Ira Gaines

Ira Gaines
Ira Gaines on Day 1
Portrayed byMichael Massee
First appearanceDay 1: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 1: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Ira Gaines was a mercenary working for the Drazen family at the beginning of Day 1. The Drazen's employed Ira to aid them in killing Jack Bauer and Senator David Palmer.

[edit] Day 1

Gaines first employs the help of another mercenary, Mandy to obtain a key card of a photographer who is slated to take pictures of Senator David Palmer. Mandy not only intercepts the key card, but blows up an airliner on which she and the photographer were occupying. Ira employs a double to take the photographers place and key card. Unfortunately, Ira is forced to kill Mandy's lover, Bridgit, when she hides the key card and interrupts their original deal.

Gaines also hires two college kids, Dan Mounts and Rick Allen to kidnap Jack Bauer's daughter Kim and her friend Janet York. Gaines' accomplice, Kevin Carroll kills and impersonates Janet's father. Carroll's ultimate mission is to kidnap Jack's wife Teri. When Carroll is compromised, it is revealed that Jamey Farrell is Ira's mole within CTU. Jamey makes it possible to kidnap Teri. First, Kim is brought to Ira's camp by Rick and Dan. Ira murders Dan after he lied to him about Janet being dead, and promotes Rick. He orders Rick to bury his friend and ultimately keeps Rick prisoner. This causes Rick to realign with Kim and help them escape.

Ira uses the kidnappings as leverage to control Jack. Ira has extensive control over the situation. He has constant audio and visual surveillance of Jack in the hospital, a car, and in CTU, thanks to Jamey. He consults Jack through an ear piece. While at CTU, Jack tries to write a message to Nina Myers explaining his situation. Ira catches Jack but begins to worry when Nina becomes skeptical of Jack's situation. He orders Jack to kidnap Nina and take her out of CTU. Jack does so, but puts a flak jacket on her first. Ira, unaware of the flak jacket, orders Jack to kill Nina. Jack shoots her and she survives. It appears that Ira must have been unaware of Nina's mole status for the Drazen's, or Nina's employer had not yet contacted her.

Then, Ira orders Jack to go to the Labor Force Breakfast where Senator Palmer is speaking. He orders Jack to meet the photographer. It's obvious to Jack that they plan to set him up for Palmer's murder. Jack is able to cause a diversion and save Palmer's life. When he sees that his plan failed, Ira orders his men to kill Kim and Teri. The murders-to-be are stopped when Ira receives word from Andre Drazen that he is now not part of the plan. Ira, knowing that he will either complete his mission or die, attempts to do everything in his power to get his hands on Jack Bauer.

Eventually, Jack forces his way into Ira's camp. With the help of Rick, Teri and Kim escape. Gaines, Carroll and his men attempt to stop them but to no avail. Ira and Jack confront each other in the woods and talk to each other on the phone. Ira, who has an advantage because of his higher ground and sniper, explains that he has no other choice but to kill Jack. Jack is able to grab a piece of metal and blind Ira when he is about to shoot him. Jack shoots and mortally wounds Ira. Before he shoots himself, Ira tells Jack that the kidnappings were supposed to be personal and says "Good luck."

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