as Chloe O'Brian video tapes him. Logan tells Jack that everyone knows anyone would say anything under torture. As the President's men began to swarm the building, Jack points a gun at Logan. Logan realizes that Jack can't shoot him and comforts him in the fact that he can't. Logan is released as Jack is captured. He tells him to put Jack in solitary confinement and that he feels bad for him because he's delusional.

Logan does not know that Jack placed a listening bug in his pen when he removed all of Logan's possessions. Logan's wife is able to get Logan to confess in a heated exchange. CTU is able to contact the Attorney General who promptly detains President Logan.

Later, Jack is greeted by Audrey. They share a passionate kiss and begin to think this is the end of their worries. A Chinese man informs Jack that his daughter is calling him from a phone inside a building close to them. Jack goes into the building and picks up the phone. Before he can react, Chinese henchman swarm the building and capture Jack as he watches Audrey through the cracks of the door.

We see Jack being tortured by the Chinese. He asks them just to kill him but they proclaim he is far too valuable. The day ends with a shot of Jack on a slow boat to China.

[edit] Day 6 Prequel

Seven months after Day 5, Jack is still being tortured by the Chinese for information. They want him to give up the name of a Chinese man working for the American government. Jack does not give them anything. Later, the Chinese stage an elaborate escape by two Americans. Jack, thinking he is being rescued confirms which of the agents is working for the Americans. Cheng Zhi then shoots the man and has Jack ordered back to his cell.

[edit] Day 6

At the beginning of Day 6, there have been various bombs going off all over the United States. Jack's country needs him. Dead.

[edit] Day 6 Debrief

Fifteen hours after Day 6, Jack is alone in a hotel room watching a news report about the nuclear explosion in Valencia. A knock is heard on his door and he answers it, it's revealed to be two agents from Division. They ask Jack to come back to CTU for a debrief regarding the events of the day. He reluctantly agrees and goes with the agents.

When at CTU, he is questioned about his time in China, and if had anything to do with the death of an American government operative who was in China after Jack's capture. Jack tells them he had nothing to do with it. He is eventually able to convince the agents and is released.

[edit] Appearances

Kiefer Sutherland has been a series regular for every season and has appeared in every episode.

[edit] Trivia

  • Jack Bauer is the only character to appear in every episode of the series. While only Jack and Aaron Pierce have appeared in every season to date.
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